MONSTER DIVE Co., Ltd. Notice of wage base increase for all employees

Notice of wage base increase for all employees
MONSTER DIVE Co., Ltd. Decided to implement a uniform base increase of 15,000 yen from April 2023

On Friday, January 20, 2023, MONSTER DIVE Co., Ltd., a web and video production company (Monster Dive / Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masato Okajima / hereinafter, MONSTER DIVE), prices soared. In light of such social conditions, we have decided to implement a uniform wage increase for all employees.
・ Base increase amount: Uniform 15,000 yen
・ Eligible people: All employees (excluding those who joined after January 2023) ・Start date: From April 2023
MONSTER DIVE develops and operates websites, system development, video production, live distribution, rental studios, and live distribution related services.
Since its founding in 2009, the slogan has been “craftsmanship and otaku inquisitiveness.”
We have a diverse range of jobs related to the digital domain, such as designers, web engineers, video creators, producers and directors, and we call these professionals “monsters.”
In principle, we do not employ non-regular or part-time employment, and all 34 monsters are full-time full-time employees (as of January 2023).
At our company, we believe that the monsters involved in manufacturing are our greatest management resource. decided to go up.
This wage base increase will be applied from April 2023.
In April of each year, the Company conducts regular salary revisions based on business conditions and individual contributions. It is added to the wages of all monsters.
MONSTER DIVE, whose mission is to “integrate the web and video”, will continue to strengthen the team structure, improve business quality, and promote “better manufacturing” in the digital domain as a production company based in Tokyo. And we will encourage employee empowerment.
■ Price pass-through accompanying wage increases
There will be no direct unit price adjustment or price pass-through associated with this wage increase.
In the WEB Production Division and LIVE Production Division, which handles contract production business, we will further improve the quality of deliverables by further striving to scrutinize the production process based on the know-how gained from past business achievements. We will also optimize the fee.
In addition, the SERVICE Production Division, which is our own service business, has been focusing on both the ticket sales type live distribution platform “STREAM TICKET” and the SNS curation live system “TweetVision” since last year. We expect to maintain and improve service quality and secure an appropriate profit margin by further promoting our SaaS business model and streamlining network
infrastructure costs.
(Reference: Our business and services)
About web production business
About LIVE production business
In-house service business
・Ticket sales type live distribution platform “STREAM TICKET” (Stochike)
・SNS curation live system “TweetVision”
・Video distribution service “LiveSESAMi” specializing in limited distribution (Live Sesame)
■ Future recruitment
At our company, we do not provide formal wages according to job type or year, but at the time of hiring, we consider each individual’s skills, previous year’s income, industry overview, etc., and determine salaries individually each time.
We will continue to consider salary and treatment individually for those who will join the company in the future based on those consideration guidelines.
MONSTER DIVE Recruitment Information
■ Background of the announcement
Due to changes in the economic situation, companies are in an uncertain situation, but creativity and technology are the power to open up the sense of stagnation in this society. As a production company, we believe that providing an environment where we can work on this is our highest priority management issue.
This announcement expresses and implements that raising the wage base is a corporate social responsibility.
Not only companies with abundant funds, but also unlisted SMEs like ours should continue to invest in human resources. We believe that this will contribute to the prevention of stagnation.
“Show the world the power of” MONSTER “and make all things interesting.” In order to embody this corporate vision, we will continue to strengthen our team and actively recruit in order to continue manufacturing in the digital domain.
■ About MONSTER DIVE Co., Ltd.
MONSTER DIVE Co., Ltd. is a web and video production company that gathers “MONSTERs” with “craftsmanship and otaku inquisitiveness”. For more company information, please visit our website and corporate video. Website
Corporate video
Headquarters: 1-26-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shoko Building 5F/6F Representative Director: Masato Okajima
Established: April 1, 2009
Employees: 34 (as of January 2023)
Capital: 25,100,000 yen
Business description:
Web production business (website production, web system construction) LIVE production business (video production, live distribution, rental studio) SERVICEProduction business (web service development and operation) Details about this release:


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