Maximum size 10L Start of a new service that allows you to rent large-sized formal clothes for less than 10,000 yen

Mid International Co., Ltd.
[Maximum size 10L] Start of a new service that allows you to rent large-sized formal clothes for less than 10,000 yen
Large size men’s clothing specialty store Mid International will start a rental formal service “B-Rent” specializing in big sizes from January 2023!

Mid International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; Representative Director: Koji Miyazaki), which operates the large size men’s clothing mail order site “Mid International”
(, is a big Started rental formal service specializing in sizes.
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When it comes to ceremonial occasions, ceremonial clothing is a must-have item. If you have a regular size, even if you have sudden plans for ceremonial occasions, there are plenty of nearby shops and rental services, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, more than 100 people responded to the “Large Formal Dress Questionnaire” conducted by Mid. rice field.
[Actual voices gathered in the formal dress questionnaire]
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・I couldn’t find a formal dress that fit my size, and while my parents were in critical condition, I ran at high speed and searched for a formal dress.
・Large formal clothes sold in general stores are up to about 3L, and anything larger than that is custom-made and expensive.
・There is no room for choice due to size issues, and the quality and price are unsatisfactory
・Even though I spent a lot of money to buy it, I couldn’t wear it after a year or two.
・Although formal clothes are rarely worn, they are expensive, and before you know it, they smell musty.
・There is a lot of variation in size, and when you have to wear it, it is somewhat cramped or too big.
・If you match it with the waist size, the width is narrow and it is very uncomfortable to wear.
The maximum size that can be rented at B-Rent is 10L and the waist is up to 200cm!
B-Rent, a rental formal service exclusively for big sizes provided by Mid International, a large size specialty store, will start on January 18, 2023 in order to solve the “earnest concerns about formal wear” received from customers. . We have a lineup of genuine large size black formals up to 10L size, and you can choose the size that suits you separately for the jacket and pants.
▼Large size rental formal
[Six specialties of formal wear rental B-Rent]
1: Abundant size development up to 10L, waist 200cm
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You can rent a black formal suit with a maximum size of 10L and a waist size of 200cm. Suits that are generally available are
surprisingly small, with a waist size of 150cm to 160cm, even if the size is 10L. However, the large mid size 10L is a really large size formal dress that can accommodate both bust and waist sizes up to about 200cm.
・You can choose from 3 types of jackets (KB body, KEM body, KE body) according to your body type.
・Separate top and bottom sizes to choose from
Jacket size development
・Comfortable type (KB body)
・ Quite relaxed type (KEM body)
3 LM (KEM5) / 4 LM (KEM6) / 5 LM (KEM7) / 6 LM (KEM8) / 7 LM (KEM9) / 8 LM (KEM10)
・Tall and fairly loose-fitting (KE body)
3L (KE5) / 4L (KE6) / 5L (KE7) / 6L (KE8) / 7L (KE9) / 8L (KE10) / 9L (KE11) / 10L (KE12)
*The KEM body is the closest size to the mid 3L/4L/5L/6L/7L/8L/9L/10L size. Pants waist size development (cm)
*You can choose from two types of pants length: 72cm or 78cm inseam. 2: Reasonable rental fee of 8,900 yen (9,790 yen including tax) for top and bottom
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B-Rent’s rental dress is 9,790 yen including tax even if you rent a set of top and bottom. You can also rent only the jacket or pants separately. Because body shape fluctuates so much, you can rent a size that suits you at a reasonable price.
[Rental fee]
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・Jacket + slacks: 8,900 yen (9,790 yen including tax)
・ Jacket only: 5,400 yen (5,940 yen including tax)
・Slacks only: 3,500 yen (3,850 yen including tax)
3: Relaxed rental period! It is OK if you return it within 7 days after shipping [Image 6

It is OK if the return procedure is completed within 7 days from the shipping date. It can be rented comfortably for about a week, so it can be fully accommodated for funerals and weddings.
*Completion of return procedures = the date the package was handed over to the shipping company
*If the return deadline has passed, a late fee of 500 yen per day (550 yen including tax) will be charged.
4: Equipped with four functions that are great for people with large bodies, such as deodorizing effect, breathability, stretch, and tear prevention.
B-Rent’s rental formal wear is made with a focus on four functions so that people with large bodies can wear it comfortably.
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1: Power net (shoulder stretch function)
Stress-free due to use of stretch material that smoothes movement around the shoulders
2: Highly breathable and lightweight polyester material
Made of 100% polyester, it is more breathable and lighter than wool formal wear. Comfortable even in hot weather
3: Deodorant function that is nice for sweaters
・Jacket: Deodorant tape on the armpits
・Slacks: deodorant chic on the crotch area
4: Tear-resistant specification
The crotch and thighs, which are prone to tearing, are reinforced with sliding tape and double stitching.
5: Shortest next-day delivery, free round-trip shipping
[Image 8

If the order is completed by 15:00 on a business day, the “same day shipping service” will be applied. Depending on the area, next day delivery is possible at the shortest, and you can also send it directly to the venue.
*Orders placed after 15:00 on business days and on holidays
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) will be shipped the next business day.
In addition, because it is “free round trip shipping”
・If you do not order more than ○○ yen, shipping will be charged. ・How much will the return shipping cost be?
There is no need to worry about mail order.
6: No cleaning required, hassle-free return
[Image 9

Just put it in the box it was delivered in, attach the special return slip, and return it. No cleaning fee will be charged unless the rental item is damaged or has stains that cannot be removed.
[Image 10
▼Large size rental formal
[About Mid International]
With the motto of “Making plus size customers around the world smile”, we operate a large size men’s clothing mail order site that is thoroughly particular about BIG size from the top of the head to the tip of the toe. As Japan’s largest store specializing in large-sized men’s clothing, we offer “ready-made clothes” that can be worn by customers with a height of 185 cm and a waist of 170 cm. (Group company of Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd.)
Company name: Mid International Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 3-8 Koran, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture 500-8686 Representative: Koji Miyazaki, Representative Director
Established: November 28, 1996
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Mid International Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Tanahashi, Yamashita
TEL: 0120-037-091

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