Money Partners Up to 505,000 yen cash back with 3 accounts! Manepa January new account opening campaign

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Up to 505,000 yen cash back with 3 accounts! Manepa January new account opening campaign

Money Partners Co., Ltd. (President: Hideharu Fukushima, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “our company”) will launch a campaign for new account openings in January 2023, “FX (foreign exchange margin trading), Mai Daily Gold/Silver (Commodity CFD Trading), Daily Crypto Assets (Crypto Asset CFD Trading)” We are conducting a campaign to cash back up to 505,000 yen by opening a new account and achieving the conditions.
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Customers who open a new FX account in January will receive a maximum of 505,000 yen by achieving the following conditions by the end of the month following opening.
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Up to 300,000 yen depending on the trading volume of FX (Partners FX, Partners FXnano), up to 100,000 yen each depending on the trading volume of daily gold, silver, and daily crypto assets, up to 500,000 in total We will give you Yen cash back.
[Image 3d17182-330-955e5e43873bf91b2c56-2.png&s3=17182-330-f16a3f0185e5448ee8bb58465a07b33a-883x426.png
《Target customer》
Customers who opened a FX account from January 1st to January 31st, 2023 (The account opening date will be the date when the account opening completion email from our company is sent.)
《Target currency pair》
PFX (Partners FX)
Transactions of all 28 currency pairs are eligible for cashback. nano (Partners FXnano)
NZ dollar/yen・Swiss franc/yen・Canadian dollar/yen・Euro/Australian dollar・Euro/pound・Australian dollar/NZ dollar・Pound/Australian dollar・NZ dollar/USD Target.
《Trading period》
From Sunday, January 01, 2023 to Tuesday, February 28, 2023 until the end of business
Please check the details from the following page * Customers who have been recognized by our company as having opened an account via the point site will not be eligible for gifts. *Customers eligible for this campaign cannot participate in the cashback of the “PFX Cashback Campaign” and “Everyday Gold/Silver Spread Reduction & Cashback Campaign”.

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