Moon Creative Lab Inc. Free distribution start This year, start a new habit and become a new self. Limited release of 3 popular works from the audio education media VOOX!

Moon Creative Lab Inc.
[Free delivery start] This year, start a new habit and become a new self. Limited release of 3 popular works from the audio education media VOOX!

Three popular VOOX works will be released free of charge from January 13, 2023 (Friday) to January 27, 2023 (Friday). For those who find themselves bald even after starting something, such as studying English or running. Get tips from Habit pros!
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[Outline of special campaign]
■ Name: VOOX audio education media free public special “Start and continue new things”
■ Period: January 13, 2023 (Friday) to January 27, 2023 (Friday) ■ Campaign details:
・ During the period, you can listen to the following 3 works for free ■ Eligible works:
・Keiko Tanaka, Simultaneous Interpreter
・ Dai Tamesue Representative of Deportare Partners ・ Former track and field athlete “How to overcome the limit”
・Yuki Takamori Business coach/writer “Why is your performance not improving?” ■ How to use:
Please use it from the “Free” tab in the VOOX app
What is VOOX
VOOX is a voice media specialized for learning. With a content structure of 10 minutes per episode and 6 episodes, we are currently delivering more than 400 episodes of the practical knowledge of the leading people and inspiring live voices, and we are releasing a new series every week. Anyone can enjoy the new series for free for two weeks after the release.
You can download the VOOX app from the QR or link below.
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■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Moon Creative Lab Inc. VOOX Management Office
Official page:
■Introduction of operating company
Moon Creative Lab is a venture studio that promotes new business development and business incubation for the Mitsui Group. With its long history, Mitsui & Co. has gone beyond the functions and roles of a general trading company, which often created value by “connecting” companies and products in various industries and industries, and has proactively “created” businesses on its own. “I’m trying to evolve into existence. Moon seeks to create new businesses that will have an impact on the world by discovering ideas from all Mitsui & Co. Group employees of more than 44,000, providing functions and environments to materialize them.
Trade name: Moon Creative Lab Inc.
Representative: Yoshikazu Yokoyama, President & CEO
Head office: 660 High Street, Palo Alto, California, 94301, USA Branch: Spring Terrace Omotesando 2F, 3-10-5 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: August 23, 2018

Details about this release:


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