MetLife Insurance Financial education workshop for children “Strategy to double store sales!”

MetLife Life Insurance
Financial education workshop for children “Strategy to double store sales!” – MetLife Life Insurance employee volunteers give advice on a third place for children –

MetLife Insurance Co., Ltd. (Representative Executive Officer, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Dirk Osstein, hereinafter “MetLife Insurance”) and The Nippon Foundation (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman Yohei Sasakawa) have established As part of the Program for Enriching Places for the Elderly and Children*1, in 2023 1 together with the specified non-profit organization Kirin Children’s Support Group (Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director Hirotaka Mizutori, hereinafter “Kirin Children’s Support Group”) On Saturday, March 14th, we held a financial education workshop titled “Strategy to double store sales!”
This workshop was held at Kirin House*2, a third place for children to stay, subsidized by the Nippon Foundation and operated by the Kirin Children’s Support Group. Did. “Kirin no Ie” operates a child-led “Children’s Café COCCHA” to encourage children’s independence. From April 2022, the children will continue to make trial menus and hold COCCHA once a month to provide meals. While not all children have a home environment where they can travel, the purpose is to fulfill their dreams of going to attractions in Tokyo with the sales of the cafe. In this workshop, we deepened the children’s perspective on added value for increasing sales while considering the problems they face in running a cafe.
Lecturers were MetLife Osaka Central AO Agency Sales Manager Shintaro Hata and other employees. The program was created using the know-how cultivated as a sales employee of an insurance company, and was implemented with skits and group discussions.
After this workshop, Mr. Hirotaka Mizutori, Representative Director of the Kirin Children’s Support Group, said, “Children learned a lot from MetLife Life Insurance Co., Ltd.’s workshop tailored to the children’s cafe COCCHA.” Along with this, the children who participated commented, “I wanted to make the most of the feature of ‘a cafe run by children’ and want customers to come.” I really felt that they are supporting us. I want to serve customers and cook properly.” MetLife Life Insurance and The Nippon Foundation aim to build a sustainable society that leaves no one behind by tackling the issues of the super-aging society and children.
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