Nara Hotel Nara Hotel’s traditional roast beef that has been loved for many years is on sale for lunch “Roast beef lunch” Limited time

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[Nara Hotel] Nara Hotel’s traditional roast beef that has been loved for many years is on sale for lunch “Roast beef lunch” [Limited time] Sales period: ~ Until February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)

Nara Hotel Co., Ltd. (1096 Takahatacho, Nara City, President: Ryuta Harada) is selling “Roast Beef Lunch” at the main dining room “Mikasa” until February 28, 2023 (Tuesday).
 Roast beef was once served as the main dish of the dinner course in the main dining room “Mikasa”, and is a traditional menu of Nara Hotel that has been loved for many years. We want as many customers as possible to enjoy this traditional roast beef.”
For the beef, we use domestic beef sirloin with lean meat and fine marbling, and we offer approximately 200g of extravagant beef. You can enjoy the juicy taste and the sweetness of the elegant oil while slowly grilling the roast beef while pouring the meat’s deliciousness into the condensed oil. Enjoy the exquisite harmony created by the sauce and beef together with our homemade demi-glace sauce made with Madeira sake.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the “roast beef lunch” where you can enjoy the traditional taste of Nara Hotel.
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“Roast beef lunch” overview
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Period: Until Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Provided at: Main dining room “Mikasa”
Time: 11:30 – 15:00 (14:00 last order)
Fee: 10,285 yen *Service charge (10%) and tax are included.
Reservations: Tel. 0742-24-3044 (restaurant reservations 9:00-17:00) *All photos are images.
*The contents of the dishes may change depending on the purchase situation. JR-West Hotels New Sanitation Standard “Clean & Safety”
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JR-West Hotels has established a new hygiene standard, “Clean & Safety,” and strives to create a clean and hygienic environment without compromise.
About Nara Hotel
The Nara Hotel, which stands on a small hill next to Nara Park, has welcomed many dignitaries since its establishment in 1909. The Momoyama Palace-style cypress main building was designed by Kingo Tatsuno. The furnishings throughout the building remind us of the Meiji era, and the atmosphere is like staying in an art museum. Spend a memorable day at Kansai’s premier classic hotel, which continues to show its stately splendor after more than 100 years. [Image 4d95932-218-20995725ca42dc8914ec-4.jpg&s3=95932-218-e805158aad0783939176c17bf5da01d4-1280x670.jpg

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