Mitsuiwa Co., Ltd. Mitsuiwa starts collaboration with Hmcomm

Mitsuiwa Co., Ltd.
Mitsuiwa starts collaboration with Hmcomm
– Promoting DX for rush-to-arrangement when anomalies are detected –


Today, Mitsuiwa Corporation (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroki Takahashi; hereinafter referred to as Mitsuiwa) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (headquarters: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki; Chairman: Kazuhiko Ishimura; hereinafter referred to as AIST) ) and aims to provide value from “sound”, Hmcomm Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Koji Sanmoto, hereinafter Hmcomm) is Mitsuiwa’s personnel arrangement solution “arrangement craftsman” and Hmcomm We are pleased to announce that we have agreed to start cooperation with the abnormal sound detection solution “FAST-D Monitoring Edition”.
■ Purpose of cooperation
(1) Solution overview
・ Arrangement worker:
A solution that automatically arranges the most suitable personnel from a large number of candidates when business-related events such as accidents, equipment failures, and suspicious person detection occur. We optimize the work of valuable human resources, such as those to be arranged and operators, and back up work style reforms.
・FAST-D Monitoring Edition:
A solution that detects anomalies by analyzing the sounds emitted by machines and equipment with AI, and provides facility managers with information for making decisions on dispatch and emergency response remotely 24 hours a day in real time. It can be used for preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance, such as early response to failure and determination of parts replacement timing.
(2) Purpose
By linking “Arrangement Craftsman” and “FAST-D Monitoring Edition”, it is possible to consistently provide the subsequent personnel arrangement, triggered by 24-hour real-time anomaly detection. By streamlining the labor involved in arranging personnel by conventional operators, it contributes to the promotion of DX in the facility management business and equipment maintenance industry.
At the site of facility maintenance, in addition to data from ammeters and vibration meters, humans check for equipment malfunctions by listening for minute abnormal noises, most of which require the experience of skilled engineers. On the other hand, the shortage of human resources related to equipment maintenance work, troubleshooting and maintenance response has become a serious social issue, such as the aging of skilled engineers and the decrease in the number of new employees.
Mitsuiwa’s “Arrangement Craftsman” combines Hmcomm’s AI abnormal sound detection technology and Hmcomm’s AI learning model generation service “FAST-D Monitoring Edition” that can detect abnormal sounds, and has high user satisfaction. By providing services, we will strive to spread new technologies widely in society.
■ Social issues related to maintenance work
・On-site labor shortage
79.5% of the field workers believe that there is a shortage of workers, but 87.2% of the workers answered that it is difficult to recruit field workers. From this, it can be seen that it is very difficult to solve the chronic labor shortage. In addition, about 35.0% or more of workers are over 60 years old, and it is necessary to deal with retirement, but 73.0% of the people in charge are
pessimistic that it is difficult to rejuvenate on-site workers. These responses indicate that it will take time to make drastic
improvements. (*1)
・High training cost and loss
 Since the worker turnover rate is 19.9%, the problem of labor shortages is not limited to the difficulty of recruiting, but the lack of sufficient retention of human resources remains an issue. The fact that 1 in 5 people leave their jobs indicates that despite the importance of sensory knowledge and experience in work, there is a large loss in educational costs. (*2)
・Difficulties in abstract communication
72.2% of companies are positively considering accepting foreign technical intern trainees for building maintenance work. It can be seen that it will be configured. While most of the inspection items related to “sound” are abstract expressions, it is expected that there will be an increasing need for quantitative communication based on numerical information in order to maintain maintenance quality. (*3) (*1): Excerpt from Building Maintenance Information Yearbook 2020 (50th Survey Report) published by the National Building Maintenance Association
(*2): Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Excerpt from the summary of the results of the 2018 Employment Trend Survey
(*3): Building Maintenance Information Yearbook 2020 (50th
Fact-Finding Report) issued by the National Building Maintenance Association -Acceptance of foreigners with the status of residence “Specified Skilled Worker” at business establishments with monthly sales of 100 million yen or more Intention (total of “considering acceptance” and “surveying and examining the surrounding situation”) [About Mitsuiwa Co., Ltd.]
Company name Mitsuiwa Co., Ltd.
Established July 25, 1964
Head office 3-15-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business content
Providing system integration and network integration
Providing hardware and software support for information
equipment/network equipment/communication equipment
Robot/automation, sales of IoT-related equipment and system development, etc.

[About Hmcomm Co., Ltd.]
Company name Hmcomm Co., Ltd.
Established July 24, 2012
Head office 2-11-1 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Fuji Building 2nd/5th floor Kumamoto AI Lab 1-25 Sakuramachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture Future Conference Room Sakuramachi Store 1F
Business content
As a venture company originating from AIST, we conduct
research/development of elemental technologies based on AIST’s unique voice processing technology and provide solutions/services.
Based on the voice processing platform “The Voice” and the abnormal noise detection platform “FAST-D”, the company’s philosophy is to “create value from sound and contribute to society by providing innovative services.”
Related acquired patents
Patent 4604178 “Voice Recognition Apparatus, Method and Program” Patent 4997601 “Web site system for voice data search”
Patent 5366169 “Speech recognition system and program for speech recognition system”

[About the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)]
As one of Japan’s largest public research institutes, the research institute focuses on the creation and practical application of technologies that are useful for Japanese industry and society, as well as the “bridging” function for commercializing innovative technology seeds. Approximately 2,000 researchers at 10 research bases across the country conduct research and development from a core and pioneering position in the innovation national system based on changes in the environment surrounding innovation and national strategies formulated based on these changes. are doing
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