Mizuho Kusanagi “Akatsuki no Yona” Volume 40 Commemoration! Electronic large-scale free fair! “Now you can rea d up to 20 volumes for free!”

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Mizuho Kusanagi “Akatsuki no Yona” Volume 40 Commemoration! Electronic large-scale free fair! “Now you can read up to 20 volumes for free!” An illustration goods fair commemorating the release of the 40th volume of the paper version of “Akatsuki no Yona” will also be held at about 1,100 bookstores nationwide!

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“Yona of the Dawn” Volume 40
The latest 40 volumes of “Yona of the Dawn” (Mizuho Kusanagi), which is very popular in the girls’ manga “Hana to Yume” (released on the 5th and 20th of every month), will be released on Friday, January 20th.
The electronic version of “Yona of the Dawn” mass free fair is being held! [Image 2d46848-967-1353d5b4bd0158a94552-4.jpg&s3=46848-967-6744cca97bafc5120ad57e8ac649b28e-569x102.jpg
“Akatsuki no Yona” Volume 20 Free Fair
In commemoration of this, the electronic version of the comic will be available for free trial reading of volumes 1 to 20 for two days only on January 20th and 21st, Hakusensha e-net! In addition, it will be held at major electronic bookstores.
Also, after January 22nd, the number of volumes will be changed and the free trial reading will continue.
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to touch the popular and long-selling masterpiece! Please try it!
The paper version of “Yona of the Dawn” illustration goods privilege fair is being held!
In addition, an illustration goods fair will be held at about 1100 bookstores nationwide to commemorate the release of 40 volumes of “Yona of the Dawn” paper version comics!
We offer benefits that can only be obtained here.
If you are interested in reading a large amount of the electronic version, please visit the bookstore!
Click here for a list of fair venues https://onl.tw/4gzQssH
♦ Volume 40 special bonus sticker
[Image 3d46848-967-431609f213246d465860-1.jpg&s3=46848-967-642edb223d5ac0de15604367563ec576-174x241.jpg
“Akatsuki no Yona” volume 40 bonus specially drawn sticker (C) Mizuho Kusanagi/Hakusensha
♦Volumes 1 to 39 Bonus Double-sided illustration cards total of 10 types * If you collect all 10 types of illustration cards and connect the backs, it will become one large illustration.
[Image 4d46848-967-7b5812a78a4386875f52-2.jpg&s3=46848-967-e82f25e001f81ff9b5e42b3ae565cfa8-477x783.jpg
“Akatsuki no Yona” Volumes 1-39 Bonus Double-Sided Illustration Cards All 10 Types (C) Mizuho Kusanagi/Hakusensha
* This is a purchaser benefit.
* On a first-come, first-served basis, distribution will end as soon as it runs out.
*Some stores do not distribute them. Please check with each store for details such as distribution status.
Please check the details of the bookstore fair from the following. https://www.hakusensha.co.jp/benefits_event/65538/
What is “Yona of the Dawn” (Mizuho Kusanagi)?
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(C) Mizuho Kusanagi/Hakusensha
Princess Yona of the Kouka Kingdom was the only daughter, so she was raised with care, surrounded by her kind father and her childhood friends and guards Haku. Then, on Yona’s 16th birthday, Yona is gifted a hairpin by her cousin Soo-Won, and goes to tell her father how she feels. However, there is an unexpected and cruel fate!?
Official page https://www.hanayume.com/sakuhin/?id=6

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