Miki City Golf Association DX annual event

Miki City Golf Association
[Miki City Golf Association] DX annual event
~ “Go around on LINE! Mickey Golf de Digital Stamp Rally” held ~
Every year, the Miki City Golf Association (Location: Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Miki City Golf Town Promotion Section, Chairman: Ryoichi Takeuchi) sponsors the golf stamp rally targeting 25 golf courses in Miki City. This spring, the first digital stamp. The rally has been significantly renewed, and the name will be changed to “Travel on LINE! Micky Golf de Digital Stamp Rally”.
The Miki City Golf Association is a golf town promotion section established by Miki City (located in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Mayor Kazuhiko Nakata) with a population of approximately 76,000 as a specialized department for regional revitalization through golf within the city hall. and 25 golf courses in the city, the Miki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.
Since 2016, the association has held a stamp rally using paper stamp rally cards with the aim of revitalizing golfers. Every year, many golfers from outside the city participate in the event, but this year, which is the 8th year, it has been transformed into a completely new stamp rally using digital stamps in order to provide golfers with even more fun. accomplish
About the features of the DX event

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One of the major features is that paper stamp cards have been abolished, and anyone can participate as long as they have a smartphone and LINE.
As a result, golfers do not have to worry about the trouble of carrying or losing papers, and the comfort of just bringing their own smartphones as usual.
In addition, as you accumulate stamps, you can draw a speed lottery on the screen of your smartphone, and the status of other participants’ stamps will be displayed in a ranking format.
Another important point is that the benefits of digitization are not limited to participants, but also to the operation itself.
In the case of conventional analog operations, as the number of participants increased, the operation tasks such as collecting stamp cards and exchanging benefits became busier. By becoming a ticket, there is no need to exchange it, which leads to a large reduction in work.

What is the digital stamp rally system “Stampshot”?

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Imprint on your smartphone with a digital stamp
A digital stamp rally that will undergo major reforms not only for participating golfers but also for management.
What makes this win-win event possible is the system called
“Stampshot” used in this event.
Direct Co., Ltd. (Location: Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, President Yasutaka Sadamoto), which has a company in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, has launched this system as its first digital business to respond to the new era of corona disaster. This is a stamp rally system specialized for golf courses.
Triggered by the development of this “Stampshot”, “Miki City”, which wants to further revitalize golf, and “Miki City Golf Association”, which felt the limits of analog stamp rally management, launched their first digital business. The event that was born when the needs of the three parties of “Direct Co., Ltd.” met at a miraculous timing is “LINE Tour! Micky Golf de Digital Stamp Rally”.
About “Go around on LINE! Mickey Golf de Digital Stamp Rally” This event will be held simultaneously at 25 golf courses in Miki City from April 1st. Anyone with a smartphone and a LINE account can participate.
In addition, before the actual performance in April, a one-month limited advance campaign event will be held from February 1st. You can enjoy the new digital stamp rally a little earlier. Of course, if you collect stamps, it won’t be as good as the actual event, but we have prepared special benefits, so please participate in the advance campaign before the actual spring event.
It will definitely make golf more fun.
[Image 3d115168-1-3d0c08da7e6d7bc4581e-3.jpg&s3=115168-1-5b9517a12f847afe725b4212df6b97db-2340x1656.jpg
-Advance campaign-
February 1 (Wednesday) to February 28 (Tuesday), 2023
Before the actual event, you can experience the event in 16 courses. Win a digital promotion ticket worth a total of 500,000 yen! -Explore on LINE! Mickey Golf de Digital Stamp Rally-
Saturday, April 1, 2023 to Saturday, September 30, 2023
A stamp rally of 25 courses in the city to be held after a major renewal. Win a digital promotion ticket worth a total of 12 million yen! Special site URL: http://stampshot.jp/mikishi-ga/index.html
■ About Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture


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