Monster Energy Japan LLC Monster Energy exclusive interview with Ayumu Hirano “I wonder if the thoughts for 4 years later are strong”

Monster Energy Japan LLC
Monster Energy exclusive interview with Ayumu Hirano “I wonder if the thoughts for 4 years later are strong”
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Monster Energy conducted an exclusive interview with snowboarder Ayumu Hirano. Ayumu Hirano won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics with a successful routine using the unexplored triple cork 1440. In an exclusive interview, we interviewed Ayumu, who celebrated her 20th anniversary in 2022, about her future vision and activities for this term.
Also, during the period from January 10th (Tuesday) to January 30th (Monday), 2023, the “Buy a monster and support Ayumu Hirano” campaign where you can win autographed speakers and collaboration button blurs drawn by Ayumu Hirano. will be held.
Check out this valuable interview with Ayumu, whose momentum will not stop in 2023.
[Comment from Ayumu Hirano]
“I think it’s a plus for me to aim high.
I want to aim more than ever, but I want to do my best while taking care of myself so that I don’t aim too much. ”
*The above comment is an excerpt.
Interview with Ayumu Hirano
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– 20 years of snowboarding experience,
Looking back, what was the biggest highlight so far?
So it must have been the Olympics. I’ve been consciously not giving up for 20 years,
I think I was able to leave something convincing in terms of content. ― What do you think was the biggest factor in winning the gold medal? I think the biggest support was from my family, including my brother who supported me by my side.
In particular, my father’s harsh words and behavior sometimes made me hate snowboarding, myself, and my family, but looking back now, I think it wasn’t a waste.
― Do you have a vision for the future?
We are always looking for something better than the Beijing Olympics, but we must continue to take on even tougher challenges.
For that reason, I have to take care of the things I don’t want to do. I want to continue to do things that are unique to me, and I want to do the things that I have done so far.
― What are your plans for this season?
Rather than facing dual wielding, the main thing is snowboarding, and skateboarding continues for himself. I want to go back to snowboarding and refocus.
― How will you deal with snowboard competitions that are becoming more difficult in the future?
It’s a difficult place, and it’s a world with limits, so I want to face it. I think it’s going to be tough in terms of evaluation and scoring, so I want to show off my flawless skating with overwhelming power.
I think it’s tough to fight if you’re always trying new things and you don’t have something that’s better than anything in your private life, so I have a strong desire to face it.
– Towards the 2026 Milan Olympics
I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s a plus for me to aim high. I want to aim more than ever, but I want to do my best while taking care of myself so that I don’t aim too much.
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Ayumu Hirano Born in Niigata Prefecture / Age 24
[Image 5d6649-258-5460207e94e86f1c7f6d-11.jpg&s3=6649-258-ebc8aabdce890b5aad87528f9c69a78d-374x562.jpg
2013: X Games Aspen Runner-up
2014: Sochi Olympics runner-up
2016: X Games Oslo Winner
2018: X Games Aspen Winner
: Pyeongchang Olympics runner-up
2021: Participation in the Tokyo Olympics (skateboarding)
: World Cup Mammoth Mt. Winner
: World Cup Laax Winner
2022: X Games Aspen Runner-up
: Beijing Olympics Champion
He won silver medals in the men’s halfpipe at the 2014 Sochi and 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.
In 2016 and 2018, he won the world’s top competition “Winter X Games”, 3 wins in total at the FIS World Cup, and in 2019, he was selected in the 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN sports category of Forbes Japan. World class snowboarder. At the 2022 Beijing Olympics, he achieved the feat of succeeding the triple cork 1440 three times and won the gold medal. Details about this release:

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