New course Stimulate “I want to make!” Digital Hollywood, Adobe, Benesse Online Learning Class to Start in April 2023

Digital Hollywood Inc.
[New course] Stimulate “I want to make!” Digital Hollywood, Adobe, Benesse Online Learning Class to Start in April 2023
Free trial class will be held from January 25 (Wednesday)

Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, President Tomoyuki Sugiyama), which operates IT-related and digital content human resource training schools, universities, and graduate schools, is Benesse Corporation (Headquarters: Okayama). Okayama City, President: Hitoshi Kobayashi, hereinafter Benesse), Adobe Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomonobu Kamiya, hereinafter Adobe), Benesse’s online learning “Challenge School” ”, a new course “Online Digital Creator” where you can enjoy learning full-fledged digital creativity from anywhere in the country using Adobe Express, a design application that allows you to easily create posters, web pages, short videos, etc. provided by Adobe. ” will start in April 2023.
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■ What is Challenge School?
Challenge School is an online learning service provided by Benesse. You can take your child’s lessons at home safely and securely, which will give you a chance to come into contact with a wide range of cultures.
This time, the details of the new course “Online Digital Creator” provided by Digital Hollywood and Benesse are as follows.
Target grade: 4th grade elementary school to 3rd grade junior high school Class capacity: 12 people
Frequency: Once a week, 43 times in total (1 year)
Lesson time: 60 minutes once
Tuition fee: 6,980 yen (monthly)
■ Curriculum details
“Online Digital Creators” learn to edit and create graphics, videos and web pages using Adobe express.
1. Logo creation
2. Making a summer greeting card
3. Image editing
4. Preparation of presentation materials
5. Poster creation
6. Making videos I
7. Making videos II
8. Making videos III
9. Create a YouTube Thumbnail
10.Web page design
11. Creating the web page main visual
12.Creating web pages
*Curriculum is subject to change
■ My child’s “great!” overflows. Curriculum creation to enjoy creativity The target children from the 4th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of junior high school are growing up in an environment where digital tools are familiar from birth and content on the Internet can be easily enjoyed. I love using computers, smartphones, and tablets, and I love videos and internet content even more. Maybe they know more about the Internet than adults… Children who feel that way are not uncommon these days.
I want these digital natives to take a step forward and know the joy of “creating”. I want to fully respond to the desire to express something that children have hidden in their hearts. Digital Hollywood is creating a curriculum with such thoughts.
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State of class
I want you to master digital tools, and if you’re going to do this, don’t just browse the Internet, I want you to connect to skills that will be useful in the future. We will respond to the true feelings of such parents with our know-how from operating “educational
institutions” such as universities, graduate schools, and schools for adults. Among the works used in class, we have prepared many familiar things such as “summer greeting cards” and “calendars”. We hope that you will discover a lot of new “Wow!” of children through creative activities.
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State of class
■ I want you to make time to challenge “questions without answers” Now that anime and games are no longer just for a small group of otaku, it can be said that there is no young person who is not interested in “digital creatives.”
The digitization of tools and environments has made it easier for them to express their desire to express something.
Creativity is essentially thinking about solving a problem and expressing it appropriately.
In parallel with the conventional educational style of efficiently deriving a clearly existing answer, I would like students to experience the creative power of approaching a problem for which there is no answer. (Business Manager: Ino)
■ Unique teachers who ignite creative minds
The teachers who are close to the children as homeroom teachers for one year are professionals who are active on the front lines of their respective fields. Lecturer Hanae Kobayashi, a former elementary school teacher who is now widely active as an EdTech researcher and practitioner, commented on this course as follows.
“Children are creative geniuses. Since I was little, I have loved making things and drawing pictures, but with the use of today’s digital technology, the possibilities for expression have expanded even further. You can share with many people across time and space and acquire skills that will be useful in the future.Each person can create their own world!Teachers who share discoveries and excitement together I am waiting.” (Lecturer: Hanae Kobayashi)
Children living in the “VUCA era” where it is difficult to predict what will happen.
At Digital Hollywood, we would like to let their “imagination” and “creativity” fly, and develop a better future together.
■ About free trial classes
A free trial class will be held for those who are “first time taking online lessons” and “want to know the teacher’s atmosphere and what they can learn”.
This is a 60-minute special curriculum where students gather on Zoom, which is also used in actual classes, and study what “digital creative” is through designing a “birthday card”.
There is no software used in the trial class, so you can participate from any device such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. It is scheduled to be held six times a week from January 25
(Wednesday), but please check the URL below for details on the date and time and how to make a reservation.
[Benesse’s Online Learning “Challenge School”]
“Challenge School” is an online learning course where you can learn “what you like” at home anywhere in the country, with a thorough focus on “first-class instruction”, “realization of growth”, and “reduction of burden on parents”. Based on the know-how of providing digital learning and online classes centered on the correspondence course “Shinkenzemi”, we will provide a real learning experience with Benesse’s unique “first-class instruction” jointly developed with first-class partner companies in each genre. I’m here.
Designed to improve motivation to continue lessons and encourage “ growth ” by setting up a nationally unified standard test and grade certification system, and preparing a “ fine day ” such as a presentation to show off the results. Doing.
In addition, all lessons are online live lessons, so there is no burden of transportation to and from the classroom, so even busy families can easily attend. We will provide a new learning experience that expands future possibilities by learning “what you like” at home while reducing your anxiety about being infected with the new corona. [Adobe Inc.]
With the mission of “Digital experiences that move the world”, Adobe supports corporate and individual customers to provide excellent customer experiences with three cloud solutions. Creative Cloud offers over 20 desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Document Cloud makes it easy to create, edit, share, scan and sign digital documents, securely exchange and collaborate on any device. Experience Cloud powers content management, personalization, data analytics and commerce to help deliver superior customer experiences that drive customer loyalty and long-term business success. Many of these products and services are powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning platform.
Adobe Corporation is a Japanese subsidiary of Adobe Inc. of the United States. In the Japanese market, in order to promote digital
transformation that unleashes people’s creativity, we aim to realize a happy digital society that resonates with the heart, connects society, and is based on the vision of “mind, dance, digital.”
For more information about Adobe, please visit our website.
[Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.]
In 1994, he established Japan’s first practical industry-academia collaboration creator training school. Currently, we are developing specialized schools in Tokyo and Osaka, “Digital Hollywood STUDIO,” a learning studio where you can learn about the web and videos in cities nationwide, and “Dejihari Online School,” a correspondence course using e-learning. In 2004, he opened the Digital Hollywood Graduate School (Professional), Japan’s first business, ICT, and creative human resource development institution, and in April of the following year, the Digital Hollywood University.
Since its establishment, it has produced more than 90,000 graduates. Furthermore, in April 2015, the engineer training school “G’s Academy” for startup aspirants was opened, and in November of the same year, starting with Japan’s first drone business, “Digital Focusing on human resource development and industrial incubation in the digital content industry, such as opening the Hollywood Robotics Academy.

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