Naturally derived “Camellia Leaf Moisturizing Water” won the Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2 022 Jury Prize Regional Revitalization Division

Goto Tsubaki Co., Ltd.
-Goto Camellia-“Camellia Leaf Moisturizing Water”, which is particular about its natural origin, won the Jury Prize in the Regional Revitalization Division of the Sustainable Cosmetics Awards 2022.
Goto no Tsubaki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, President: Tomitaka Tanigawa) won the Judge’s Award in the Regional Revitalization Division for “Camellia Leaf Moisturizing Water” at the “Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2022”. We will let you know.
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Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture
Goto no Tsubaki Co., Ltd. established Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture in 2018 with the philosophy of contributing to the sustainable development of the islands by creating industries and employment centered on camellia, an important resource of the Goto Islands. was established in
Camellia contains not only camellia oil, but also flowers, leaves, pericarp, branches, yeast, and many other materials that have not been fully utilized. We began by conducting repeated research to rediscover camellia and discovering new value. We have succeeded in producing as much as possible on the island by using highly useful ingredients and new materials discovered through nine years of research.
We are developing and commercializing new products using these materials and raw materials together with businesses on the island. If only corporate profit is pursued, it is possible to commercialize at a lower cost by outsourcing to a company with a proven track record outside the island. However, it is not possible to “create new industries and jobs on the island”.
Goto no Tsubaki owns and manages its own cyclical farm, and conducts everything from planting to harvesting and processing. In addition, we are particular about creating valuable products in collaboration and cooperation with businesses on the island who share the same desire to revitalize the island. Sometimes we run into quality and technical barriers, but we work together to solve problems and overcome them, and we are able to gain strength as a company.
“Islanders are particular about using materials derived from the nature of the island, and the people of the island create island-like products with careful handwork at the island’s factories.” . By sharing the results of our research on camellia and the value of camellia with everyone on the island and working together, we will create products that meet the needs of our customers and disseminate them outside the island. Today’s life on the island is due to the companies and business operators that have been operating on the island for decades, employing the islanders and supporting the lives of their families. As a company based on the island, we hope to grow day by day so that we can be with the islanders, be needed by the islanders, and contribute to the lives of the islanders.
We aim to be a skin care brand that stays close to customers and Goto even after 100 years.
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Camellia of Goto
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Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2022 Jury Prize Regional Revitalization Category

■ 《Award-winning product》 Camellia Leaf Moisturizing Water
Even in the harsh nature of the island, pay attention to the lush green and glossy “camellia leaves” all year round. The water-retaining ingredient “Camellia terpene (*1)” discovered through thorough research by specialists and the development team over the course of 9 years, and “Camellia yeast extract (*2)” specially cultured using a unique manufacturing method are blended. The camellia leaf water, which is the main ingredient, is refined by hand-picking camellia leaves one by one and distilling them drop by drop at a low
temperature so as not to destroy the ingredients. It blends in smoothly with a refreshing feel like water, and provides plenty of moisture to the stratum corneum of the skin. Makes fine wrinkles due to dryness less noticeable (*3), supports the skin’s barrier function, and restores the skin’s natural moisturizing power. Moisturizing water made from 100% naturally-derived (*4) camellia leaves with a gentle camellia scent.
*1 Camellia leaf water (moisturizer) *2 Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract (skin conditioning) *3 Efficacy evaluation tested *4 Contains water ISO16128 compliant / Patch test completed
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Harvesting camellia leaves
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Camellia leaves Distillation
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Camellia leaf moisturizing water 150ml ¥3800 (tax included)
Camellia Leaf Moisturizing Water 150ml ¥3800 (tax included) 《Product Overview》 [Product name] Camellia leaf moisturizing water
[Price] 3,800 yen (tax included)
[Size] 150ml [All ingredients] Camellia leaf water, water, BG, glycerin, pentylene glycol
Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract
・Camellia leaf distilled water
・100% natural origin index
・Six ingredients not used
(alcohol/paraben/petroleum-based raw material/active
agent/perfume/coloring agent)
・With the moisturizing power of camellia leaves, fine wrinkles caused by dryness become inconspicuous.
[Manufacturing/Sales] Goto no Tsubaki Co., Ltd.
[Online shop]
■ About the Sustainable Cosmetics Award
An award that recognizes “cosmetics that are friendly to people and the earth” sponsored by the activist team MOTHER EARTH, who is also an ambassador of Mori Satokawa Kai of the Ministry of the Environment. Based on the evaluation criteria based on the SDGs perspective formulated with the cooperation of the Eco Mark Secretariat of the Japan Environment Association, all processes such as raw material production, manufacturing, sales, distribution, consumption and disposal including ingredients We promote the sustainability of cosmetics by evaluating, judging, and awarding throughout the product life cycle, including
[Organizer] Sustainable Cosmetics Award (MOTHER EARTH)
[Award Secretariat] General Incorporated Association the Organic [Cooperation] NPO Japan Holistic Beauty Association
Sustainable Cosmetics Award
■ Judge’s comments
・I felt that they were making serious efforts. I can feel the love of camellias, not only in the pursuit of ingredients, but also in the desire to use up all the discarded camellias. The scale of the economy seems to be reasonable, and it may lead to local employment. (Head of the judge: Koko Kishi / Representative of NPO Japan Holistic Beauty Association / Ambassador Mori Satokawa Kai, Ministry of the
・The camellia from the Goto Islands has been researched for 9 years and used as the main raw material. Activities that take root in the region and continue into the future. (Miho Arai / CEO of Lacalpe Co., Ltd. / Beauty Director)
・Camellia farming, one of the key industries of Goto City, which was once said to be in danger of disappearing. Camellia is famous for its camellia oil, which is produced from the seeds, but we have succeeded in extracting moisturizing ingredients from leaves that have not been used until now. (Akira Suzuki/Journalist/Commentary on Fuji TV) ・Camellia is familiar to Japanese people and has a gorgeous
impression. Cosmetics are the result of many years of research, focusing on leaves rather than flowers. The impressive package with the cap and one-point logo red is also excellent.
(Tatsuhiko Seki / Kodansha FRaU editor-in-chief and producer) ・A product that uses camellia, a symbol of the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, and camellia leaves, a natural resource unique to the region, to produce high-quality water retention. The significance of contributing to regional revitalization is great. (Tsunao Watanabe / President, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources Japan (IUCN-J))
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Scene at our farm

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State of the cosmetics factory in the Goto Islands

◆Approved Partner of Goto Tsubaki Project◆
Goto Tsubaki Co., Ltd.
1-17 Chuomachi, Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture 853-0002
Phone: 0959-76-3330 Fax: 0959-76-3242
Official website:
Goto no Tsubaki Co., Ltd. Online Shop: -About Goto Tsubaki Co., Ltd.-
Established in Goto City in November 2018 to develop business that utilizes the camellias that have grown naturally in Nagasaki and the Goto Islands since ancient times.
With the theme of [rediscovering camellias and making the most of them], not only camellia flowers and seeds, but also leaves, branches, pericarp,
We are researching and researching materials such as “Goto camellia yeast” collected from flowers from all aspects and developing products.
We will contribute to the creation of sustainable industries and regional development through “Tsubaki”.
-What is the Goto Tsubaki Project-
The Goto Camellia Project gathers the power of industry, academia, government and citizens, mainly in Nagasaki Prefecture, and creates sustainable industry and employment by circulating from product development to consumption, centering on the camellia that grows naturally in the Goto Islands. , is a project that aims to be a model case for new regional revitalization.
Actor Sayuri Yoshinaga is supporting us as a Tsubaki supporter.
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