Mintegral continues to contribute to app growth globally

Mintegral International Limited
Mintegral continues to contribute to app growth globally

During this year-end and New Year holidays, Mintegral received the “Morketing Awards”, “GLOBAL BUSINESS INNOVATION AWARDS 2022”, and “iResearch Marketing Awards” in recognition of its achievements in 2022 in supporting the business expansion of customers such as apps and games in the global marketing field. ” and other prestigious awards.
About the “Marketing Awards”
Marketing, a global marketing business media platform, launched in 2017. It is one of the industry’s most prestigious awards for “Digital Smart Driven Business Innovation”. The 2022 “Marketing Awards” have eliminated restrictions on industry categories and marketing methods. The purpose of this is to reward industry partners who have both “business potential” and “global perspective” and to promote digitalization and intelligence.
Mintegral has won the “Morketing Awards-Digitalization Bronze Prize”. About “GLOBAL BUSINESS INNOVATION AWARDS 2022”
Launched by TopMarketing in 2013, it is an authoritative award in the field of advertising marketing and digital business in the
Asia-Pacific region. At this year’s Top Touch Awards, under the theme of “Creating the Future with Ideal Brands,” annual examples, works, and products with strong industry leadership and innovation were selected.
Mintegral won the “Technology and Marketing Gold Award”.
About the iResearch Marketing Awards
Sponsored by iResearch Consulting, it awards players in the internet marketing space with a vision of ‘inspiring business decision-making’. Aiming to reward marketing cases and excellent platforms that have shown overwhelming performance in the new economy marketing field, the winners are fairly selected by veteran marketing experts with keen analytical skills and experience. We aim to bring out the marketing innovation thinking of creators, promote intelligentization in the Internet New Economy marketing field, and create a scientific smart marketing boom. More than 500 works by over 300 brands and marketing companies participated in this year’s iResearch Marketing Awards. Mintegral won the “Best Big Data Marketing Platform Award” and other awards. [Image

Mintegral’s global perspective and professional practices are the reason behind the many awards it has won this year. As an AI-driven programmatic advertising platform, algorithms are the driving force behind Mintegral’s long-term business expansion.
In order to help developers expand their global user base, Mintegral organically connects creatives and algorithms, continues to invest in the optimization of dynamic creatives, and increases the efficiency of ad delivery, thereby helping advertisers acquire users. Improve efficiency and quality.
Currently, Mintegral’s traffic extends to casual, middle and hardcore games, as well as non-game genres such as e-commerce and tool apps. I am helping you. DMP DAU is 2.2 billion and average daily ad requests are over 200 billion.
In 2023, Mintegral hopes to work together with more partners to achieve new business expansion.
[2023 Outlook] Mobile Marketing Keywords and Trends
Mintegral, which is active in the front line of mobile marketing, will organize the mobile marketing keywords and trends in 2023 by expressing the changes and opportunities that appear in trends as keywords for the new year.
Special link: ( About Mintegral
Mintegral is a mobile advertising platform that provides user acquisition, monetization and creative solutions for mobile
advertisers and publishers worldwide. Mintegral contributes to global growth through innovative products such as SSPs, DSPs, DMPs, ad exchanges, advertiser self-service platforms and creative automation platforms. (
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