Monex, Inc. Announcement of Monthly Accumulation of Investment Trusts Exceeding 10 Billion Yen

Monex, Inc.
Notice of Monthly Accumulation of Investment Trusts, etc. Exceeding 10 Billion Yen

Monex, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuko Seimei; hereinafter referred to as “Monex, Inc.”) announced that its monthly investment trust fund (*) exceeded 10 billion yen in December 2022. I will let you know.
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■ Background
Monex, Inc. has been providing investment trust services since 1999, the year it was founded, with the aim of creating an environment in which individual investors can steadily build assets. In 2017, the minimum purchase amount was reduced to 100 yen, and in December 2019, everything was no-load (application fee 0 yen), and from January 2020, we will start a daily Tsumitate service, etc. We are promoting the “asset management model”. , we are striving to expand our services in order to contribute to increasing the assets of our customers. In March 2022, we launched an investment trust savings service with the Monex card, and from October of the same year, we have also made it possible to purchase investment trusts using Monex points.
These efforts have been highly evaluated by customers, and as a result of the steady progress in the reserve amount, the monthly reserve amount exceeded 10 billion yen in December 2022.
* Domestic investment trusts (excluding MRF) and foreign investment trusts that can be invested in investment trusts, ETFs, etc. in the form of reserves at our company
  This is the total accumulated amount of (including MMF), iDeCo, ON COMPASS, and Monex Advisor.
■ Monex, Inc. products and services
Monex, Inc. provides the following distinctive products and services related to investment trusts and savings services.
(1) Monex Card Investment Trust Tsumitate
This is a service that allows you to make investment trusts by paying with your Monex card. Using Monex Card
  Monex points are awarded according to the
  Can be exchanged for partner points of other companies. In addition, in the case of use in normal card shopping,
  The point redemption rate is 1.0%, but the maximum Monex point redemption rate is
(2) Investment Trust Tsumitate (daily or monthly)
This is a service that automatically purchases investment trusts at a fixed amount on a fixed day every day or every month. From ¥100/month It is possible to start and use with NISA and Mitate NISA.
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*Ranking of the number of monthly deposit contract accounts from December 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 at Monex, Inc.
(MRFs, bond investment trusts, foreign currency-denominated MMFs, and transactions with NISA accounts are not included.)
(3) Monex Activist Fund
Dai Matsumoto, founder of Monex, Inc., is a fund that leads dialogue (engagement).
An investment trust that aims to revitalize the Japanese market by supporting leather. Group company Catalyst Investment Management Co., Ltd.
  Provides investment advice and is managed by Monex Asset Management Co., Ltd. (4) Monex Point Investment
  Monex Point is Monex, Inc.’s unique point program.
  Monex points will be awarded according to the balance. In October 2022, Monex points will be used to purchase investment trusts. “Monex Point Investment” has been released. 1 point can be used to purchase investment trusts at 1 yen
to come.
(5) iDeCo
This is a pension system in which the participant who contributes the premium selects the investment product themselves, and the future benefit amount is determined based on the investment performance. pose   Nex Securities’ iDeCo has no operational management fees, a wide range of low-cost products, and an iDeCo specialty line for inquiries   With features such as the placement of staff and the preparation of iDeCo-dedicated robo-advisors, oricon ME Co., Ltd. has announced In the “2023 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Ranking iDeCo Securities Company”, which has been ranked 1st overall for 4 years in a row.
  ON COMPASS is provided by Monex Asset Management Co., Ltd., a group company. This is a robo-advisor service that thoroughly manages risks. Best asset just answer the question
Propose an operation plan. In addition, it operates fully
automatically according to the asset management plan.
(7) Monex Advisor
  Monex Advisor provides the best investment plan for each customer’s investment policy for assets around the world.
This is a service that creates and automatically operates. We utilize cutting-edge financial theories and the knowledge of experts in our operations.
For details, please see the Monex, Inc. website
■ Campaign to Commemorate 10 Billion Yen Monthly Accumulation of Investment Trusts (Open Sweepstakes)
A campaign will be held to commemorate the monthly accumulation of investment trusts, etc. exceeding 10 billion yen.
Details: 100 people who answered the quiz will be given an Amazon gift card (*) worth 2,000 yen by lottery.
Period: January 12, 2023 (Thursday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) * This campaign is provided by Monex, Inc.
  Amazon does not accept inquiries regarding this campaign.
  Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
  Click here for detailed rules for Amazon gift certificates (   =201936990).
For details, please see the Monex, Inc. website
that’s all
[Important matters regarding transactions at Monex, Inc.]
Products handled by Monex, Inc. may suffer loss of principal or excess loss due to price fluctuations.
Before making an investment, please carefully read the documents delivered before concluding a contract and the contents of the prospectus.
[About Monex, Inc.]
Financial Instruments Business Operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho) No. 165
Member Associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association
General Incorporated Association Financial Futures Trading
Association, General Incorporated Association Japan Crypto Asset Trading Association,
Japan Investment Advisers Association
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