Nature Co., Ltd. Avoid buying soaring electricity as much as possible and automatically improve the self-consumption rate of electricity! “Nature Remo E” enables automatic operation of EcoCute and V2H!

Nature Co., Ltd.
Don’t buy soaring electricity as much as possible, and automatically improve the self-consumption rate of electricity! “Nature Remo E” enables automatic operation of EcoCute and V2H!
-Simultaneous release of power “self-consumption score” display function-
Nature Co., Ltd. (located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Harumi Shiode, hereinafter referred to as “Nature”), whose mission is to “drive a symbiosis with nature”, is the next-generation HEMS “Nature Remo E”. will be released on January 25, 2023 (Wednesday). In addition, if you are generating your own electricity, it will be important for your household budget to improve your self-consumption rate of electricity due to rising electricity prices and the expiration of the purchase period under the FIT system (post-FIT). display function was also released at the same time. Please use “Nature Remo E”, which allows you to check the power usage status and automatically operate registered devices on your smartphone, for energy management that suits your home.
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■ Update overview
“Nature Remo E” is a next-generation HEMS that works in conjunction with the “Nature Remo App” (hereinafter referred to as “this app”) on smartphones to visualize power consumption in the home as numerical values ​​and control registered devices. With this update, it is now possible to automate Eco Cute and V2H systems triggered by the amount of self-generated electricity from sunlight and the time of day. You can now check your rates.
Also, since December 2022, it has officially supported Eco Cute, which has been undergoing a demonstration test as an open beta version (* 1). rice field.
(*1) Eco Cute that can be registered is limited to those compatible with ECHONET Lite (*2). Some models may require a HEMS adapter. (*2) “ECHONET Lite” is a communication protocol that realizes smart homes, and is a communication standard for connecting home appliances from different manufacturers and remotely controlling and monitoring them.
■ ECHONET Lite devices that can be automated with Nature Remo E 1. Eco Cute
It is possible to boil hot water by setting the in-house power generation status and time period as a trigger.
When the surplus power for the day in the specified time period exceeds the set value, “manual boil” will start. This makes it possible to effectively use surplus electricity during the day and boil water without purchasing electricity. In addition, if surplus power becomes low due to bad weather, etc. during the automatic heating, the heating can be stopped at the timing when the purchased power exceeds the set value.
2. V2H system
It is possible to charge and discharge by setting the time period as a trigger. When charging automation is enabled, you can charge your EV while maximizing your self-consumption score by setting the time period during the day when surplus power is generated if you are using solar power. If you are subscribed to a plan with fluctuating electricity rates, such as an all-electric plan, you can charge your EV at a discounted price by setting a time period when the electricity rate is low. Also, if you enable the discharge automation, you can use the electricity stored in the EV at home by setting the time period when the amount of private power generation decreases.
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With the mission of “Drive in harmony with nature”, Nature is accelerating its energy management business with the aim of realizing a world of sustainable energy supply. We will continue to update with the aim of maximizing the self-consumption rate of self-generated electricity in energy-saving houses such as zero energy houses (ZEH * 3).
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(*3) “ZEH” is an abbreviation for net Zero Energy House. A house that consumes less than zero energy per year
For details on how to use and set automation, please see the blog below. Automation of Eco Cute :
Automation of V2H system : It is also possible to request “Nature Remo E” to operate the device and obtain power data via the Cloud API. Please contact us if you are considering a business such as household power visualization using Nature Remo E, demand response type storage battery / V2H control, etc.
In addition, this update can be used from ver.17.0.6 of this application. In addition, it is compatible with the Eco Cute V2H system of Echonet Lite Appendix Release J or later.
Please download and update the Nature Remo app from the following URL. iOS:
Android: ■ About “Nature Remo E”
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“Nature Remo E (open price)” is a next-generation HEMS that can be introduced easily and inexpensively by simply plugging it into an outlet. You can check the power consumption status and power charges, the power generation/sales status of the solar power generation facility, and the charge/discharge amount of the storage battery in real time from the “Nature Remo App” on your smartphone, and control the storage battery and EV power station from outside. is also possible. In addition, by using it in combination with the smart remote control “Nature Remo Series” (sold separately), it is possible to automatically control home appliances according to power
consumption. “Nature Remo E” communicates with the device using the communication protocol “ECHONET Lite”.
■ About Nature
Nature’s mission is to “drive symbiosis with nature”, and we aim to realize the shift to renewable energy by utilizing IoT products. In 2017, we released the smart remote control “Nature Remo” and are leading the Japanese smart home market. In 2019, we entered the energy management business in earnest with “Nature Remo E”, and from 2022 we will start providing demand response services for electric power companies. From now on, we will create a new future of energy by contributing to the update of electric power infrastructure for the next generation, from smart homes to energy management.
Overview of Nature Co., Ltd.
Company name: Nature Co., Ltd. (Nature Kabushiki Geisha)
Location: 11F KDX Yokohama Building, 1-1 Sakaecho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 221-0052
Established: December 10, 2014
Representative: Harumi Shiode, Representative Director
Business overview: Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of the “Nature Remo” series
Energy management business utilizing the “Nature Remo” series Products: “Nature Remo”, “Nature Remo E” series
Details about this release:


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