MIXI Co., Ltd. Let’s go exorcise the boss with a difference! “Ghost Scramble” will be renewed on Wednesday, January 18!

MIXI Co., Ltd.
Let’s go exorcise Boss who is incomparably different! “Ghost Scramble” will be renewed on Wednesday, January 18!
-Major improvements to operability and addition of new content/new system-
 MIXI Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroki Kimura) will renew the Monster Strike series action smartphone game app “Ghost Scramble” (hereafter referred to as Stobble) today, January 18 (Wednesday). After the renewal, various events will be held for a certain period of time as “scramble”. In “Scramble 1”, which starts today, January 18 (Wednesday), familiar monsters “Gabriel”, “Arthur”, “Amakusa” and “Yukimura” will appear in the gacha where the friendly ghost “Mon Q” is discharged. increase.
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In this renewal, based on the valuable opinions of our users, we have changed the game concept, which emphasized cooperative play with Buster and drones as a “3+1” action game to slay ghosts, to “With Friends!” It has been revamped into an action game where you exorcise different boss ghosts. Based on this concept, in order to improve the operability of quest play, we have made adjustments such as changing the quest play to the horizontal screen, adding quests with new difficulty levels, adding new skills, and adding new functions to replace drone play. rice field.
From today, January 18 (Wednesday), in addition to the “Renewal Commemoration! Free Mon Q Gacha once a day” where you can draw a gacha for free once a day, on the first day of login, “Mon Q Gacha 10 Consecutive Orbs” and ” We will hold a renewal campaign, such as receiving “materials necessary for awakening 2 Mon Q”. In addition, a renewal PV using 3DCG will be released today. For details on renewals and campaigns, please check the announcement on the official website.  Ghost Scramble Official Website: https://ghost-scramble.com/  Renewal PV: https://youtu.be/lm1e-uG1v6A
 Ghost Scramble app download URL: https://ghostscramble.onelink.me/IpDs/4s8z9usy ■ Main renewal contents
– Only quest play has been changed from vertical to horizontal, and new buttons for movement and attack have been placed on the screen. As an action game where you defeat the boss together, only the quest play will be changed to the horizontal screen in order to improve the operability and visibility of the quest. In addition, buttons are placed on both sides of the screen, making it easier to move the buster, flash attacks and Q shots.
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● Instead of “Drone Play”, a new “Yutai” function that can be operated from the sky to drop a bomb on Wal Q is now available.
Instead of “Drone Play” where you supervise and support your teammates by dropping items and guides, we will add a “Yutai” function that allows you to operate from above and drop a bomb on Bad Q when the Buster goes down in multiplayer. If you hit War Q with a “Yutai” bomb, a rescue item may appear in the stage, and if other players get the rescue item and rescue the player, you can be revived in battle as a buster. Also, with the abolition of “Drone Play”, the maximum number of multiplayer players will be changed from 4 to 3.
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Added “Possession Skill” that can further strengthen Mon Q
Possessing another Mon-Q to a specific Mon-Q will add a “Possession Skill” that can strengthen the abilities of Mon-Q and Buster. A maximum of 3 Mon-Qs can be possessed per base Mon-Q, and each Possessed Mon-Q will demonstrate various skills.
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● “Super Quest” added
From “Scramble 2” comes a new “super-class quest” that is even more difficult than the quests that have appeared so far. Also, in line with the changes to the battle system, we have adjusted the content and difficulty of each stage of all quests that have appeared so far, in addition to the “super class quests.” In addition, in training quests, it will be easier to obtain training materials that can be obtained, making it easier to train Mon Q than before.
■ Renewal campaign
● “Renewal Commemoration! Mon Q Gacha” where you can draw a single gacha for free once a day
Once a day during the period, a new Mon Q single gacha that can be drawn for free will be released. This gacha can be drawn up to 13 times every day.
[Holding period] January 18 (Wednesday) to January 31 (Tuesday) 3:59 *1 day is from 4:00 to 3:59 the next day.
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● For a limited time on the first day of login, you will receive “Mon Q Gacha 10 consecutive Orbs” and “Awakening Materials”.
For a limited time, “Mon Q Gacha 10 Consecutive Orbs” will be presented on the first day of login. In addition, as a start dash support gift, “Materials necessary for awakening 2 Mon Q x each color” will be sent together on the first day of login.
[v2.0 release commemorative gift period] January 18 (Wednesday) to February 10 (Friday) 11:59
[Start dash support gift gift period] January 18 (Wednesday) ~ ● “Start Dashmon Q Gacha” can be drawn up to 2 times
After the renewal, you can get “Mon Q Gacha 10 Orbs” and “Start Dash ★ 2 Confirmed Gacha Ball” as a start dash login bonus. In addition, if you complete all the guide missions, you can also get a “start dash ★ 2 confirmed gacha ball”. In the “Start Dash Mon Q Gacha” that can be drawn with this gacha ball, one of Mon Q “Himiko”, “Robin Hood”, “Noah”, and “Lucifer” will be discharged with certainty.
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■ Scramble 1 Details
● Renewal Memorial! ghost festival
In commemoration of the renewal, the festival-limited “Gabriel”, as well as “Arthur”, “Amakusa”, and “Yukimura”, who are familiar with monster strikes, will appear in the gacha as a friendly ghost “Mon Q”. [Holding period] January 18 (Wednesday) to January 30 (Monday) 11:59 [Image 7

Possessionmon Q Gacha -Scramble 1-
From “Scramble 1”, “Possessed Mon Q Gacha” that only possessed type Mon Q will be released will be released. In this gacha, “Yukimura”, “Hera” and “Vodka” familiar with monsters will appear in the gacha as a friendly ghost “Mon Q”.
[Holding period] January 18 (Wednesday) to January 30 (Monday) 11:59 [Image 8

● “Boss subjugation” where you can get Mon Q of “Kamui” and “Queen Butterfly” appears
“Event Quest” will be renamed to “Boss Subjugation” due to the renewal. In “Boss Subjugation”, “Large Tail Kamui” and “Flying Wing Queen Butterfly” will appear for the first time. In addition, if you clear “Boss subjugation”, each character that appears as a boss can rarely be obtained as Mon Q.
[“Kamui” appearance period] January 18 (Wednesday) to January 30 (Monday) 11:59 [“Queen Butterfly” appearance period] January 21 (Sat) 12:00 to January 30 (Mon) 11:59
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“Large-tailed Kamui”
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It is a “Butsu exorcism co-op action game” where you can cooperate with friends and fight boss ghosts in multiplayer with up to 3 people. It is characterized by fighting ghosts by making full use of actions such as hitting light and flying allied ghost “Mon Q”.
■Monster Strike
An exhilarating action RPG that anyone can easily enjoy using the characteristics of smartphones. It is a turn-based game in which you pull your own monster with your finger to flip it and hit it against the enemy monster to defeat it. increase. It features cooperative play (multiplayer) that allows up to four people to play together with friends at the same time. Since its launch in October 2013, it has been used by many users, and as of November 2022, the cumulative number of users worldwide has exceeded 59 million.
What is the Monster Strike series?
We provide the experience of “deepening the bonds between people” through various approaches such as games and other entertainment, with the Monst brand “Enjoying together (Min Wai)”. With the vision of “hacking all communication with Monst”, we are developing a Monst brand service that gives Minwai an edge.
■ App overview
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Game name: Ghost Scramble
Category Game (Action)
Play fee: free (some charges/items charged)
Compatible models (OS) [iOS] iOS 11.0 or later
        【Android(TM)】Android 7.0 or later
How to use Search for “Stoble”
        ・App Store:
        ・Google Play:
        https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xflag.ghostscramble ■MIXI Co., Ltd.
With the purpose of “expanding rich communication and wrapping the world in happy surprises”, MIXI has released “mixi”, “Monster Strike”, “Family Album Mitene”, “TIPSTAR”, etc. We provide a communication service that you can enjoy together with your friends and family. Under the spirit of “User Surprise First” that we cherish, our mission is to create places and opportunities that “connect hearts” that create deeper, deeper and richer communication, rather than just connecting, which is our mission. By continuing to do so, we will contribute to the realization of an emotionally rich and
heart-to-heart society.
* The names of MIXI and Ghost Scramble, and their related trademarks and logos are trademarks and registered trademarks of MIXI Co., Ltd. Details about this release:



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