Mia Vita Co., Ltd. Information from “ears” is a savior for busy working moms!

Mia Vita Co., Ltd.
Information from “ears” is a savior for busy working moms!
Even from the age of 40, I will deliver tips on how to be more like me and live under my own name. Mia Vita Voicy Channel “Radio that changes your life from the 40s” 1st anniversary

Mia Vita Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company, head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Kaori Nakayasu), which supports life from the 40s, is a voice platform Voicy opened on January 26, 2022 Mia Vita channel (https:/ /service.meavita.jp/voicyarchive) celebrated its first anniversary.

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We have developed a career creation service called “Mia Vita” where experts support career and child-rearing concerns in general, mainly for middle-aged women. Currently, it is a company that supports life from the 40s through individual support by carefully selected career support experts, an online community, and a career school.
Many middle-aged women say that they are not only busy with work, but also housework, childcare, etc., and cannot make time for themselves. In order to deliver information that can be of some help to such people, I felt that information dissemination through “ears” is effective.
Therefore, it is similar to Vociy’s mission of “creating an exciting society with voice and technology” by delivering people’s charms through voice, and the mission of Mia Vita to “create a society where each person can demonstrate their individuality and charm and lively and brightly.” On January 26th last year, I opened a channel on Voicy with the concept of “I will live more like myself from my 40s and live under my own name”.
Various experts deliver about the mindset, work style, parenting, asset management, etc. necessary for adult excitement. In the first anniversary since its opening, it has grown to a channel with more than 3,000 people registered.
Even though our listeners are busy with work, housework, and childcare, they are enjoying the Mia Vita channel. In fact, I received comments such as “I can change my life even in my 40s!” I feel that it is leading to a boost in the lives of middle-aged women.
■ Actual voices from listeners
Age: 41, Occupation: Office worker, Children: 2
“Even in my 40s, I can change my life! I think I have that potential! It gives me strength and courage. Before I hear it, I think I’m going to spend my life clinging to the company all the time.” I used to feel like I was giving up on something, but after I started listening to it, I became more positive, wondering if I could do something and want to try it. came.”
Age: 36, Occupation: Part-time, Children: 1
“Various experts give me tips on how to live a better life from various perspectives, and I always feel positive when I hear them. But I came to think that things can change depending on how you think.” Age: 44, Occupation: Occupational Therapist, Children: 2
“I started listening to it to learn about entrepreneurship, but now I also listen to it to learn about life in general.
I feel like my world has expanded since I started listening to it. On the day I listen to it, I feel motivated from the morning. Every day was not a day of giving up, but a positive feeling like a day of challenges. I feel that by listening to it, ideas come to my mind that I can make my life better, and I feel like I’m being able to create a well-balanced mindset. ”
Age: 45, Occupation: Housewife, Children: 1
“I listen to it because I feel that it verbalizes my vague feelings, and it makes me feel positive. I’ve come to think no.”
Age: 45, Occupation: Part-time and life coach, Children: 2
“I want to change my life in my 40s, so it is very helpful. So, by practicing and imitating what I have learned, I am moving forward.I became a fan as soon as I started listening.”
With the mission of “creating a new society that connects to the next generation”, we will support the lives of as many people as possible from their 40s through not only Voicy but also the currently developing “Mia Vita”. increase.
■ Comments from Representative Director Kaori Nakayasu
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You can change your life in your 40s! Expand your possibilities! With that in mind, we have delivered broadcasts for the past year with 12 personalities. In order to create a society where as many people as possible can flourish in life and live positively and actively in their own way, we aim to “live more like ourselves and live under our own name” from various perspectives. We will deliver the idea and essence of Please continue to support Mia Vita Channel “Radio that will change your life from the 40s”!
About Mia Vita Voicy Channel
For the middle generation who want to be more like me and live under their own name. 12 experts will deliver the mindset necessary for adult excitement, work style, parenting, asset management, etc. every Monday to Saturday at 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM.
URL: https://service.meavita.jp/voicyarchive
Delivery date: Delivered every Monday to Saturday at 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM ■Mia Vita Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Head office location: 609 Miyamasuzaka Building, 2-19-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Representative Director: Kaori Nakayasu
Established: September 1, 2022
Business description: Career support for the middle generation   Planning, designing, implementing, managing and managing various events such as training, seminars and lectures
      Consulting services related to them
Education and counseling services for human resource development, vocational aptitude, and skill development
     Contracting and contracting outsourcing business
Recruitment business
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