Men’s hair removal survey Awareness survey on beard hair removal among men in their teens to 50s

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[Men’s hair removal survey] Awareness survey on beard hair removal among men in their teens to 50s

Ekitan PICKS hair removal ( conducted a “questionnaire survey on beard hair removal” for men in their teens to 50s. If you’re thinking of getting rid of your hair in the future, give it a try.
Survey outline
Survey outline: Questionnaire survey on beard hair loss
Survey period: November 28, 2022 to December 5, 2022
Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 114 people
Survey target: Men in their teens to 50s who have experienced beard hair loss nationwide
Survey details:
* When quoting this questionnaire information, please use Ekitan PICKS ( as the source.
Investigation result
The reason why I shaved my beard was because it was troublesome to shave my beard.
Q1. When asked “Why did you shave your beard?” (n=114), the most common answer was “Because shaving is troublesome.”
In addition, the next most common answers were “I thought I didn’t need a beard,” “I wanted a clean feeling,” and “I was worried about the blueness of my beard after shaving.”
[Image 1

The popular parts for beard hair removal are “under the nose, under the mouth, and chin”
Q2. When asked, “Where did you shave off your beard?”
[Image 2

Popular beard hair removal method is clinic (medical hair removal) Q3. When asked, “Where is the salon/clinic you went to or do you go to?” (n=114), 51% answered “clinic” and 41% answered “salon.” [Image 3

What I paid attention to when choosing beard hair removal was “price”, “effect”, and “store location”
Q4. When asked, “What points did you pay attention to when looking for men’s hair removal?” (n=114), the most common answer was “price.” The next most common question was “How long does the hair removal effect last?”
Also, since it is necessary to continue to go to the store for hair removal, it seems that many people are looking for men’s hair removal, placing importance on whether the store is located in an easy-to-visit location.
[Image 4

[Image 5

The decisive factor in signing a contract with a salon/clinic is “low price” Q5. When asked, “What was the decisive factor in signing a contract with a salon/clinic?”
In addition, there were many results for “how long the hair removal effect lasts” and “speed until the beard is reduced or lost”. [Image 6

As a result, the cost of beard hair removal is split between “less than 200,000” and “more than 200,000”
Q6. When asked, “How much have you spent on hair removal so far?” Less than 10,000 yen and 400,000 yen or more were about 20% each, resulting in a split.
[Image 7

Contracted beard hair removal plan is “number system”
Q7. When asked, “What is the beard hair removal plan that you have a contract with?”
[Image 8

Approximately 60% of the people who have been removing beard hair for 1 year or more
Q8. When asked, “How long have you been depilating your beard?” , It turns out that more than half of the men have continued to shave their beards for more than a year.
[Image 9

60% of salons and clinics feel the effect of beard hair removal even 5 times or less
Q9. Of the 114 men who conducted a questionnaire survey, we asked those who had experienced hair loss at salons or medical treatment, “How did the frequency of shaving change after hair removal?” As a result, 60% of men in both salon hair removal and medical hair removal answered that “the frequency of shaving decreased” with hair removal “1 to 5 times”.
[Image 10

Clinic tends to have more people who feel pain during beard hair removal Q10. Of the 114 men who participated in the questionnaire survey, when we asked those who had experienced salon or medical hair removal, “How much pain did you feel when you had your beard removed?” Only 9% of men answered that hair removal was painless, while 35% of men answered that salon hair removal was painless.
Medical hair removal resulted in 91% of men saying they felt pain. [Image 11

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