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Metal, Sado, and Aiki formed a business alliance with a pharmacy’s on-site training program “Maware”

happy meeting
Metal, Sado, and Aiki formed a business alliance with a pharmacy’s on-site training program “Maware”
(Be strong!) Started nationwide training to attack the three major regions
Aiki Regional Pharmacy Group (Aiki Co., Ltd., Yakuju Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, hereinafter “Aiki”) has established Metal Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Yoshimitsu Kawano, hereinafter “Metal”), Sado Pharmaceutical Group (Sado Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sado Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./Sakura Pharmacy, Aisa Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Representative: Masami Mitsutani, hereinafter “Sado”) form a business alliance for on-site secondment training (“Sado”). We would like to inform you that we have tied a knot.

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About the details of the business alliance with “Maware”
For employees who have been with the company for 1 to 3 years, we assume that they will receive training for about 3 months in the form of a permanent transfer to another company while being enrolled in the current company. We are considering implementing training as OJT (on-the-job training) or project-based training. In addition, we plan to actively share know-how after announcing it in the hope that it will also serve as an exchange between companies and personnel. The common name of the business alliance is “Maware”, which is an image of traveling around the country for training.

Comments from the person in charge of each company

“Keep your eyes wide open”
I think it’s a word you hear a lot, but have you ever thought about what you should actually do to acquire a broader perspective? The pharmacy is small. The pharmacy industry is a collection of small legal entities. Don’t stay in one place, visit different places. We have prepared a training session that will give you that experience. Add breadth and depth to your life.
(Metal Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yoshimitsu Kawano) This time, I was able to start a new project with two companies that I trust. Small and medium-sized pharmacies will cross the Japanese archipelago to realize “personnel exchange and cooperation between companies”, which has been difficult to proceed within the industry for various reasons! The “experience of the culture of other companies” and the “understanding of local medical care including life experience” realized in this project will not only help the people working on the project grow, but will also lead to the further development and innovation of each company. I’m sure it is.
Although the pharmacy industry is facing a turning point, energetic pharmacies in each region will go beyond the framework of “company” and “region” to train pharmacists who will lead the next generation! (Ryota Mitsuya, Pharmacy Business Manager, Sado Pharmaceutical Group) Mr. Kawano and Mr. Mitsutani were honored to be invited to discuss the human resources of pharmacies in urban and rural areas. We believe that the “enrollment-type secondment training” is a good system to provide new possibilities for pharmacists who tend to shut themselves up in the pharmacy and even in their own world. In addition, since the three companies, Metal, Sado, and Aiki, commonly employ pharmacy assistants Musubi, the hurdles for training in pharmacist work are low. Knowing his personality was one of the factors that led to this business partnership. We will strive to develop a system that will make the business alliance effective and lead to the growth of our staff.
(Aiki Regional Pharmacy Group Representative Yuki Baba)
[Image 2d64693-12-5138687ad85e64dbff5b-2.jpg&s3=64693-12-4235cb638125ee659ce719697daea402-3520x1986.jpg
From the left, Baba (Aiki), Mitsuya (Sado), Kawano (metal)
Schedule from now on
We are planning the following schedule.
January-February 2023 Representatives visit each other
February-March 2023 1-2 week test training for existing staff From April 2023 onwards, start PR for the cross-border learning training system for second new graduates and new graduates in 2024 From April 2024: Hiring new graduates eligible for “Maware” / Start of “Maware” for second new graduates

Corporate information
Name: Metal Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Location: 602-2 Echizen-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Representative Yoshimitsu Kawano
Phone number 075-604-4155
Contact: (Contact: Nakazawa)
Name Sado Dispensing Group
Constituent companies: Sado Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sado Chosei Co., Ltd./Sakura Pharmacy, Aisa Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Location: 94-2 Shimoshinbo, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Representative Masami Mitsuya
Phone number 0259-22-2770
Name: Aiki Regional Pharmacy Group
Constituent companies: Aiki Co., Ltd. and Yakuju Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1-16 Omachi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture Representative Yuki Baba
Phone number 0242-29-5252
Contact: (Contact: Takahashi)
trademark etc.
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Corporation. Please see below for service details.
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