Mirai Construction Co., Ltd. Mirai Construction App Android version, notice of camera function renewal.

Mirai Construction Co., Ltd.
Mirai construction app Android version, notice of camera function renewal. Now you can take more beautiful construction photos

Mirai Construction Co., Ltd., which provides the cloud construction photo app “Mirai Construction”: President Tsune Kamiyama, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is pleased to announce that the camera function of the Mirai Construction App Android version has been renewed.
Background of the release
“Mirai Construction” provided by our company is an application that allows you to take construction photos and edit ledgers on mobile terminals such as smartphones.
In the construction industry, where the shift to DX is rapidly progressing, the use of electronic small blackboards, which is one of the information communication technologies, is expected to be an effective means of improving operational efficiency. Since February 2017, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has introduced electronic blackboards as a project under its direct control. On the other hand, due to variations in image quality depending on the model and OS, there was an issue that the tone of the image was different for each report submitted.
By using Mirai Construction, you can take a photo of the site with an electronic small blackboard with your smartphone, so the usage scenes such as public construction and private construction are expanding these days. We have been providing apps for iOS and Android for a long time, but this time we have renewed the camera function of the Android version, so that you can take more beautiful construction photos and have a sense of unity when using it together with iOS. It is now possible to have it.
Future prospects
Japan’s world-class construction technology is supported by many indirect operations. Since our company started from membrane structure construction site, we will make the life of everyone involved in the site better by eliminating indirect work as much as possible with technology that “gets close to the site”.
“Mirai construction” service overview
・It is an application that can be operated only with a smartphone or tablet. Create and edit ledgers on the fly.
・Progress can be managed in real time from a remote location. ・It can be used even if there is no radio wave. Equipped with offline mode / cloud synchronization OFF function.
Since “Mirai Construction” is a cloud service, there is no need to move photo data. Collaborative editing via the cloud shortens the lead time to report creation and enables real-time progress management. The letters are large and easy to read. By making the most of the input history, it simplifies the troublesome editing of the electronic blackboard. It is also compatible with sites where radio waves are not available, so you can shoot and create reports anytime, anywhere. You can also share messages and files with the talk function for each site.
■Company profile
Mirai Construction Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-16-19 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 154-0043
Representative Director and President: Hitoshi Kamiyama
URL: https://www.miraikoji.com/company/
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