“Moonlight Bra & Shorts” inspired by the famous song “Moonlight” will be released from Felissimo “flufeel”

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“Moonlight Bra & Shorts” inspired by the famous song “Moonlight” will be released from Felissimo “flufeel”
Raise your mind with excellent innerwear!

The inner brand “flufeel” developed by Felissimo has announced new items and has been selling online since January 11th. The new products include the “Moonlight Bra & Shorts” inspired by Debussy’s famous song “Moonlight”, the “Butterfly Shape Bra & Shorts” that allows you to create a corset-like body line, and the “Butterfly Shape Bra & Shorts” that wraps around your stomach and buttocks to keep them from slipping. These include “support shorts” and smooth “ribbed tops with silk”. You can check new works on the website or in the digital catalog.
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◆ See new items in the digital catalog — https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/1/ [Image 2

◆ About new items
An elegant moment woven with “moonlight” and silk
Bra and shorts featuring delicate lace. The lace design is inspired by the classic piece “Moonlight” by Debussy. It is wireless and does not feel constricted, and it makes your bust compact and beautiful. [Image 3

100% silk is luxuriously used for the back of the cup, the crotch, and the front lining, giving it a smooth feel. The edge of the lace is embroidered with an original embroidery inspired by a piano melody. [Image 4

[Image 5

[NEW] A silk gift for your skin Moonlight bra & shorts meeting with embroidery on the piano melody
1 set per month ¥4,700 (+10% ¥5,170)
Product details/application– https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/2/
You can look as beautiful as a corset just by wearing a bra and shorts without feeling constricted.
A set of bras and shorts that fulfills the wish of “I want to shape my bust and make my back look neat”. Even though it’s just a bra and shorts set, it’s as if you’re wearing a corset, and your body lines are in order, so just by wearing it, you can achieve a slim and beautiful line. The unique cutting “butterfly pattern”, which looks like a butterfly spreading its wings, shapes the body line without difficulty.
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[Image 7

The flesh that has flowed to the armpits and the unevenness of the back will be neat, and the back that is prone to aging will be trimmed and the body line will be beautiful. *There are individual differences in usability and effects.
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[NEW] Corset-class body line butterfly shape bra & shorts meeting 1 set per month ¥6,300 (+10% ¥6,930) ⇒ First trial price ¥5,900 (+10% ¥6,490) Product details/application– https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/3/
No matter how much you move or sit down, the perfect and beautiful fit continues These shorts solve the problem of “it’s good to wear them right away, but they slip when you move”. The wide lace around the waist and the pattern that separates the body fabric keep the fabric in line with the movements of the body, eliminating slippage.
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We will solve the problem of the age generation that does not have the perfect shorts due to changes in body shape due to aging.
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[NEW] Meeting of support shorts that fits soft meat and movement 1 sheet per month ¥1,700 (+10% ¥1,870) ⇒ First trial price ¥1,600 (+10% ¥1,760) Product details/application– https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/4/
For layering to protect against the cold, silk melts against your skin A warm, silky top that melts in your skin. Using a special technique called “pseudo-knotting”, the front side is made of smooth rayon and silk, and the skin side is made of smooth cotton and silk. increase. The ruffles around the neck are gorgeous, and even one piece gives a stylish impression.
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-Ecru–Mocha Brown–Navy Blue-
[NEW] Ribbed tops with high-quality smooth silk knitted in a mille-feuille shape that gently snuggles up to the neck
1 sheet per month ¥4,700 (+10% ¥5,170)
Product details/application– https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/5/
◆ Read the planner column
Excitement of the heart, satisfaction of the body, design and functionality, bras and shorts that are meticulously selected — https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/6/
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https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/9/ [Image 16

・ Column & Questionnaire “Actually a story”– https://feli.jp/s/pr230120/11/ [Image 17

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