Minna no Bank, Ltd. Completion of Financial Services Agency “Core System Frontrunner Support Hub” Support Project

Minna no Bank Co., Ltd.
Completion of a project to support the Financial Services Agency’s Core System Frontrunner Support Hub

Minna no Bank, Ltd. (President: Kenichi Nagayoshi, hereinafter “Minna no Bank”) and Zero Bank Design Factory Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichi Nagayoshi, hereinafter “ZDF”) announced in May 2021 that the Financial Services Agency will We applied to the “Core System Frontrunner Support Hub” established to support advanced initiatives related to this, and received support as the third project. We have started providing a new service that utilizes the next-generation banking system, and the support period has come to an end.
[Reference] 2021.5.25_Financial Services Agency “Core system front runner support hub” selected as a support project
https://corporate.minna-no-ginko.com/information/corporate/2021/05/25/31/ Support period
May 2021 to January 2023
Project overview
Minnano Bank and ZDF have built a next-generation banking system in order to realize new banking services that contribute to improving customer convenience.
The next-generation banking system actively adopts and introduces the latest digital-native technologies such as “cloud,” “microservices,” and “open APIs,” and provides the availability and fault tolerance required of a bank, as well as flexibility. This makes it possible to develop and provide products and services quickly.
About a year after the service was launched, we released a
frictionless and personalized loan product. We will further improve convenience and realize new value provision by utilizing various data. Support result
For the results of support, please see the following website of the Financial Services Agency.
[Reference] Financial Services Agency “Core System Frontrunner Support Hub” In March 2020, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) established the “Core System Frontrunner Support Hub” in order to support
forward-looking efforts by financial institutions regarding new core systems. This hub supports financial institutions’ efforts by holding discussions from an early stage on each support project from the perspective of system monitoring such as IT governance and risk management related to IT, in addition to the function of interpreting laws and regulations. .
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
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