New audio content is now available in the online fitness “Tolcha”! Mindfulness program by Nippon Television Mei Nakajima Ana Started distribution from January 4 (Wednesday)

Tipness Co., Ltd.
New audio content is now available in the online fitness “Tolcha”! Mindfulness program by Nippon Television Mei Nakajima Ana Started distribution from January 4 (Wednesday)

TIPNESS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuya Sakamaki), which operates general fitness clubs and 24-hour training gyms in the Kanto, Kansai, and Tokai regions, has launched a voice-only program in the online fitness “Torcha”. “Mindfulness for Awakening” and “Mindfulness for Stress Relief” started on January 4th (Wednesday). She will be voiced by Mei Nakajima, an announcer for NTV. [Image 1d9907-235-5021d2276d38b73a2d44-0.png&s3=9907-235-e4e34607c455684d9b556b4a85e1c32e-1280x720.png
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In recent years, the audio content market is expanding. In response to this need, “Torcha” has also developed a voice-only program “Mimi Kara Torucha” series since October 2021, and has been well received by members.
And this time, the voice programs “Awakening Mindfulness” and “Stress Relief Mindfulness” by Mei Nakajima, who is active as an announcer for Nippon Television, will be newly launched. In today’s stressful society, where it is easy to be misled by excessive information from outside, it is necessary to face yourself and prepare your mind and body. Using the popular technique of “mindfulness” as a stress reduction method, we support the health of the mind and body while staying close to the listener with the “communication power” and “healing of the voice” of the active announcer.
■ Comment from Announcer Mei Nakajima
“I have tried various jobs as an announcer, but this was the first time I was able to guide the listeners’ breathing and movement with just my voice.
TIPNESS will continue to actively develop Trucha content in various forms to meet modern health needs.
Program overview
□ “Awakening Mindfulness”
Program time: 5 minutes
By feeling the rising sun and breathing in the fresh air of the morning, you will feel the expansion in your head.
Get your spine up and air flowing through your body, ready for an energetic start to the day.
□ “Mindfulness for Stress Relief”
Program time: 5 minutes
Relax your shoulders, elbows, wrists, and five fingertips while relaxing your stressed shoulders. Breathe deeply into your whole body as it gradually unravels and resets your mind and body.
▶ Distribution: Start distribution from Wednesday, January 4, 2023 ▶ Format: Video distribution * You can take the course at any time. *Torcha membership registration is required to attend. (There is a trial period of 100 yen for one month)
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[Image 3d9907-235-6e1f19b853dbca3eaaa1-2.jpg&s3=9907-235-c40a4e0b59f61bbc640d6ac22bcfddc6-467x245.jpg
An online fitness distribution service developed by TIPNESS. Yoga, stretching, dance, aerobics, muscle training, martial arts, facial muscle training, mindfulness, programs to improve tongue strength by Nippon Television announcers, and more, all of which will satisfy a wide range of people from fitness beginners to fitness enthusiasts. We have a lineup.
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At Torcha, we provide beauty and health information that you are interested in, such as popular yoga and exercises that you can practice at home, as well as solutions to physical disorders and problems.
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