Neo-graphic Re:EDIT will hold the 2023SS Tokyo Exhibition. Announced the 2023 spring/summer collection with the theme of “Reproduct-Reconstruction of values”

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Re:EDIT will hold the 2023SS Tokyo Exhibition. Announced the 2023 spring/summer collection with the theme of “Reproduct-Reconstruction of values”

Neographic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka / President: Masaki Kudo)’s brand “Re: EDIT” for people in their 30s and 40s will hold the 2023 S/S Collection PRE ORDER Exhibition (Tokyo Exhibition). It was held for three days from January 13, 2023 (Friday) to January 15 (Sunday).
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Spring/Summer 2023 season concept is “Reproduct”
“Reproduct” -reconstruction-
How we interact with the natural environment, lifestyle, and society move to a new stage.
Now is the time to rebuild your own values ​​that you have built so far. Enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy every day
With a positive and bright lady image
We propose an urban style that combines handsomeness.
[Image 2d57984-81-e90ff2e354a845608334-0.jpg&s3=57984-81-1c7c813a0a5c600053afb27e59e97b7c-1108x1478.jpg

Attention to coordination that mixes sensual intelligence and elegance, men’s-like elements
[Image 3d57984-81-f536e509d85f2d4b8fdb-1.jpg&s3=57984-81-b4ca321e4649b4f5128366663f79dfed-1188x1378.jpg
Gentle color variations with a calm tone that soothes the mind, and items that combine not only design but also functionality have attracted attention.
[Image 4d57984-81-f2a97e37893826c1912a-5.jpg&s3=57984-81-20331b91450b6b648e855ae083de8044-1108x1477.jpg
The cargo pants, which feature utility pockets, are also made with smooth satin that gives a feeling of drooping, and textured fabric that does not worry about wrinkles, making it an item that is close to your daily life.

“Re:EDIT PREMIUM DRESS COLLECTION” unveiled for the first time this time [Image 5d57984-81-2ffd44472923f8c155f7-4.jpg&s3=57984-81-e3e49f09aa68cce8363c8928781f7575-1108x1477.jpg
The “Riedi Premium Dress Collection” focuses on designs and fabrics that can be used not only for events such as weddings, entrance and graduation ceremonies, but also for everyday use. The most popular item is the pearl pants set that can be used alone and is easy to incorporate into your daily styling. In addition, the fashionable all-in-one and short tops and one-piece ensembles also attracted attention.
[Image 6d57984-81-d86142da577169a9bab9-2.jpg&s3=57984-81-42b9d5a5aaea31594dc8ea9ba72ebb13-1098x1492.jpg

Set up a recycling box as a joint project with the sustainable mall “Sumacell” We set up a recycling collection box at the exhibition venue and tried to collect our brand items that were no longer worn for recycling. Collected clothing will be resold as recycled products at the SMASELL Sustainable Outlet Mall. Through this project, we aim to create “recycling fashion without waste” by collecting, utilizing, and connecting items that have been used for a long time without discarding them.
Pre-order event for Osaka exhibition and online only will be held The Osaka exhibition will be held for two days, January 20th (Friday) and 21st (Saturday), 2023.
An online-only pre-order event will be held on January 25, 2023 (Wednesday). For those who live in areas where it is difficult to visit, and in consideration of the corona disaster, we will hold an online-only pre-order event. A coupon campaign will be held at the same time only during the pre-order period.
■ About Re:EDIT
A women’s fashion brand that continues to lead the times without fear of change, and proposes sustainable and ethical trend fashion items that are close to strong, elegant, and shining women. We have a lineup of items for working women and moms in their early 30s to 40s. Official online store:
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