Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Miyagi citizens, have a family doctor!” “Dr.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
“Miyagi citizens, have a family doctor!” “Dr.

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On January 23rd, Mr. Damon, an artist acting as a project ambassador, visited the Miyagi Prefectural Government Office and handed over the signature POP created this year to Governor Yoshihiro Murai in order to publicize the “How to Get Good Medical Care” project promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. rice field. His Excellency Demon said, “As a ‘Dr. Demon’, I am sending out information on how to get good medical care in various media such as posters and videos in addition to signature POP. I would like you to use the items in Miyagi Prefecture.” talked.
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has been implementing the project on how to get good medical care since 2019 in order to properly understand the necessity of medical examinations and the selection of medical institutions.
When asked by His Excellency Damon whether primary care physicians are widespread in Miyagi Prefecture, Governor Murai said, “Primary doctors are a reliable presence that supports health for all generations,” and introduced two initiatives in Miyagi Prefecture.
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The first is the establishment of a “anything medical consultation desk”. Two nurses are permanently stationed at the prefectural office to receive medical consultations from prefectural residents. It receives about 2,000 consultations a year. The second is the Miyagi Doctor’s Guide, a dedicated website for finding family doctors, where you can search for family doctor candidates by entering the city, town, village, medical department, etc. Governor Murai said, “I would like to use the items I received today to spread awareness of the importance of family doctors.”
When handing over the signed POP, His Excellency Damon said, “I feel that the understanding of the project is expanding year by year. This is because the number of requests for the use of posters that convey messages from me is increasing. I made it because I wanted it to be easier for people in the hospital to say, ‘I want you to become a family doctor.’
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Governor Murai replied, “I will put it up in various places such as hospitals soon. Miyagi Prefecture also wants to contribute to the promotion of a good medical care project.”
This is the second time for me to go on a “regional pilgrimage” as an ambassador for good medical care, following the Fukuoka Prefectural Office in December 2020. When His Excellency Damon said, “Governor Murai has been doing this for over ten years. , “I am not a devil but an angel incarnate,” excited the gathered press. Then, His Excellency Daemon immediately poked in, “No one is listening.”
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What is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Proper Medical Treatment Project”?
If patients and the general public can receive medical care after properly understanding the necessity of medical examinations and the selection of medical institutions, etc., they will be able to receive appropriate medical care when they need it. This is a project that has been implemented since 2019 from the perspective that correcting long working hours will lead to safe and secure treatment for patients. Through this project, we aim to create a society where everyone can receive medical care with peace of mind in the future.
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