Neographic Re:EDIT will hold a 2023 spring/summer exhibition and online limited pre-order event

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Re:EDIT holds 2023 spring/summer exhibition and online limited pre-order event Announced the urban 2023SS new LOOK with the theme of
“Reproduct-reconstruction of values”. At the same time, from January 25th to 7th, we held an exhibition with a complete reservation system and an online pre-order event.

Neographic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka / President: Masaki Kudo)’s brand “Re: EDIT” for people in their 30s and 40s will hold an exhibition in Tokyo in January 2023 with a complete
reservation system.・ Held in Osaka. In addition, from January 25 (Wednesday) to January 31 (Tuesday), 2023, we will hold an online-only pre-order event.
[Image 1d57984-83-633ff1da29ef66b890e8-0.jpg&s3=57984-83-1e2ece8cbd5f6a1a6526d1ffbda76467-550x320.jpg
Spring/Summer 2023 season concept is “Reproduct”
Spring/Summer 2023 season concept is “Reproduct”
“Reproduct” -Rebuilding values-
How we interact with the natural environment, lifestyle, and society move to a new stage.
Now is the time to rebuild your own values ​​that you have built so far. Enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy every day
With a positive and bright lady image
We propose an urban style that combines handsomeness.
[Image 2d57984-83-9e5d88cb5c20f05e7f35-1.jpg&s3=57984-83-0350aee2d2895856453952d3d14c61f2-960x1070.jpg
Official website special page Spring/Summer 2023 trend is “muted color” that brings graceful comfort

[Image 3d57984-83-94546570e86fdf27007f-2.jpg&s3=57984-83-092143cf9aae1901e12fb7db8e898313-659x918.jpg
[Image 4d57984-83-16e08b6d3d50d34bd823-3.jpg&s3=57984-83-9d126496d7fef27cd4dadb3e7e764cf2-760x980.jpg
MIX stretch single tailored jacket
Item number: 136202
Body price: 5,299 yen (tax included)
Styling that incorporates seasonal traditional styles into everyday life [Image 5d57984-83-9b26861a9442f90eb1f7-4.jpg&s3=57984-83-86ee20a9fe429bd8b733747bd54fad3c-588x666.jpg
[Image 6d57984-83-2f4df55cec163a5c5200-5.jpg&s3=57984-83-dcd9aad44acced8960b7ac83741f979d-760x980.jpg
Tweed-like knit gilet vest
Item number: 137394
Body price: 4,999 yen (tax included)

Conscious items with a soft texture are popular
[Image 7d57984-83-39e44efe3edbf9f2c6dd-6.jpg&s3=57984-83-7724c902152be769109c65fdee79d101-551x560.jpg
[Image 8d57984-83-1d2470a91e35e0fcda0b-7.jpg&s3=57984-83-9110a0e0caae9c01fc0431587ec6e501-760x980.jpg
popcorn volume sleeve cardigan
Item number: 137593
Body price: 4,499 yen (tax included)
Sustainable denim jacket and pleated skirt made from recycled denim [Image 9d57984-83-61a377002c1bc6557337-8.jpg&s3=57984-83-c5175cd9a913a175d481294898b0c1cb-760x980.jpg
Item number: 137472
Body price: 5,799 yen (tax included)
Recycled cotton denim tuck flare pleated skirt
Item number: 137473
Body price: 5,999 yen (tax included)
Pre-order will be held for 7 days from January 25 (Wednesday) to January 31 (Tuesday)
During the event period, we are offering a special 15% off coupon for pre-order items.
[Image 10d57984-83-8f25bce94ffd48fc644e-9.jpg&s3=57984-83-c05cb40cf193f61190f6aee7747c3aa1-1920x800.jpg
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