Must-see food and ingredient manufacturers Recruitment of food and ingredient manufacturers who can co-create a “healthy society”!

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[Must-see food and ingredient manufacturers] Recruitment of food and ingredient manufacturers who can co-create a “healthy society”! Visualize the effect and efficacy with the “Ikorabo Food Monitor Service” and brand the nutritional value! In addition to strengthening existing sales channels, we also provide new sales channels such as e-commerce and beauty salons!

icoi Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Hidekuni Koritani, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which develops Ikorabo that checks the nutritional balance of the body from the hair, has developed a service that visualizes nutritional value and seeks product value. We will start a project to create a healthy society together with food manufacturers who are
We provide “Ikorabo (hair nutrition test)” that allows you to understand the nutritional balance of your hair and body through beauty salons nationwide. Doing. Based on this data, we aim to create a society where people can improve nutritional balance in their daily diet, and have decided to launch a project to strengthen cooperation with food supermarkets and food manufacturers.
We also hope that this project will help food manufacturers who are suffering from the effects of the new coronavirus, the conflict in Ukraine since last year, and exchange rate fluctuations.
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Different people have different nutritional needs (nutritional balance varies depending on diet and region)
“Ikorabo (hair nutrition test)” is a service that allows you to easily test the nutritional balance of your body from hair cut at about 300 stores, including hair salons nationwide. “Ikorabo” can test 12 essential mineral elements such as calcium and iron, which are said to be most deficient in modern people, and 5 harmful mineral elements such as mercury and cadmium, which have caused pollution-related diseases. .
Minerals, which are abundant in vegetables, meat, and fish, are known to vary greatly depending on daily eating habits, local food culture, and the natural environment. .
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What is the “Ikorabo Monitor Service” that visualizes nutritional value? Ikorabo users are highly conscious of their health, but none of them have a perfect nutritional balance, and they are worried about what kind of food they should eat to improve their health. There is a lot of nutritional information about food in the media, but I don’t know if it suits me.
Therefore, the “Ikorabo Monitor Service” is to actually try eating and find out what changes have occurred in the nutritional balance of the body. Targeting “Ikorabo” users who check their nutritional balance on a daily basis, we can verify the degree of improvement by extracting the targets of each manufacturer and having them try it for a certain period of time.
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Use verification data to expand sales and build new sales channels After verifying the monitoring service, if it leads to an improvement in nutritional balance, we will not only support sales expansion through existing sales channels, but also support handling through our sales channels.
In the example below, we verified the degree of reduction of harmful minerals in detox supplements, which later led to sales expansion through our salons and e-commerce. About 40% of people have excess mercury, a harmful metal, and many people have used it and improved. [Image 5

Producing branding projects
If there is a particular possibility, there are cases where we even produce joint projects to improve products and build sales channels. As an example, we collaborated with producers nationwide to create a project for “bean sprouts,” which are rich in molybdenum. It is. In the future, we will continue to focus on improving the health of consumers through various measures in cooperation with ingredients and food manufacturers.

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■ Guidance for ingredients and food manufacturers
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[Reference] Bean Sprout Nutrition Branding Project: MOYASHI SMILE PROJECT
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[Reference] Ikorabo (hair nutrition test)
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icoi Co., Ltd. builds a regional wellness network that includes food supermarkets and restaurants through “Ikorabo (hair nutrition test)” developed mainly at hair salons under the vision of “Let’s create a good community”. We will create a community that is wellness and well-being.
■ icoi Co., Ltd.
・Location: Yokoyama Building 2F, 1-29-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 ・Representative Director: Hidekuni Koritani
・ Company URL:
・icoi service URL:
・ Business description: Operation of the wellness service site “icoi” “Ikorabo (hair nutrition test)” service
Marketing strategy planning using personal nutrition database

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