Movie Plus “Only 1” movies with outstanding rarity value appear one after another! “Mr.BOO!” Series deluxe dubbed version! & Not only in summer! Shark Festival Returns Shark Festival Returns!

movie plus
“Only 1” movies with outstanding rarity value appear one after another! “Mr.BOO!” Series deluxe dubbed version! & Not only in summer! Shark Festival Returns Shark Festival Returns!
“Mr. BOO!” Presented by Beat Takeshi and other gorgeous voice actors! Lineup such as Mr. Boo [Japanese dubbed version]!

Japan’s largest movie channel “Movie Plus” is broadcasting not only “number one” hits, but also “only one” valuable works collected from all over the world! February will feature the Japanese dubbed version of the “Mr. BOO!” In addition, the popular summer tradition “Shark Festival” will be held in the winter as well, riding the wave of popularity! We will deliver a new world of sharks, from sharks that act violently as expected to ones that are unexpectedly active (!?)! Please enjoy the one-of-a-kind works that you have never seen before on Movie Plus, including the TV first broadcast works!
Hong Kong masterpiece comedy “Mr. BOO! Mr. Boo” series Japanese dubbed version Taichiro Hirokawa, Beat Takeshi, Beat Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi Kobayashi and other gorgeous voice actors appear!
The “Mr. Boo! Mr. Boo” series directed by Michael Hui, which satirically depicts the reality of Hong Kong society in the late 70’s. We will pick up and deliver 3 works from a group of masterpiece comedy works that are attractive with story development that cannot be done in a single line. One of the highlights is the dubbing with Taichiro Hirokawa’s ad-libs!
“Mr. BOO! Mr. Boo [Japanese dubbed version]
2/3 (Friday) 13:30- and others
[Image 1

(C) 2010 Fortune Star Media Limited.
The first release in Japan of the hilarious comedy series directed and written by Michael Hui.
A slapstick action drama about a private detective played by the Hui brothers. The director, who has a 100% chance of clumsy with any request, and his silly assistant, Fugu. A young man who wants to be a detective, Rei, appears in the small office run by the two. The director uses Rei at a low monthly salary, but the site is in chaos every time because of the unpretentious assault investigation. However, Rei, who was able to round up the robbery with a quick wit, is celebrated as a hero. Director/Screenplay: Michael Hui
Starring: Michael Hui / Samuel Hui / Ricky Hui (1976: Hong Kong) Voice cast: Taichiro Hirokawa/Beat Takeshi/Beat Kiyoshi/Kiyoshi Kobayashi “Mr. BOO! Operation Invader [Japanese dubbed version]
2/10 (Friday) 13:30- and others
[Image 2

(C) 2010 Fortune Star Media Limited.
The 2nd installment in Japan of a hilarious comedy featuring three Hui brothers, Michael, Samuel and Ricky.
Set in two rival TV stations, it depicts a riot over a single contract. Geeman, a middle-aged talent who has signed an exclusive contract with a major TV station, but has been stuck in a series of small roles. A program that he hosted at another station was a big hit, and he jumped at the unexpected offer to recruit him. However, his clumsy younger brother Tingai accidentally locks himself in the safe.
Director/Screenplay: Michael Hui
Starring: Michael Hui / Samuel Hui / Ricky Hui (1978: Hong Kong) Voice cast: Taichiro Hirokawa/Sakae Takayama/Masahiro Anzai
“Mr. BOO! General Gamble [Japanese dubbed version]
2/17 (Friday) 13:30- and others
[Image 3

(C) 2010 Fortune Star Media Limited.
The first hilarious comedy starring the three Hui brothers, Michael, Samuel and Ricky.
Three people will challenge all kinds of gambling in Hong Kong and Macau! Big brother, a cheating gambler, is sent to prison after being abandoned by luck. The young man Git, whom he met in prison, is also an unparalleled gambling lover, and the two hit it off. After being released from prison, Git, who became an apprentice to his older brother, decided to use his knowledge of trivia to aim for the prize money for winning a quiz show. However, Chonbo is found out in a poker game that he participates in to earn a little money.
Director/Screenplay: Michael Hui
Starring: Michael Hui / Samuel Hui / Ricky Hui (1976: Hong Kong) Voice cast: Taichiro Hirokawa/Kei Tomiyama/Masahiro Anzai
Special Feature: Not just for summer! Shark Festival Returns This year’s shark movie has no limit!
“Moonshark” -TV first broadcast-
2/19 (Sun) 19:15- and others
[Image 4

(C)2022 The Asylum
\ Shark soldiers and humans. Which one will survive! /
Humans VS Sharks The Lunar War breaks out!
A transcendent SF action carving a new legend in the shark movie world! ! On a battlefield 380,000 km from the earth, an unprecedented battle for the survival of mankind begins-During the Cold War era, the Soviet Union developed a “hybrid shark” that improved sharks into soldiers as a weapon against the United States. However, the Shark Soldier at the research facility went out of control, and Dr. Sergey headed for the moon on a rocket with the Shark Soldier. Forty years later, a NASA spacecraft carrying astronauts is intercepted on its way to the moon.

“Shark Stalker” -CS first broadcast-
2/18 (Sat) 17:30- and others
[Image 5

(C) 2019 StageOne Productions, LLC All Rights Reserved
He saved me from a shark and was the worst stalker ever – will the shark eat me? Will you fall for the stalker’s poisonous fangs? Panic suspense full of entertainment elements.
Alison and her family attend a seaside party hosted by her boyfriend’s mother. While relaxing on the beach, his younger brother is suddenly attacked by a shark, and a young man named Daniel saves him from a predicament. As a result of this, Daniel becomes friends with Allison’s family, but Allison feels uncomfortable with him who likes her.
On 2/18 (Sat.) and 2/27 (Mon.), 3 works of the “Shark Stalker” series will be broadcast all at once!
“Shark Storm”
2/19 (Sun) 15:30- and others
[Image 6

(C) 2021 Acme Holding Company, LLC.
A beautiful beach house on the shore, a sudden storm hits with high waves, and a man-eating shark invades…a heart-exploding! Super Thrilling Shark Panic!
California coast. Lacy and Samson family who rented a beach house and came to vacation. That night, a violent storm hits the West Coast. The beach house is destroyed by a tremendous tidal wave, and Lacey and the others are trapped inside. Then, along with the surging seawater, man-eating sharks invade the house…
“The Megalodon Counterattack of Monsters”
2/19 (Sun) 17:30- and others
[Image 7

(C) 2021 Acme Holding Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
The giant ancient shark “Megalodon” is here again. The monster that should have disappeared to the bottom of the sea was alive.
And once again baring his fangs against humanity…
Off the west coast of the United States, a Chinese battleship is attacked and sunk by a mysterious enemy. The United States and China are in a state of explosive tension. Captain Lynch of the US Navy King investigates the cause of the accident while glaring at the battleship of the Chinese navy. It is learned that the cause of the sinking was the ancient shark “Megalodon”. Meanwhile, Megalodon attacks the San Diego Naval Base.
Special Feature: Not just for summer! Shark Festival Returns related information “More! Shark Festival will be held at the movie theater!” “Sharknado” series 10th anniversary event screening “SAME Friday” Screenings with special videos, screenings with talk events, and new product sales will also be held!
The “Sharknado” series depicts the battle between the giant tornado “Sharknado” that involves a large number of sharks and the main character Finn Shepard. It was first broadcast on Syfy on July 11, 2013, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023. In
commemoration of this, an event “SAME Friday” will be held where everyone can watch the “Sharknado” series ≪Flying Shark (SAME)≫ at the movie theater!
Organizer: Movic Co., Ltd. Provided by: New Select Co., Ltd. “SAME Friday” event details
[Screening venue/schedule]
Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas 1. February 24 (Friday) 19:30 2. March 3 (Friday) 20:00 Cinecitta Kawasaki Scheduled from late February onwards *Please wait for further information regarding the screening schedule at Cinecitta Kawasaki.
[Screening contents]
1. “Sharknado” main story + talk event (Dankichi Nakano, shark movie rookie) 2. “Sharknado” main story + special video
[Ticket price]
1.2,000 yen
2.1,500 yen
* Please wait for further information regarding ticket sales information. [Benefits for visitors]
Petunia postcard (1st edition) *1. and 2. are common.
・Speakers are subject to change without notice.
・This event may be canceled without prior notice at the discretion of the organizer due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances. ・Tickets cannot be changed or refunded after purchase/exchange. ・All seats are reserved. If you do not have a ticket, you will not be able to enter.
・Please refrain from making inquiries about the contents of the screening at the venue.
[Precautions for measures against infectious diseases]
・Please wear a mask in the theater except when eating and drinking during the screening.
・Please refrain from eating and drinking before the screening in order to prevent conversation while the mask is removed.
・When visiting, please cooperate with the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention guidelines for movie theaters, such as wearing a mask and measuring your temperature.
Screening information for the following 5 works will be updated sequentially on the special site and SNS!
Special site SNS
(C)2023 The Global Asylum Inc All Rights Reserved


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