Movic Co., Ltd. Voice actor Daisuke Namikawa’s crown program “Meet Namikawa! ] Kenjiro Tsuda will be the guest on the broadcast from January 25! Interview & photos released!

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Voice actor Daisuke Namikawa’s crown program “Namikawa Nchi ni ni na na ga na! ] Kenjiro Tsuda will be the guest on the broadcast from January 25! Interview & photos released!

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A talk show by the voice actor “Daisuke Namikawa”, which is being broadcast and distributed on BS Nippon Television, TOKYO MX, TVer, etc. ’.
According to the theme, various guests will come to play at MC Mr. Namikawa (studio). We will bring out the charm of the guests by freely engaging in talks while relaxing and relaxing.
Behind-the-scenes talks that you can’t usually hear, and stories about work, hobbies, and private life. Narrated by Noriaki Sugiyama. Guest Kenjiro Tsuda will appear for two weeks in the next 3rd (Wednesday, January 25-broadcast & distribution) and 4th (Wednesday, February 1-broadcast & distribution). increase. An interview with Daisuke Namikawa and Kenjiro Tsuda has been released along with photos!
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–How did you feel after recording?
Daisuke Namikawa (below, Namikawa): It was the usual private atmosphere that made me wonder, “What is a program?”
Kenjiro Tsuda (hereafter referred to as Tsuda): I was so relaxed. I wondered if that was all right, to the point where I was a little uneasy (laughs).
Namikawa: I think it would have been better to make it more like a show, but… (to Mr. Tsuda) Well, it’s okay, isn’t it? (smile) Tsuda: No, I don’t know because it’s not my program (laughs). Everyone: (laughs).
Tsuda: I can’t say if that was the correct answer (laughs). Well, it’s just the beginning.
Namikawa: Yes. You’re the second guest. But I enjoyed talking with you. Tsuda: I had fun too. In a normal conversation (laughs).
Namikawa: But Mr. Tsuda doesn’t waver. We’ve been voice actors together for about 25 years, and we’ve talked about many things for a long time, but I realized once again that we haven’t changed that much.
Tsuda: You haven’t changed. I felt very safe this time. Because the opponent is Namikawa-kun.
Namikawa: Thank you for saying that. Have you ever had something to say? Tsuda: Also when we went out to eat (laughs). However, since it’s become difficult to see each other in the field, it was a very good time to be able to talk like this.
Namikawa: If time allowed, I would have liked to hear more about the deeper part.
Tsuda: It takes about 5 hours.
Namikawa: However, Mr. Tsuda’s frustration episode may come as a surprise to everyone. I think that people who watch the program will be surprised, “Did you have such a hard time?”
Tsuda: You worked hard.
Namikawa: If anything, it’s a lot (hard work), isn’t it?
Tsuda: Probably more than other people.
Namikawa: I also couldn’t make a living just working as a voice actor until I turned 30. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with you about such things, including each other’s episodes.
–Please tell us the highlights of the 3rd and 4th.
Tsuda: It was a normal conversation between me and Namikawa-kun (laughs), so I think you’ll be able to see a very real me and Namikawa-kun.
Namikawa: However, the staff will come up with questions. “What kind of anime do you like?” I had never talked about it before, so it was new to me.
Tsuda: We never talked. I am grateful to have had this opportunity. Namikawa: I didn’t know you liked “AKIRA”.
Tsuda: I love you.
Namikawa: Do you like cool-type works?
Tsuda: I like it, even cyber stuff. But I also really like “Spirited Away”. Namikawa: In this way, I myself was able to discover new aspects of Mr. Tsuda, such as the deep side of Mr. Tsuda, which I didn’t know, so I’m glad. Also, isn’t Mr. Tsuda really a talkative person? But I think there are many viewers who have a cool and mysterious image. That’s why I’d be happy if you could watch this program and feel a side of me that’s like a close older brother with a human touch.
–Finally, please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to the broadcast.
Namikawa: It was great to hear about Mr. Tsuda’s many hobbies and his thoughts on work. Also, I was able to talk about Mr. Tsuda’s steady efforts to become a top voice actor, and the twists and turns from the starting point to the present.
I myself think that there are parts of me that are like
comrades-in-arms who struggled with Tsuda-san, and I’ve seen a lot of Tsuda-san’s charm, coolness, and friendliness. I wish I could tell you. Everyone, please join me in chatting with Mr. Tsuda.
Tsuda: I was terribly sorry to bother you with the program that had just started, but Namikawa-kun approached me, so I was grateful to be able to appear. I heard that the concept was to talk about various things, so first of all, I let Namikawa take it easy. I hope that it will be conveyed to those who watch it that I was able to talk so much fun.
I also asked Namikawa-kun a reverse question. It was a talk that was an extension of a private conversation, but there are topics that I don’t usually talk about, so I hope you can watch it including those things. Thank you very much.
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Gather at Namikawa!
Popular broadcasting and distribution on BS NTV, TOKYO MX, TVer, etc. ● 3rd Guest: Kenjiro Tsuda
January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 23:00-BS Nippon TV/d Anime Store, U-NEXT, etc. January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 23:30-TVer
January 26, 2023 (Thursday) 24:30-TOKYO MX
● 4th Guest: Kenjiro Tsuda
February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 23:00-BS Nippon TV/d Anime Store, U-NEXT, etc. February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 23:30-TVer
February 2, 2023 (Thursday) 24:30-TOKYO MX
Program information
[Program name]
Gather at Namikawa!
MC Daisuke Namikawa
Guest Hiroshi Shimono (1st and 2nd), Kenjiro Tsuda (3rd and 4th), etc. Narration Noriaki Sugiyama
Starting January 11, 2023 Every Wednesday from 23:00 on BS Nippon Television From January 12, 2023 Every Thursday 24:30-TOKYO MX
Sequential delivery
d anime store
All-you-can-eat anime
bandai channel
Abema TV
video market
GYAO! Store
Rakuten TV
J:COM On Demand
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au smart pass premium
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