Mori Trust Co., Ltd. Mori Trust Head Office Moved to Tokyo World Gate

Mori Trust Co., Ltd.
Headquarters relocated to Mori Trust Tokyo World Gate
“DESTINATION OFFICE” Towards a new workplace

Mori Trust Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Miwako Date) will move its headquarters to Tokyo World Gate Kamiyacho Trust Tower in April 2023, aiming to realize an office that will be a destination for employees in the post-corona era. I will let you know. Mori Trust Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Akira Mori) and Mori Trust Building Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazunobu Kuwata) are also scheduled to relocate.
[Image 1d18049-201-c7d1df34bd4b2a74325e-2.jpg&s3=18049-201-d5c58cd5c384d3504190f4522ed9e778-1339x893.jpg
New head office interior image (reception waiting area) 1.
[Image 2d18049-201-8645678dd03a79921eea-3.jpg&s3=18049-201-166250e7a4275f6d2ca4b4298ee46a0d-1628x1084.jpg
Image of the interior of the new head office (reception waiting area) 2.  In this relocation of the head office, we will consolidate the offices that were spread over multiple floors into one floor to promote interaction between employees and collaboration between departments. In addition, we are planning to realize an office that will be a destination for employees based on our office vision “DESTINATION OFFICE”.
Under our corporate slogan “Create the Future,” we aim to realize an ever-evolving workplace, not only as an office supplier but also as a top runner in work styles.
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■Overview of office vision “DESTINATION OFFICE”
Our office vision in a society in which companies are redefining the role of the office. By increasing the degree of freedom in creating offices and supporting the realization of offices that attract workers, we aim to contribute to improving the quality of engagement and communication.
[Image 4d18049-201-10016f72f267437729b2-1.png&s3=18049-201-7eefb6796039c1a69c0eefe87e52e95c-2437x450.png
■Overview of new location
Tokyo World Gate Kamiyacho Trust Tower
Location: 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Kamiyacho” Station Directly connected to the underground passage
[Image 5d18049-201-f5cf0ccd9cce7a549ff0-4.jpg&s3=18049-201-1f6f655a3fe4ee7c12292b781ce17439-1739x2608.jpg
Tokyo World Gate Appearance
■ Contact information
・Inquiries from the media
Mori Trust Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department: TEL 03-5511-2255 FAX 03-5511-2259
・Other inquiries regarding head office relocation
Mori Trust Co., Ltd. General Affairs Group, General Affairs and Human Resources Department: TEL 03-5511-2221
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