Mizuno Corporation Released volleyball shoes “MIZUNO FLY”

Mizuno Corporation
Volleyball shoes “MIZUNO FLY” released
For players who are particular about lightness and security

Mizuno will release the lightest “MIZUNO FLY” in the current lineup for volleyball players who are particular about lightness at Mizuno volleyball product dealers nationwide in mid-February.
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The “MIZUNO FLY” was developed with a focus on the lightness and security (cushioning properties) required for modern volleyball players, not only for jumping high, but also for moving freely around the court. Model. The upper material is made of “monofilament mesh” that is both light and breathable. As a countermeasure against stuffiness inside the shoes, which is peculiar to volleyball, which is an indoor sport, we pursue breathability and support comfortable play. In addition, under the ball of the sole, the midsole material “MIZUNO ENERZY” that combines cushioning and resilience is built in, supporting higher jumps and softening the impact when landing. Mizuno has named the new series of lightweight models FLY, which is a characteristic of volleyball that “fly” instead of “jump”. This reflects our desire to create a shoe that supports play such as “flying freely around the court” and picking up any ball as if it were flying.The Mizuno FLY’s domestic sales target is 12,000 pairs (1 year from release).
Features of “MIZUNO FLY”
In Mizuno’s current lineup of volleyball shoes, it is the lightest model equipped with “MIZUNO ENERZY”, a high-resilience midsole material for shoes that combines cushioning and resilience, making it the highest*1 in Mizuno’s history. By adopting “D-Flex Groove” that is lightweight and easy to twist in the sole design, it supports the reaction to the momentary movement required for volleyball.
In addition, by placing “MIZUNO ENERZY” on the ball of the foot, which bears the most weight when jumping and landing, it supports higher jumps and softens the impact when landing, giving the player a sense of security. connected to. In addition, the upper material of the forefoot is made of “monofilament mesh” that is both lightweight and breathable, keeping the inside of the shoe comfortable even during long hours of play.
The insole uses the “MIZUNO ENERZY” insole that is softer and more comfortable to wear.
*1 Depending on the design, etc., the effect and feeling may differ. Comparison with existing materials in each base polymer. The resilience is a comparison when the midsole material is compressed vertically.
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