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Mill Design Co., Ltd. A new bathroom brand “aq.” is born, embodying the extraordinary in bath spaces

Whom it may concern
Mill Design Co., Ltd.
Birth of a new bathroom brand “aq.” that embodies the extraordinary in bath spaces
Beyond quality. A new era in the bathroom begins.

Whom it may concern
I hope everyone is doing well in this cold weather.
This time, a new bathroom brand “aq.” (pronounced “A-Q”) has been born, which embodies the extraordinary in the bath space.
Based on the concept of “making extraordinary impressions into everyday life”, this service will create a new bathroom space. aq. is a new brand that consistently designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains custom-made baths for detached houses and condominiums. Since ancient times, the Japanese have cultivated a unique bathing culture unlike any other in the world. In order to inherit such Japanese spirituality and aesthetics, we can transcend the barrier between conventional system baths (unit baths) and conventional bathrooms, and can handle orders starting from a single unit. This is a new service offered to architects, interior designers, condominium developers, house builders, and others who design high-class bathroom spaces.
If you have any requests or questions, please contact our mill design. [Image 1d77803-6-2640416cb3efcacbf431-0.jpg&s3=77803-6-04f817cd451ede17417dc11313b656d3-2800x1575.jpg

brand concept
Conventional system bus and order bus. Japanese bathrooms will evolve beyond that barrier. Feel the delicate changes of the four seasons while soaking in the bathtub. One example of this is creating a space that connects with nature by blurring the boundaries between the outside and the inside. A new form of Japanese quality that fits the lifestyle of the future. Your free thinking will bring more
“specialness” to your healing and relaxing time.
About service
While co-creating with architects and designers, we will explore new possibilities in bathroom space. The background is the knowledge and experience cultivated in the two markets of “housing” and “hotels”. We flexibly respond to orders from one unit, and create a one-of-a-kind space by combining existing system baths (unit baths) and conventional bathrooms. The support and follow-up system is perfect. We aim to become a world-class high-end brand with Japanese craftsmanship. [Image 2d77803-6-250540012fc4d2350aa3-2.jpg&s3=77803-6-efe3fcb0f1125b7768832b679b56b19e-2800x1575.jpg

sustainable point
In the case of conventional bathrooms, which are often used in conventional mansion construction, the walls and floors are often cold and cold because they are not insulated. It is possible to insulate the entire bathroom. In addition, maintenance and replacement of the entire bathroom are relatively easy compared to conventional bathrooms, so we can provide customers with a sustainable bathroom that combines the environment and functionality.
[Image 3d77803-6-9ae6225720f16d29f327-1.jpg&s3=77803-6-0cdbbaaaf5efdf90f5cb288bfb66e71b-2800x1575.jpg

Four features of the bathroom brand “aq.”
01 Inspiration
Bring out various ideas while discussing at meetings with customers. 02 design
A dedicated bath designer proposes the ideal bathroom space based on the inspiration of architects and designers.
03 production
The specially designed bathroom space is manufactured and shipped at a top-quality domestic factory, and the entire process from construction to construction is managed collectively.
04 Aftercare
The warranty period is 10 years, and full support is provided for a long period of time in the unlikely event of trouble.
[Image 4d77803-6-5fb5b51554b2b8852949-3.jpg&s3=77803-6-06fbce172845312a9f847fd65224372b-2800x1575.jpg

[Image 5d77803-6-991c2b77be6d5ee488e9-4.png&s3=77803-6-9aebfdeba1667aa43f1c1acea3b1324f-884x520.png
aq. is an abstract Latin word that means water, and was named not only in the category of bathrooms, but also in consideration of expansion and growth into various categories related to water while starting from bathrooms. It’s a brand name. In addition, the lowercase letter aq. expresses a contemporary and future-oriented atmosphere, and is a brand logotype designed in a form that evokes the flow of aqua (water).

Brand name: aq.
A fascinating bath space that stimulates creativity is now open to the public The website, which expresses the worldview of aq., provides concept images for future development and ideal bus spaces for creators such as architects and design firms who are active on the front lines of the industry. I have you design it with an idea. The first will be Mr. Satoshi Kurosaki of APPOLO, and the second will be Mr. Keiji Ashizawa of Keiji Ashizawa Architects. You can enjoy it along with an interview about the high-quality bus space that both of them, who are active on the front lines, think about.
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