MTG Co., Ltd. In 2023, a step ahead, the unique taste of citrus. For a date in Ginza, you can enjoy a full course of fruits with a refreshing plate, a slightly warm plate, and an Iyokan parfait plate.

MTG Co., Ltd.
In 2023, the unique taste of citrus fruits will be one step ahead. For a date in Ginza, you can enjoy a full course of fruits with a refreshing plate, a slightly warm plate, and an Iyokan parfait plate. Recommended Cafe for Valentine’s Day @Beauty Connection Ginza 2F

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“Beauty Connection Ginza” (Operating company: MTG Co., Ltd.) is a “Fruit Salon” on the 2nd floor of the same facility. The full course will be offered for a limited time from February 1, 2023 (Wednesday). Enjoy a delightful experience that will make your Valentine’s date and girls’ party scene more gorgeous than usual.
# Delightful citrus experience “Citrus full course” ¥ 4,950 (tax included) Offer period: February 1 to March 13, 2023 (planned)
In addition to the three plates, the course will be served as a set with an amuse bouche and a drink.
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Citrus full course
▶ Recipe supervision: BIEN ÊTRE PÂTISSERIE owner, comment from Ms. Makiko Baba We have prepared a course where you can try various varieties, with the citrus fruits in season as the main character. You can enjoy the freshness and freshness of citrus on the plate, the temperature difference and fragrant plate, and the main parfait that combines various parts to enjoy the contrast of aroma and texture. Please enjoy the five unique flavors of “Dekopon”, “Domestic Navel”, “Ehime Iyokan”, “Kumquat”, and “Domestic Lemon” used in the course. ■ Citrus Full Course ■
▷ 1st. Plate “Pavlova of Dekopon”
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Dekopon Pavlova
Rich Diplomat cream, fresh Dekopon fruit, and lemongrass jelly are confined in a light meringue. Dekopon and kumquat reduction form a rich sauce that envelops the whole dish.
▷ 2nd. Plate “Japanese Pepper Lemon and Navel Cobbler”
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Japanese Pepper Lemon and Navel Cobbler
Enjoy a warm dessert called fruit cobbler, which is a domestic navel baked in the oven with the scent of Japanese pepper and a new variety of lemon called “lemonade” baked with crumble, accompanied by cold lemon vanilla gelato.
▷3rd. Plate “Iyokan Parfait”
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Iyokan Parfait
With Ehime Iyokan gelato and ginger white chocolate gelato as the main axis, the scent of Earl Gray and crème citron are confined in the glass. The freshness of citrus and ginger and the milky taste of white chocolate are a perfect match.
■ Advantageous news ■
Advance reservations are available at 10% off the regular price, and a set with a non-alcoholic ReFa collagen cocktail is available for ¥5,005 (tax included).
* Advance reservations are accepted until -January 31 (Tuesday) 23:59- ▼Advance reservation from here▼
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Recipe supervision: Maiko Baba, owner of BIEN ÊTRE PÂTISSERIE [Image 7d29736-452-5f0a3f4083b2ca76fd21-4.jpg&s3=29736-452-f74d6273c60dfcccd2a60db74a6d4e4f-650x650.jpg
Maiko Baba
Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1977. After graduating from university, worked as an interpreter overseas, returned to Japan and turned to the world of food and drink. Participated in the launch staff of the Spanish restaurant “Restaurant Sant Pau” in Tokyo and served as a chef pastry chef. After that, he was involved in the launch of patisseries and cafes, and became independent. In 2010, he opened a sweets and parfait shop “BIEN-ÊTRE PÂTISSERIE”, and in 2017 opened a gelato and bakery shop “FLOTO”. Sweets that make the most of the ingredients are gaining popularity. Location: Beauty Connection Ginza 2F Fruit Salon Under the theme of “Delicious nutrition that makes you more beautiful, healthy, and smiles”, the new sensation of enjoying nutritious seasonal fruits in a “full course” is attracting attention. It is a fruit salon of the system. The recipe was supervised by Maiko Baba, the owner and pastry chef of Yoyogi Uehara’s popular patisserie “BIEN-ÊTRE PÂTISSERIE”. You can enjoy a gorgeous menu with a gorgeous appearance and taste that has been calculated to the smallest detail in a spacious space.
Facility: Beauty Connection Ginza
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Beauty Connection
A complex facility opened in November 2019 by MTG Co., Ltd., which develops and develops “ReFa” and “SIXPAD”. Based on the theme of “connecting beyond beauty”, it consists of 4 floors: experience and sales of beauty equipment and cosmetics, fruit salon, beauty medicine, and hair salon. You can enjoy the moment of connecting with a lighter and healthier “you”.
Name: Beauty Connection Ginza
Address: GINZA gCUBE 1-4F, 7-9-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Business hours: 11:00-20:00
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Operating company: MTG Co., Ltd.
With “VITAL LIFE” as our business vision, we are developing brands, products, and services in the areas of HEALTH, BEAUTY, and HYGIENE to help people around the world live healthy, beautiful, and vibrant lives.
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