MUJI HOUSE Co., Ltd. MUJI House “Omiya Store” Model House Opens on Friday, January 20

MUJI House “Omiya Store” Model House Opens on Friday, January 20
MUJI HOUSE Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Nobuo Domae), which develops “MUJI House”, is a network partner of “MUJI House”, Escon Craft Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, CEO The MUJI House Omiya store “Tree House” model house operated by President Toru Kumaki will open on Friday, January 20th.
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In order to realize the high-performance housing that will be required in the future, the Omiya Store “Tree House” model house has double insulation as a standard specification, combining external insulation and filling insulation for the insulation of the outer wall. has achieved a performance value of 0.39 for the UA value.
In addition, all MUJI houses are rated as “earthquake resistance grade 3” for earthquake resistance. It enables “structural calculations” that numerically prove the durability of structures by connecting them with “hardware”. At MUJI House, structural calculations are carried out individually for each building we construct.
Overview of the model house

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■Wooden house frontage 4 x depth 5.5 (7.28m x 10.01m)
Construction area 72.87 square meters (22.04 tsubo)
Total floor area 108.47 square meters (32.81 tsubo)
Construction area 139.12 square meters (42.08 tsubo)
Sales price 23.49 million yen (25.84 million yen including tax)

Address: 538-6 Minami Nakamaru, Minuma Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Website: MUJI House Omiya store Workable area: Saitama Prefecture (excluding some areas)
Operating company: Escon Craft Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Toru Kumaki
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Concept of “tree house”
In an open one-room space with an atrium, the resident can “edit” the home as they wish. The wooden house is the first of MUJI’s houses that give form to such free ideas in a wooden house. Adopted the SE construction method using structural laminated lumber with stable strength. It has a clean, box-like appearance with large openings and deep eaves, and was designed with the rational idea of ​​minimizing the environmental burden by maximizing the use of sunlight and ventilation. The south-facing eaves adjust the amount of sunlight that varies depending on the season, blocking direct sunlight in summer and guiding warm sunlight deep into the room in winter. The warmed radiant heat does not escape to the outside with the external insulation method, and it is also characterized by high energy-saving performance that allows you to live comfortably with less energy.
2006 Good Design Award, 2017 Good Design Long Life Design Award. Concept of MUJI House
Based on the concept of “can be used for a long time and can be changed”, it is possible to use it for a long time by adopting the SE construction method with high earthquake resistance and durability, and the floor plan can be flexibly changed according to future changes in family composition and lifestyle , We are realizing the creation of “changeable” homes.
MUJI House product lineup
Following the “Tree House” launched in October 2004, in April 2007 we launched a new product, “Window House” (2008 Good Design Gold Award Winner). In April 2014, we launched the vertical three-story urban house “Vertical House” (winning the 2014 Good Design Award). In September 2019, we launched the one-story “Yo no Ie” and currently have four products.
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Model homes nationwide
Aomori store (Tree House, Window House, Sun House), Iwate store (Tree House) Sendai North store (Tree House), Niigata store (Window House), Kanazawa store (Wooden house), Utsunomiya store (Wooden house), Takasaki store (Wooden house, Hi no ie), Kumagaya store (Wooden house),
Kuki store (Tree House), Tsukuba store (Window House), MUJI Shinjuku House Center (Tree House), Tokyo Ariake Center (Yo House)
Kohoku New Town Store (Tree House), Shonan Store (Window House), Nagano Store (Tree House), Nagoya Store (Tree House/Window House), Okazaki Store (Wooden House/Window House), Otsu Store (Window House), Kyoto Minami Store (Tree House), Nara Store (Window House),
Grand Front Osaka House Center (Tree House), Osaka Minami Store (Tree House), Wakayama Store (Tree House),
Takarazuka Store (Tree House/Window House), Himeji Store (Tree House), Kurashiki Store (Tree House), Hiroshima Nishi Store (Tree House), Yonago store (Wooden house), store (Wooden house), Kagawa store (Wooden house), Fukuoka store (Wooden house/Hinoya)
Nagasaki store (Ki no Ie), Nakatsu store (Window House), Oita store (Ki no Ie/Yo no Ie)
Kumamoto store (Tree House, Window House, Sun House), Kagoshima store (Tree House), Omiya store (Tree House) 37 bases
Future model house opening schedule
“MUJI House Sapporo Store (Tree House, Window House, Sun House)” Scheduled to open in 2023
MUJI HOUSE Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: MUJI HOUSE Co., Ltd. President Nobuo Domae
Location: 4-26-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-8424 Phone: 03-3989-7731
Established: May 31, 2000
Capital: 149 million yen (as of May 1, 2021)
Business: Direct management of living spaces centered on MUJI houses and network business operation / product planning / development / wholesale and sales
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