Money Partners “Manepa’s Digital Gift Campaign” is very popular and is also being implemented in 2023! Get a free gift with every transaction!

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“Manepa’s Digital Gift Campaign” is very popular and is also being implemented in 2023! Get a free gift with every transaction!
Money Partners Co., Ltd. (President: Hideharu Fukushima, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Manepa”) received a favorable reception for the “Digital Gift Campaign” held from October to December 2022. In 2023, we will continue to carry out a campaign to present a digital gift for each transaction in the target currency pairs of Partners FXnano.
[Image 1

You can get it without exception even if you trade 100 currencies! Weekly & all presents for transactions of target currency pairs! During the campaign period, you will receive a digital gift without exception for just one transaction of the target currency pair. You may have the impression that foreign exchange margin trading (hereinafter referred to as FX) and financial trading require a large amount of money as investment funds, but Manepa’s “Partners FXnano” allows you to trade from 100 currencies. increase. It is an
easy-to-use product for FX beginners as it can be traded from as little as 540 yen* even in the major USD/JPY.
(*As of January 10, 2023. The minimum margin requirement varies depending on the previous day’s USD/JPY price.)
Zero cost! Get a great gift with the FX industry’s first [5 currency pair spread 0.0 sen]!
In addition, Partners FXnano, as the first initiative in the FX industry, will offer spreads for 5 currency pairs [0.0 sen] from November 16, 2022, that is, [transaction cost 0] [24 hours] (up to a certain amount). .
Normally, forex trading has a price difference called “spread” between the buying price and the selling price, so a negative evaluation will occur for the amount of the spread at the moment you start trading. “Spread” can be said to be the real transaction cost in Forex trading. Manepa has set this “spread” to “0” for some currency pairs and quantities of Partners FXnano. Since trading starts from “valuation profit and loss: 0 yen” with no negative evaluation at the start, it is easier for you to start FX trading more easily.
■ Currency pairs with spreads of 0.0 sen for 24 hours
Partners FXnano USD/JPY (Trading volume: up to 10,000 currencies) Partners FXnano EUR/JPY (Trading volume: up to 10,000 currencies) Partners FXnano AUD/JPY (Trading volume: up to 10,000 currencies) Partners FXnano GBP/JPY (Trading Volume: Up to 5,000 currencies) Partners FXnano Mexican peso/yen (trading volume: up to 30,000 currencies) *This is the first service in the FX industry that allows you to trade 5 currency pairs for 24 hours with the lowest “0.0 sen”. Competitor spreads over the past 10 years (in-house research) As of January 2023. *Orders exceeding the stated quantity will have different spreads. Click here for details. *Spreads may be unavoidably widened when there is a sudden drop in liquidity, such as when major economic indicators are announced, on national or international holidays, or early in the morning on weekdays.
*Excluding maintenance time.
The campaign will be held 13 times in total until the end of March. Please take this opportunity to experience Manepa FX.
Campaign overview
During each event period, the following digital gifts will be given for transactions with the target currency pairs on Partners FXnano, regardless of whether they are new or settled.
Please see here for the detail Holding period:
Held 13 times from January 2, 2023 (Monday)
Eligible currency pairs:
Partners FXnano (USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, Turkish lira/JPY, Mexican peso/JPY, South African/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, RMB/ yen, Norwegian krone/yen, Israeli shekel/yen)
Present contents:
1st 1/2-1/6 Coke ON drink ticket (one Coca-Cola product of your choice) 2nd 1/9-1/13 31 Ice Cream 200 Yen Gift Coupon
3rd 1/16-1/20 Selectable Pay 200 points
4th 1/23-1/27 Mister Donut Gift Ticket (200 yen)
5th 1/30 – 2/3 Yoshinoya Digital Gift 200 yen
6th February 6th – 10th Doutor E-gift 200 yen
7th 2/13-2/17 Coke ON drink ticket (one Coca-Cola product of your choice) 8th February 20th – 24th 31 Ice Cream 200 Yen Gift Coupon
9th 2/27 – 3/3 Selectable Pay 200 points
10th 3/6-3/10 Mister Donut Gift Ticket (200 yen)
11th 3/13-3/17 Yoshinoya Digital Gift 200 yen
12th 3/20-3/24 Doutor eGift 200 yen
13th 3/27-3/31 Coke ON drink ticket (one Coca-Cola product of your choice) * The contents and target times of the gift are subject to change without notice.
* There is a time limit for using digital gifts. Please note that we cannot extend the deadline. In addition, we cannot reissue it for any reason.
Precautions and usage of Coca-Cola products
[Image 2

A gift drink ticket that can be used with Coca-Cola’s “Coke ON” app. At over 300,000 “Coke ON” compatible vending machines nationwide, you can exchange for “1 Coca-Cola product of your choice”.
[How to use the “Coke ON” drink ticket]
Download the “Coke ON” app
Register the coupon code issued after purchase in the “Coke ON” app to get a drink ticket
You can redeem your favorite Coca-Cola product at a “Coke ON” compatible vending machine.
About “Coke ON”
Precautions and usage of 31 ice cream products
[Image 3d17182-332-7c537969c1f561ac9209-2.png&s3=17182-332-ab9e25bba2bbfc1b29a01d57f7e81af7-209x209.png
Please visit the target 31 ice cream.
Please choose your favorite menu and takeout products.
Please show the ticket screen on your smartphone at the time of payment. *Please note that there will be a charge for dry ice for take-out that exceeds the service amount at the time of exchanging this ticket. *Some stores are not eligible for use. Please see here for stores that cannot be used. Precautions and usage of Selectable Pay
[Image 4d17182-332-f97fdf1532929f880f5c-3.png&s3=17182-332-e569704aa8183006d0bac4c341d1ad52-208x208.png
・ We will give you 200 selectable Pay points that can be exchanged for your favorite products from the lineup.
・The line-up and the points required for exchange differ depending on the selected Pay, and are subject to change. Also, the point exchange rate in Selectable Pay varies depending on the product. Please carefully check the required number of points listed before redeeming the product.
・The lineup is subject to change at any time.
・There is a time limit for using points. Please exchange for your favorite product by the deadline displayed on the home screen. ・ After the expiration date, the point balance will be invalidated. We do not accept refunds for points.
・Additional charging of points is not possible.
・The product cannot be changed or canceled after the product has been exchanged. About Select Pay
Precautions and usage of Mister Donut gift tickets
[Image 5d17182-332-99f69889bd1c6a6a2171-4.png&s3=17182-332-cf085c19ef0e5d63a3aeeb07af209908-208x208.png
This is an electronic gift ticket that can be used at Mister Donuts nationwide (excluding some stores).
* Both in-store menu and takeout products are available.
*If the payment amount exceeds the balance of the gift ticket, please pay the excess amount.
* If there is a balance remaining after using the gift ticket, you can use the balance for the next payment within the deadline.
*A part of the gift ticket amount cannot be used in combination with cash. *If you want to display the latest balance, please press the refresh button on your browser.
Precautions and usage of Yoshinoya Digital Gift
[Image 6d17182-332-984affd209a83235f968-5.png&s3=17182-332-51eb999e628a2c1b3d113fcb04bb8c8f-209x209.png
It is a 200 yen digital gift that can be used at Yoshinoya nationwide. Please present the barcode screen at the time of payment.
*Some stores may not be available.
Please check here for stores that cannot be used.
Precautions and usage of Doutor eGift
[Image 7d17182-332-e575c3a50a9febcabb24-6.png&s3=17182-332-fbc26e17f59f73a57e1d0a353a01acf3-208x208.png
It is a digital gift certificate that can be used to purchase your favorite products at the target store.
*Cannot be used at some stores. Please see below for a list of non-applicable stores.
・Please present the gift certificate screen at the cash register when paying. ・Available up to 200 yen (tax included). *No change will be given. ・If the price exceeds 200 yen (including tax), please pay the difference at the store.
*However, two-dimensional code payments cannot be used to pay the difference. ・Doutor value cards cannot be purchased with gift certificates. ■Available stores
Doutor coffee shop
Excelsior Cafe
Cafe Lexel
Doutor Coffee Farm
Doutor coffee shop
Bread Tajima
Jinno Coffee
Book and Coffee Okusho Sabo
■ List of ineligible stores
Doutor Coffee Shop Nihombashi Hamacho
Excelsior Cafe Tokyo Racecourse
Doutor Coffee Farm Machida Kiso
Doutor Coffee Farm Nitori Fushimi Mukojima
Doutor Coffee Farm Shin-Yokohama store
Doutor Coffee Farm Akashi Uozumi
Bread Tajima Musashikoyama
Bread Tajima Kawaguchi
Bread Tajima Shinkyogoku
Bread Tajima Jiyugaoka
Bread Tajima Sasazuka
Bread Tajima Asagaya
Bread Tajima Mark Is Fukuoka
Bread Tajima Ario Kawaguchi
Bread Tajima Tsunashima
Factory & Labo Jinno Coffee
Kamino Coffee Kyoto
Kamino Coffee Shinsaibashi
Kamino Coffee Daikanyama
Kamino Coffee Kawasaki Arima
Kamino Coffee Kyoto Porta
Kamino Coffee Shinjuku East Exit

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