Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd. Japan’s first! Finnish Fazer x Metsä Village Valentine Tree Collaboration!

Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd.
Japan’s first! Finnish Fazer x Metsä Village Valentine Tree Collaboration! Express your gratitude to your loved ones with a heart-filled Valentine’s Day
At the facility “metsa village” where you can experience the Nordic lifestyle, which is one of the largest in Japan, against the backdrop of Lake Miyazawa surrounded by rich nature, Finland from February 1st (Wednesday) to February 14th (Tuesday) A special collaboration event “metsa village x Fazer -Valentine from Finland-” (metsa village x Fazer -Valentine from Finland-) will be held only for the Valentine period with the long-established confectionery maker “Fazer”. [Image 1

Special Valentine’s memories at metsa village
In Finland, Valentine’s Day is known as ystavanpaiva (Friend’s Day), and it is said to be a day to send cards, messages, and small presents not only to loved ones, but also to important friends and family members.
Valentine’s Day at metsa village this year is a collaboration with the long-established Finnish confectionery maker Fazer, which is very popular among Scandinavian fans. In addition to a heart-filled Valentine tree and a participatory message card project, each store in metsa village has a lineup of original menus and products only for Valentine.
Spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day at metsa village with your loved ones, friends, family, and more.
*About Fatzel
Founded in 1891, Finland’s leading confectionery maker celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2021. Chocolate uses 100% Responsible Cocoa and supports the working environment of cocoa farmers and the protection of forests. Since its founding, Fazer’s philosophy of “providing people with happy moments” has been handed down unchanged even after four generations have passed, and the sweets produced by Fazer are popular in Finland and abroad. is included.
Overview of the event
“metsa village × Fazer -Valentine from Finland-”
(Metsa Village x Fatsel -Valentine from Finland-)
Date: February 1st (Wednesday) to February 14th (Tuesday), 2023 Location: [Valentine Tree] Nordic Square
[Limited menu] metsa hall, market hall, viking hall
Official event page: Supported by: Embassy of Finland
Find messages full of love! The one and only Fazer Valentine tree in the world [Image 2

A Valentine tree will appear in the fir tree in metsa village. The heart-shaped ornament has a motif of the chocolate box of “Geisha” * (Geisha), which is a trademark of Fazer’s pink color. Please pay attention to the various messages written on the box, such as “Love you” and “Thank you”.
【The Special Event】
1. -Your message is a tree full of love and a small grain of happiness- Decorate the tree with a heart message card and get chocolate It is a participatory project to make a tree full of hearts (love) with each message from everyone. We will give you a Fazer chocolate as a small thank you to those who fill in a heart-shaped message card with your feelings of gratitude to your loved ones and decorate the Valentine tree.
Message card distribution place: metsa hall
Distribution time: 10:00-18:00 (the number of message cards is limited) 2. All purchasers of Fazer products will receive original Finnish novelty goods or Fazer products as gifts!
Target stores: Market Hall 2F Scandinavian miscellaneous goods, metsa hall 3. Learn about Fazer! Mini exhibition corner appeared
Venue: metsa hall
*GEISHA series
[Image 3

The Geisha series is one of the most popular and best-selling series of Fatzel products. Fragrant hazelnut paste and delightful crispy texture are coated with milk chocolate. It was born in 1962 when the third generation Peter Fazel came to Japan as a sailor for the Tokyo Olympics. The name comes from the geisha, a Japanese culture of hospitality, and the packaging is decorated with pink cherry blossoms. Fun to eat! It’s fun to go around! Valentine in metsa village During the Valentine period, you can enjoy original menus, limited products, and workshop experiences at each store in metsa village. 1. MENU
[Image 4

1. Melty caramel nut latte (left)
Harmony latte with crushed nuts and caramel.
・ Ruby hot chocolate (right)
A limited-time latte inspired by the sparkle of a ruby.

Sales store: ROBERT’S COFFEE (Robert’s Coffee)
Sales price: 690 yen (tax included in store)
2. Berry hot chocolate
[Image 5

Using high cacao and lingonberry, it contains a lot of polyphenols, so it supports the improvement of intestinal flora. Lingonberries, a bounty of the Finnish forest, are accented, and the sourness of the berries and the sweetness of the hot chocolate spread in your mouth with an exquisite balance.
Sales store: biokia smoothie
Sales price: 500 yen (tax included)
3. Chocolate dough crepe
[Image 6

All crepe menus can be changed to chocolate dough for free.
Sales store: ONE MORE BITE
Sales price: From 715 yen (tax included)

4. Marshmallow Tuckyu Cocoa ~Valentine ver.~
[Image 7

A hot drink inspired by Finnish specialty “Tukkyu”. The popular “Marshmallow Tukkyu Cocoa” is topped with strawberries for a limited time until Valentine’s Day. Sweet and sour strawberries accentuate this cocoa that you won’t get tired of until the end.
Sales store: nordics
Sales price: 660 yen (tax included)
[Image 8

1. Fatzel milk chocolate heart box (left)
・ Geisha milk chocolate heart box (right)
Finland’s No. 1 souvenir! Luxurious milk chocolate in a heart-shaped box. Recommended as a gift.
Sales stores: metsa hall, Scandinavian miscellaneous goods,
Sales price: 2,160 yen (tax included)
[Image 9

2. Mug (5 patterns in total)
・STUDIO HILLA circle coaster
Finnish design mugs are perfect for gifts. Have a relaxing time with a nice mug. Sales store: LUNE D’EAU
Sales price: Mug cup 1,650 yen, coaster 858 yen (tax included) [Image 10

・Mini phone bag (left) ・Square bag (right)
Born in Finland, it is a bag that combines functionality and design. Uses eco-leather that reuses materials left over from the
manufacturing process of other leather products. It is water repellent and lightweight, making it convenient for going out.
Sales store: TRE
Sales price: Mini phone bag 7,260 yen, square bag 10,780 yen (tax included) [Image 11

4. NOX ORGANICS (5 types in total)
“Chocolate that is better to eat than not to eat”
100% organic, 70% cocoa, no refined sugar, replaced with coconut sugar. We have 5 types available in limited quantity.
Sales store: LAAVU
Sales price: 1,944 to 2,160 yen (tax included)
[Image 12

3. WORKSHOP, outdoor experience
1. Painting SÖPÖ
A workshop where you can paint a cypress cut out in a heart motif. Sales store: Sågverk (Sogberg)
Sales price: 550 yen (tax included)
[Image 13

2. All-you-can-eat chocolate sauce!
For those who have used the “Baked Marshmallow Experience”, you can sprinkle chocolate sauce as much as you want for free! Enjoy a slightly more luxurious taste change than usual.
*May be canceled due to weather (rain, strong wind, etc.)
*Limited quantity
Sales store: PANZA Miyazawako
Selling price: “Roasted marshmallow experience” 2 sticks 600 yen, 4 sticks 1,000 yen
[Holding at the same time] Lakeside dog run & cafe shop open for a limited time! [Image 14

A dog owner and a dog against the background of Lake Miyazawa surrounded by rich nature
A cafe with a dog run that you can enjoy together.
Kahvila HAUHAU
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023 to Sunday, April 16, 2023
Hours: 11:00-16:00
Closed: Every Wednesday, when it rains
Location: Metsa Village Utepils
Official event page: metsa village
At “metsa village”, which proposes a Nordic lifestyle, you can enjoy shopping at the market, dining at restaurants and cafes, and workshops in the rich nature of Lake Miyazawa. Also, from July 2022, we will start four outdoor businesses. With two types of boat activities where you can enjoy floating on the lake, an RV park where you can stay in your car, and a private space where you can see the lake from the top of the hill, you can now feel more nature.
“Metsa Village Outdoor”:
[Video 2:]

About metsa Inc.
Metsä Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, President: Shogo Murata) is a Nordic lifestyle company as a group company of Fintech Global Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobumitsu Tamai). We will do marketing work for metsa village where you can experience, event planning, management, and new business development.
Official website/Official SNS
“metsa” official website:
“Metsa” Official Twitter: “Metsa” Official Instagram:

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