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More than 95% of processes automated IREAL 3D mapping software released on January 26th!

[More than 95% of processes automated] IREAL 3D mapping software released on January 26th!
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APPLE TREE Co., Ltd. (Location: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture / President: Hideaki Boku), SCANTECH’s authorized Japanese distributor, released “IREAL 3D Mapping Software” on January 26th. This software is 3D texture mapping software developed for 3D scanners. By mapping multi-angle photos taken with smartphones and single-lens reflex cameras onto monochrome scan data, you can accurately capture the colors and textures of objects. This software can be used free of charge, so please use it.
■ 3D mapping software “IREAL 3D”:
[Image 1

This press release introduces the features of IREAL 3D Mapping Software. Simple operability and efficient output
More than 95% of the process is automated and can be used easily without special training. Furthermore, the texturing time per item, which used to take at least 2-5 hours, can now be reduced to 30 minutes.
Automatic subject extraction
The AI ​​image recognition function is installed in this software, so it automatically extracts the main part of the photo.
smart mapping
Automatically identify if your scan data contains incorrect textures (white spots, out of focus, non-objects). The texture of the deleted part can be associated with multiple multi-angle photos, automatically calculated, and the higher quality texture can be automatically selected. As a result, it fuses the textures of the multi-angle images within the 3D model. The image below is a mapping sample.
[Image 2

[Image 3

One-stop processing
If texture refinement (a process that improves the quality and accuracy of 3D models by removing noise, smoothing rough edges, and smoothing out misaligned areas during scanning) is required, seamline editing, single Features such as photomapping replacement, color leveling and Photoshop corrections allow the entire process to be completed in software.
Good adaptability and versatility
In addition to SCANTECH 3D scanners, it is possible to import STL and OBJ data acquired by other companies’ 3D scanners.
High quality and high resolution
Supports 4K/8K/16K resolutions and multiple textures (full resolution is 16K) in one model. This makes it possible to preserve the texture information while maintaining the resolution of the original captured image.
Photoshop fix
Light spots and foreign matter mapping that exist locally in textures and insufficient mapping due to blind spots during shooting can be corrected using Photoshop. If you select the wrong texture on the 3D model, you can correct the texture by automatically matching the corresponding position of the texture on Photoshop.
exact mapping
The numbers for texture accuracy, color uniformity, and image imperfections are listed below.
Texture precision ≤0.1mm
Color uniformity (color match between multiple photos) ≥95%
Image defects (foreign matter mapping, highlights, lens contamination, etc.) ≤0.01%.
IREAL 3D plan details
The difference between IREAL free version and paid version is as follows.
[Table 3: ]

IREAL 3D Specifications
[Table 4: ]
[Sales start date and time]
10:00 on Thursday, January 26, 2023
【Product Summary】
Product name: IREAL 3D mapping software
Product page: Contact:
【Company Profile】
Company name: APPLE TREE Co., Ltd.
Location: Osaka Head office: 4-5-9 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0005 Tel: 06-6710-9061
Tokyo branch office: 9F Iver Shibadaimon, 2-9-4 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012 Tel: 03-6450-1163
Established: October 2012
Business: Planning, manufacturing and sales of 3D printers and 3D scanners APPLE TREE:

Details about this release:

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