MIHARU Co., Ltd. Collaboration between the Meguro Ward Shopping District Association and Motto Mate, which realizes the well-being of seniors

MIHARU Co., Ltd.
Collaboration between the Meguro Ward Shopping District Association and Motto Mate, which realizes the well-being of seniors
Promote utilization of local digital coupons through individual visits

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MIHARU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Madoka Akagi, hereinafter MIHARU), which operates “Motto Mate (hereinafter Motto Mate)”, a partner service for grandchildren that realizes the well-being of senior generations, is developing Suru Motto Mate (URL: https://motto-mate.com/lpsenior/) collaborated with the Meguro-ku shopping district alliance to provide a lecture on using digital coupons in December 2022.
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◆Outline of this collaboration
For the purpose of promoting the use of the “Meguro Ward Digital Gift Certificate” issued by Meguro Ward to the Meguro Ward Shopping District Union, “Motto Mate” will visit individual winners and give lectures on how to install and use the app. .
In the past, there have been many cases of senior citizens over the age of 60 not being able to purchase or use coupons because they do not know how to use the app even if they win.
On the other hand, many of the applicants for digital gift
certificates are senior citizens, and there is a need for support so that seniors can use digital gift certificates themselves and shop. Therefore, “Motto Mate”, which realizes the well-being of the senior generation, visits the customer’s home and uses the know-how obtained through the “Motto Mate” service to give a detailed lecture on how to actually download and operate the application. By doing so, we aimed to make it possible for seniors to use coupons on electronic media as well.
In the future, digital skills will be essential for a richer and more comfortable daily life for seniors.
Motto Mate will not only solve short-term problems, but also make proposals that make people think that “using smartphones has made everyday life more enjoyable” and contribute to the DX of the senior generation.
◆Comment from Meguro Ward Shopping District Association
I am very grateful that more senior citizens will be able to use digital gift certificates without problems through Mate’s lectures. There were occasions when we received direct questions about how to use the app, but there were many situations where the staff at the Meguro Ward Shopping District Association could not explain things in an easy-to-understand manner.
In addition, residents who were initially opposed to the introduction of digital gift certificates, as well as shopkeepers in the shopping district, actually used them and were pleased that they found it easier to shop. In fact, we received high praise for this initiative from other wards.
I would like to continue to actively use digital technology in the future, and I would like you to lead the way in making it easier to use digital technology in services like Mate.
What is a Meguro digital gift certificate?
It is a gift certificate issued for the purpose of supporting residents and business operators in the city affected by crude oil and soaring prices, and revitalizing the local economy. You can add a 30% premium to the purchase price of 5,000 yen per set, and you can purchase gift certificates worth up to 6,500 yen per person. By allowing these gift certificates to be used only within Meguro Ward, public expenditures will be consumed only within the city, and it will be possible to revitalize the local economy through local production for local consumption.
▶️ Click here for details on the digital gift certificate business: https://meguropretkt.com/
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◆ User’s voice
– Seniors
Currently, more than 40 people have experienced the lecture, and everyone is satisfied. Those who actually experienced Mate’s lecture answered as follows.
・I thought it was a good deal and applied for it, but I didn’t really understand how to use it, so I was in trouble. If you clear only the initial settings, the operation is surprisingly easy, so even I can use it. (Female in her 70s)
・I was not good at using smartphones, but on the day of the event, I was given a one-on-one explanation, which helped me understand. On the other hand, it was a very valuable opportunity for me to consult about my smartphone troubles. (Male in his 80s)
– People in the shopping district
In fact, we received a lot of joy from stores that started handling digital gift certificates.
・Compared to before, the operation is simpler than before, just by reading the QR code, so it’s much easier. Recently, the number of customers using digital gift certificates, including senior customers, has begun to increase. (Tamagawaya clerk A)
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・In the past, I had to go out of my way to exchange money, but with the digitalization, it has become very easy to manage. Originally, I thought it would be nice if it was digitized, and I think that being able to centrally manage it with an app like this is easy and revolutionary for both the customer and the store. (Mr. Makiguchi, manager of LATTEST bike)
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◆ What is Motto Mate operated by MIHARU Co., Ltd.?
“Motto Mate” is a companion service for grandchildren that realizes the well-being of seniors. Staff in their 20s and 30s will provide seniors with a wide range of content, such as individual lectures on smartphones and computers, walking, going out, and accompanying hobbies. Sometimes as a grandchild, sometimes a friend, and sometimes a secretary, I work closely with the senior generation to draw out their curiosity and produce a more colorful and positive life. ▼Click here for Motto Mate HP▼
▼ Click here for the website of MIHARU Co., Ltd. ▼
Selected as one of the Nikkei Cross Trend “100 companies that will create the future market, companies that will leap forward in 2023” [4 Features of Motto Mate Service]
(1) One-on-one support at home
The instructor visits the customer’s home, listens carefully, designs a dedicated course that meets the customer’s request, and conducts an individual course face-to-face.
(2) Customer-only guidebook
We are creating an original guidebook that summarizes the explanations of the apps you want to use on your model and points that you are not good at.
(3) Lecture specialized for senior generation
Katakana terms such as “account → member” and “Internet search → look up dictionary” will be changed to easy-to-understand words and lectures will be easier to understand.
(4) Develop human resources for partners who are close to customers The partners we visit are undergoing various trainings to improve their digital knowledge and response skills, and we are pursuing clarity on a daily basis.
[About MIHARU Co., Ltd.]
Trade name: MIHARU Co., Ltd.
Representative: Madoka Akagi
Location: 3-37-1-1108 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Partner service for grandchildren that realizes well-being for seniors
Established: January 10, 2020
Capital: 34 million yen

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