Metalium llc. All-you-can-eat texture made with a 3D food printer! -We will hold a 3D structure texture buffet-.

Metalium llc.
All-you-can-eat texture made with a 3D food printer! -We will hold a 3D structure texture buffet-.
1/29 14:00-16:00 It will be held at Creative Studio Sunabako (Mikan Shimokitazawa).

Metalium joint, which treats all ideas and phenomena born from meta-thinking that is not bound by material restrictions as materials, and uses design engineering methods to provide new materials to the world so that everyone can touch them as materials. The company (Headquarters: Furuichi, Habikino-shi, Osaka; Representative responsible employee: Mutsumi Asai) and FabCafeNagoya Co., Ltd. jointly launched the Advanced Material Technology Laboratory (hereafter, Melt.) In collaboration with Byte Bites Co., Ltd., which expands “cooking techniques, production processes, and food
experiences”, on Sunday, January 29, 2023, we will cook and eat unknown textures created by computational design methods. We will hold a “3D structure texture buffet”.
Event overview
Start: Sunday, January 29, 2023, 14:00
End: Sunday, January 29, 2023, 16:00
Venue: sand box
(Mikan Shimokita E block 2F, 2-6-4 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) Application form :
[Image 1

We have been discussing and experimenting for about a year with the aim of creating a computational texture. We use 3D food printing technology to provide you with the various structures created in that process as edible structures. Enjoy our year’s achievements as a buffet of textures.
The 3D structure texture buffet offers a variety of textures made with rice gelee ( The structure itself is composed of rice gelée = rice and is not seasoned. Please bring seasonings that complement the texture of the participants.
In addition, the structure can be eaten as it is, but it is possible to cook it by boiling, baking, frying, etc. and seasoning it with seasonings brought by you.
Together with the participants, we will explore how to enjoy the computationally generated texture, and create a recipe for how to create the most delicious texture.
Intuition-driven design type texture research project
In the conventional food texture design, it can be said that the general approach is to adopt the food texture design process in the experience backcast (future prediction) type texture approach. of experience is required, and while the industry is very closed, Metalium LLC advocates as an approach to create innovative results by making use of the five senses and life experiences that everyone has. This project started as a research project to apply the process of “intuition-driven design” to food texture design. By co-planning with , it was carried out with the aim of obtaining a wide range of suggestions for the future of food design.
▼ Texture before 3D printing
[Image 2

▼Texture printed with a food printer (image is under development) [Image 3

▼ Harvested texture
[Image 4

About the future of texture design
After the age of Maker opened up by the spread of digital fabrication, the essence of democratic manufacturing that started in the hardware area flows out to various areas, and now the food area is accepting the new way of thinking. It can be said that it is the eve of the birth of products and services with completely new ideas, not only for those with expertise, as it was the beginning of the Maker era, but also by accepting completely different expertise without experience in eating and drinking. increase.
We hope that this event will suggest new occupations such as “food engineering” and “food design.”
WHO WE ARE “Computational Texture Design Project”
[Image 5

This is an open development meeting to develop an onomatopoeia texture generator.
Together with Asai and Saito of Melt., Mr. Wakasugi of Byte Bites inc., which is developing a business centered on food 3D printing, and Mr. Ichikawa, who is the organizer of IACILS, we are working toward the realization of texture generation using computational design technology. We are conducting online discussion meetings and developing food that allows you to enjoy the texture using a food printer.
[Advanced Material Design Technology Laboratory -Melt.]
[Image 6

We, High-order Material Design Technology Laboratory (Melt.), handle sensitivity and technology without discrimination, and define the design process that brings about a jump in creative ideas as “high-order materials”. It is an open laboratory that is active with the policy of
[Byte Bites inc.]
[Image 7

By creating food using digital technology, we aim to realize a food experience that transcends time and place restrictions, and create a society where anyone can enjoy food anytime, anywhere. By combining a machine that outputs food mainly based on digital data and a 3D food printer, we will pioneer the realization of unprecedented food experiences such as food personalization and texture design.
[International Association for Complex Information and Life Sciences (IACILS)] [Image 8d85883-6-bd65f3f12b110581231c-6.png&s3=85883-6-9baae82f83d9c341affb2c9648b98fc7-742x350.png
The International Association for the Study of Complex Information and Life Sciences (IACILS) aims to enable sei-katsu-sha to come into contact with unknown fields without being bound by their own attributes, discuss the new experiences that emerge from them, and implement them in society. The goal is to keep going.
Yanmar Marche Co., Ltd.
Musashi Engineering Co., Ltd.
For inquiries regarding sponsorships, interviews, collaborations, etc., please contact us here.
Melt. is looking for sponsors.
・Companies that want to develop new texture experiences
・Companies that want to plan unprecedented projects
・Companies that want to boost the 3D printing industry
・Companies looking for unique ideas
Destination: Advanced Material Technology Laboratory (Melt.) (Metalium LLC) Contact:
Official site:
Melt. Sponsored by Mutsumi Asai/Kentaro Saito
Address: 3-6-18 Marunouchi, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 460-0002 Management: Metalium LLC / Fabcafe Nagoya Co., Ltd.
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