Movic Co., Ltd. “Tsukiuta.” 10th Anniversary Special Program-Monthly Song Narrative, Mutsuki-Kosuke Torium i & Asami Imai Interview & February Guest Toshiki Masuda

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“Tsukiuta.” 10th anniversary special program-Tsukiuta narration, Mutsuki-Kosuke Toriumi & Asami Imai interview & February guest Toshiki Masuda

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Months colored with music and voice.
The “Tsukiuta.” series, in which male and female characters based on the image of each month, deliver the charm of that month in various scenes such as songs, mini-dramas, animations, and stages.
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The “Tsukiuta.” series celebrated its 10th anniversary in December last year, and a live special program commemorating it was
On January 16, 2023 (Monday), Kosuke Toriumi, who plays the role of Hajime Mutsuki, will be the MC, and Asami Imai, who will play the role of Yuki Hanazono, will be the guest. A talk was shown with a reading). We will deliver an interview with the two who just finished the distribution.
In addition, the live distribution archive is being distributed until 23:59 on Sunday, January 22, 2023. Delivery tickets are on sale until 22:00 on the same day, so please purchase a ticket and take a look. [Ticket page]
In addition, February delivery will be decided from 19:00 on February 6 (Monday)! Kousuke Toriumi continues to be the MC, and the guest is Toshiki Masuda, who plays Koi Kisaragi. Tickets are on sale from today. Details after the interview!
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