Mobilus Co., Ltd. Mobilus’ solutions for local governments “Information Distribution Service” and “SCHOOL CAST” will be provided to the official LINE account of Utsunomiya City.

Mobilus Co., Ltd.
Mobilus’ solutions for local governments “Information Distribution Service” and “SCHOOL CAST” will be provided to the official LINE account of Utsunomiya City.
-Promote immigration and settlement by distributing U-turn information for students, and compatible with existing chatbots by connecting without using webhooks-

Mobilus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomohiro Ishii), which develops and provides solutions for customer support support as The SupportTech Company, has announced that Utsunomiya City’s LINE official account (@utsunomiyacity) will not use Webhooks. We provided an “information distribution service” that distributes LINE segments. In addition, Utsunomiya City plans to use “SCHOOL CAST” to distribute U-turn information to participants in the event “Utsunomiya City Jibun x Future Fair (held on January 18th)” hosted by the city.
■ Introduction background
Utsunomiya City has opened a LINE official account, and in response to the diversification of the lifestyles of the child-rearing generation, the city responds to inquiries from citizens about child-rearing, garbage separation, and housing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including at night and on holidays. However, when distributing information, there was a problem that it was distributed to all registrants.
Also, regarding the migration and settlement promoted by the city, we were looking for a method of distributing information using LINE so that we could deliver the information to the citizens who needed it when they needed it.
■ Service overview
Utsunomiya City has introduced “Information Distribution Service (MOBI CAST)” and optional function “SCHOOL CAST”. “SCHOOL CAST” will start operation from the event “Utsunomiya City Jibun x Future Fair (held on January 18th)” hosted by the city. After guiding the participants through the input form using “SHOOL CAST”, they will be asked to register their grade, age, etc. Based on the registered information, information will be distributed according to their life stage such as further education and employment. I plan to.
In addition, in order to respond to requests from citizens, the “Information Distribution Service (MOBI CAST)” was introduced in November 2022, and the “selective reception setting” function of the Utsunomiya City LINE official account (@utsunomiyacity) was expanded. Originally, the Utsunomiya City LINE official account had a chatbot system from another company installed, but the LINE official account provided by LINE has a standard system connection using Webhooks for each LINE (official) account. There is a rule of “up to one”. Mobilus’ “information delivery service (MOBI CAST)” can deliver segment information without using webhooks. This has been evaluated and led to the introduction of this time.
                   Fig.1 System overview
[Image 1

          Figure 2 Individual information distribution settings regarding migration and settlement using “SCHOOL CAST”
[Image 2

                          Fig.3 How to set “selective reception setting” [Image 3

An event sponsored by Utsunomiya City “Utsunomiya City Jibun x Future Fair (held on January 18)”
This event is an event to create opportunities for a wide range of career choices for high school students in Utsunomiya City.
Event: Utsunomiya City Jibun x Future Fair
Date: January 18, 2023 9:00-16:00 (Reception 8:30-)
Venue: Light Cube Utsunomiya (1-20 Mirai, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture) Simultaneously held: Career seminar for high school parents
Organizer: Utsunomiya City
Operation: Work Entry Co., Ltd. Tochigi Division
Please refer to the event details page for details
■ Mobilus solutions for local governments
In July 2022, Mobilus was certified as LINE’s “Govtech Partner”. The “Govtech Partner” system is a system for LINE to certify partner companies that are good at providing technical support for the use of LINE official accounts in national and local governments, and to support the promotion of administrative DX in the national and local governments. “Govtech Partner” is a “Technology Partner” that is certified as a company that meets certain standards, such as being proficient in technical support for the use of LINE official accounts of national and local governments, and having acquired external security certification. will be
[Solution product site for local governments]
[Introduction results (partial excerpt)]
・Development of Fukuoka City LINE Official Account [“Tax” Information Guidance Using Chatbot Function]
December 2, 2022
・MOBI VOICE provided for Fukuroi City’s “AI voice guidance test operation trial for inquiries”!
December 1, 2022
・ Mobilus’ “local government solution” is adopted for the newly opened Nagareyama City LINE official account! Service starts on September 1st (Thursday)
September 1, 2022
・ Service started on July 21st. Mobilus’ “solutions for local governments” introduced to Chuo Ward’s LINE official account. July 21, 2022
・Provide a manned chat system “MOBI AGENT” for chat consultation reception about hikikomori in Chiyoda Ward
March 7, 2022
・Introduced a manned chat system “MOBI AGENT” to the official account of pregnancy consultation LINE in Ishikawa Prefecture
February 25, 2022
・Mobilus develops a new function for Fukuoka City’s official LINE account, “Firefighting dispatch notification function”
January 20, 2022
[About Mobilus Co., Ltd.]
Mobilus is The SupportTech Company, which renews support with technology. Chat system “MOBI AGENT” that realizes seamless chat support by AI chatbot (automatic response) and manned response for corporate contact centers and local governments, chatbot “MOBI BOT”, AI Including “MOBI VOICE,” a telephone self-answering system, “MOBI CAST,” a segment information distribution system compatible with LINE official accounts, and “Visual IVR,” which centralizes inquiry leads and visualizes guidance and flow. We are developing solutions for customer support support. The Mobi series has been introduced to more than 400 companies (as of February 2022), and has won the top sales share* in the chatbot market for five consecutive years.
In addition, in the “LINE Biz Partner Program”, which was introduced for the purpose of expanding sales of various services for
corporations provided by LINE and actively promoting the addition and improvement of functions, “Technology Partner”, “Planning Partner”, “Govtech Certified as a “Partner” and earned the “Customer Care” badge.
*”ITR Market View: Business Chat Market 2022″
About Mobilus SupportTech Lab
A lab established by Mobilus for the purpose of researching and disseminating “SupportTech,” a technology that evolves customer support. At the Mobilus SupportTech Lab, we will work on activities that use technology to solve problems in customer support sites and promote innovation. Specifically, we publish research reports and chaos maps, disseminate information through owned media, host and co-sponsor seminars, take the stage, and carry out research and development through demonstration experiments.
-Press release-
-Owned media-
Company name: Mobilus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohiro Ishii
Location: 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Hamamatsucho Building 15F Established: September 2011
Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth (Securities Code: 4370) Business description: Provision of CX solutions such as SaaS products (mobi series) for contact centers
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