Musee Platinum Co., Ltd. Supporting women’s success by providing correct healthcare knowledge! Musee Platinum x Grace Group “Pre-Conception Care Project” started

Musee Platinum Co., Ltd.
Providing correct healthcare knowledge and supporting the active participation of women! Musee Platinum x Grace Group “Pre-Conception Care Project” started
It turns out that about 70% of women under the age of 35 have a big difference in their perception of the average number of eggs! As the first step, a special online seminar for members will be held on February 1 (Wednesday)

Developing 170 stores (* 1) nationwide, No. 1 sales / number of stores (* 2), ease of commute (* 3) beauty hair removal salon “Muse Platinum” provides egg freezing storage service etc. In collaboration with Grace Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuki Katsumi; hereinafter referred to as “Grace Group”), we will support women’s career development and life planning by providing correct healthcare knowledge. We will start a new project
“Pre-Conception Care Project” to face the future me now.
As the first project, we will hold a special online seminar for Musee members on the theme of female hormones, pregnancy, fertility treatment, egg freezing, etc. on Wednesday, February 1st.
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As a company supported by many women, Musee Platinum has supported women’s success through healthcare awareness activities such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and menstruation.
According to a questionnaire survey (* 4) conducted for Musee Platinum members, about 40% of women in their 30s who do not have children said, “I have trouble trying to conceive or have infertility, have experienced or are considering infertility treatment. ’, and it became clear that pregnancy and childbirth are one of the major concerns for many women.
However, on the other hand, “About 70% of women cannot correctly recognize the average number of eggs of 35-year-old women, and it is significantly smaller than the average number of eggs they
recognize,” and “Women under the age of 24 without children. It was found that half of the respondents were not able to acquire correct knowledge, such as “I do not know that the number of eggs decreases with age” and “I do not know the correct pregnancy probability”. [Image 2d8905-429-5f1a4bda21b83ce0bad1-1.jpg&s3=8905-429-9772dac9d02783c44e5e5309ed5d2df8-503x296.jpg
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Therefore, with the desire to expand the future possibilities and options even a little and realize the ideal life design, we
collaborated with the Grace Group, which provides egg cryopreservation services. We will start the project.
■Musee Platinum x Grace Group Joint Project
About the “Pre-Conception Care Project” to face the future me now As a company that supports the active participation of women, Musee Platinum has the mission of “creating a future where the dreams of as many women as possible who want to have children come true”, and provides cutting-edge comprehensive medical care to support the active participation of women. Cooperate with “Grace Bank” that provides the service.
By providing correct healthcare knowledge, we will start a new project “Pre-Conception Care Project” to support the active participation of women in the future.

This time, as the first project, a special online seminar for Musée Platinum members on February 1st (Wednesday), “To achieve both career and life plans. Choices of pregnancy, fertility treatment, and egg freezing.” will be held.
 As women become more active, more and more women are struggling to balance career development and life planning.
We will carry out various initiatives in the future, centering on educational activities for “pre-conception care”. “Preconception care” refers to women and couples facing their lives and health while considering future pregnancies.
Special online seminar for Musee Platinum members
“In order to achieve both career and life plans. ‘Choices of trying to conceive, fertility treatment, and egg freezing.’”
Starting with basic knowledge about menstruation and female hormones that people in their 20s should know, amazing facts about the relationship between trying to conceive and age, the current state of fertility treatment in Japan, and the recent media coverage. Dr. Yuka Okada, Director of Grace Sugiyama Clinic SHIBUYA, will thoroughly explain the merits and demerits of “egg freezing”.
■ About Grace Group
The Grace Group’s mission is to “create a future where the dreams of as many women as possible who want to have children come true,” and reduce the various burdens and risks associated with women’s medical functions (menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, etc.). We aim to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive medical services for
▶ About Grace Group:
■ About beauty hair removal salon “Musee Platinum”
A high-quality beauty hair removal salon that was established in 2003 with the desire to “help all women look beautiful.” With the support of many women, it currently has 170 stores (*1) nationwide.
▶ About Musee Platinum:
▶ Click here for the Musee Happy Project: (*1) As of December 31, 2022
(* 2) Survey by Tokyo Shoko Research (As of July 2022 / defined as a specialty store with a beauty hair removal sales ratio of 50% or more) (* 3) Survey by Tokyo Shoko Research (as of July 2022 / targeting major brands opening stores in Tokyo’s 23 wards, Nagoya City, and Osaka City)
(*4) Survey overview (December 27, 2022-January 9, 2023, Internet survey of 1,393 Musée Platinum members nationwide)
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