Neo Japan Co., Ltd. New Year’s remarks Now that communication using digital tools has become commonplace, we will strengthen the basics of product development and support services

Neo Japan Co., Ltd.
[New Year’s remarks] Now that communication using digital tools has become commonplace, we will strengthen the basics of product development and support services

Happy New Year.
Neo Japan celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Thanks to all of you, desknet’s NEO, our main product, has sold over 4.71 million users, and sales have continued to grow steadily.
In Japan, our products have been introduced by many government agencies, and last year, we provided the city of Tsukuba with the “New Corona Vaccine Delivery System” and “Vaccine Quantity Control Sheet” that were used for booster vaccinations. Achieved 100% introduction to medical institutions and zero vaccine disposal. In addition, we were able to participate in several new frameworks that are directly related to the lifelines of local residents, such as the start of a DX project related to disaster prevention with Yokohama City. On the other hand, overseas, we have been involved in solving regional problems and focusing on global development for the international community, such as full-scale development in regions centered on the United States and ASEAN.
Over the past few years, many people have been searching for ways to deal with the corona crisis, and new lifestyles and economic activities such as diversification of work styles have been born. And with government policies, I feel that digitization and DX have progressed rapidly.
Last year, we launched the “NEO Bizcomi Research Institute” to investigate how rapid digitization and DX are affecting business people. There, we will conduct surveys and research on the actual usage of communication tools such as chat and web conferencing and the way communication should be, and we will report the results to everyone, so that we can help you with your digital communication activities. I’m here. According to the results of last year’s survey, more people than expected used digital tools as a matter of course, and a culture of communication unique to that tool was born on digital tools.
Digital tools have become commonplace due to the digitalization promoted by the corona crisis and the DX promoted by the government. It can be said that the improvement of the convenience of digital tools is directly linked to the richness of daily life. This year, we would like to help improve the richness of the world by strengthening the basic usability of the software, strengthening the base functions, and sharing the ideal way of communication with digital tools. As a company that creates a prosperous society with ICT tools, NEOJAPAN has been contributing to everyone who promotes DX by strengthening the basics of product development and support services, including the main product groupware “desknet’s NEO”. increase. We hope that you can look forward to Neo Japan this year as well. Neo Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Akiyoshi Saito
[About Neo Japan]
For about 30 years since its founding, NEOJAPAN has pursued the development of ICT tools useful for business, such as groupware. NEOJAPAN’s flagship product groupware “desknet’s NEO” has sold over 4,710,000 users* due to product development that focuses on
functionality and ease of understanding according to Japanese business practices. It has been introduced by more than 1,000 government agencies and local governments, and more than one-third of the prefectural governments (17 out of 47 prefectural governments) have implemented it.
*Total number of desknet’s NEO cloud version contract users and total number of package version sales users (as of July 2022)
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Company name: Neo Japan Co., Ltd. (Code: 3921, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market)
Representative: Akiyoshi Saito, President and Representative Director Location: 2-2-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama Landmark Tower 10F
Sales offices: Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka
Established: February 1992
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