Musashino Art University Museum/Library Donation of Mizumaru Anzai’s work

Musashino Art University
[Musashino Art University Museum/Library] Donation of Mizumaru Anzai’s work
The Musashino Art University Museum and Library will be donated by the bereaved family of illustrator Mizumaru Anzai’s lifelong work, including original illustrations and handwritten manuscripts, and will conclude a donation contract in September 2022. tied.
[Image 1

Plate 1
This donation was made by the Anzai Mizumaru office for the exhibition “If there is an illustration”
( held at the museum in September 2020. After borrowing and exhibiting the original artwork, the bereaved family made a request to donate the work to an art university, a place where the work can be used for future generations.
There are a large number of students who are interested in
illustration at our university, and some departments offer classes to study illustration. In addition, the museum owns a large number of graphic design materials, including about 30,000 posters, that show the activities of illustrators. . During the period from the 1970s to the 2010s, when Mr. Anzai continued to be active on the front lines, many illustrators and designers appeared, and their expressions spread through media such as magazines.・It can be said that it was a very important period in the history of design. The group of works that traces the activities of Mr. Anzai, who has been active in a wide range of fields from advertising to book design over a long period of time, can be a valuable research and educational resource for our university, and is extremely valuable for students studying
illustration and graphic design. I think that it is a document with The museum plans to investigate and organize the donated works, and to hold an exhibition to introduce the whole picture within the next few years. In addition, we plan to gradually create a database and open it to the public in the future.
*As a general rule, works will not be lent or exhibited until the research and organization of the donated works is completed. [Image 2

Plate 2. Mizumaru Anzai Office
[Image 3

Plate 3. Mizumaru Anzai Office
Mizumaru Anzai Biography
Mizumaru Anzai (1942-2014)
Born in Tokyo in 1942. Real name: Noboru Watanabe. Illustrator. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Art Department, Art Course. After working at Dentsu and ADAC (New York), he worked as an art director at Heibonsha, and from 1971 he published manga in Garo magazine. Since 1981, he has worked as a freelance illustrator on advertisements, magazine covers and illustrations, and book bindings. Received the Asahi Advertising Award and the Mainichi Advertising Award.
Musashino Art University Museum/Library
As an art museum, we have collected over 40,000 design materials and works of art, centering on about 30,000 posters and over 400 modern chairs collected since opening in 1967, and hold about 8 special exhibitions throughout the year. In addition to holding this event, the museum also has a folklore reference room that holds about 90,000 folklore materials. In addition, the library holds more than 300,000 books, mainly on art and design, as well as about 5,000 titles of academic journals and specialized journals. For the purpose of enhancing its educational and research functions, it has developed a database search system for collections by field, and has an integrated search system that enables cross-searching. His main collections include the Kohei Sugiura Design Archive, the Kiyoji Otsuji Photo Archive, and the Yoshinobu Ashihara Architectural Archive.
Musashino Art University Museum and Library Website [Image 4

Illustration 4. Original picture [Ginza] Year of production/publishing unknown (under investigation)
[Image 5

Plate 5. “BRIO” (Kobunsha, 1999) serialized “Delicious or Missed?” Original picture
[Image 6

Plate 6. Kenji Miyazawa, “Spring and Shura -Japanese Literature 42-” (Horup Publishing, 1985) Original cover illustration
[Image 7

Plate 7. “Weekly FM” (Ongakunotomosha, August 1, 1983) cover original [Image 8

Plate 8. Original picture [Yatari tortoise] Year of
production/publication unknown (under investigation)
[Image 9d83551-48-986cd6d35e6764719d42-8.jpg&s3=83551-48-179c529477c18e2f18fe5220dc6f95ca-3314x1925.jpg
Plate 9. “Clique” (Magazine House, July 1995) Original drawing

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