New function Three new functions have been added to the video distribution platform “millvi Portal”, such as “Display of important content” and “LIVE distribution calendar” to improve the convenience of viewers.

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[New function] Three new functions have been added to the video distribution platform “millvi Portal”, such as “Display of important content” and “LIVE distribution calendar” to improve the convenience of viewers.
On the viewing user screen, important content set by the
administrative user and the schedule for LIVE distribution are displayed in a calendar. We have strengthened the mechanism to promote the viewing of videos.

Evilly Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisuke Nakagawa, hereinafter referred to as Evilly) is one of the products of the cloud-based video distribution system “millvi”, which has been introduced to more than 700 companies in Japan. A new function has been added to the membership-based video distribution platform “millvi Portal” to improve the convenience of viewing users.
What is the video distribution platform “millvi Portal”?
[Image 1d21986-188-734d95f720ff4b8e1ad9-5.png&s3=21986-188-809037966715156c4dffb1feebd4f8e2-1207x593.png
“millvi Portal” is a video distribution platform that specializes in closed-type distribution that enables video distribution and sharing with only a limited number of people.
In recent years, companies have become more active in sharing information within the company using “video”, and the number of online seminars and courses has increased. , It is also widely used for external seminars and course distribution.
In this update, viewing users
Prevent “missed viewing” of videos that must be watched or recommended to watch Understand the schedule of LIVE distribution and prevent “missing” Prevents “missing answers” for tests and questionnaires linked to video content In order to achieve this, we added three major functions.
New function 1. Display of important content
The viewing user screen of “millvi Portal” has been changed to a screen that allows you to easily check the content that is required to be viewed and the content that is recommended to be viewed.
By adding the display of “Important content” to the content list page and notification column, we have made the screen more eye-catching for viewers.
▼ Viewing users can check the list of “important unviewed content” from “My Menu”
[Image 2d21986-188-57e29e2bf9e8b9eb7666-0.png&s3=21986-188-40267d73b2455e2730f9092ff5041080-1598x1051.png
▼ Notify that there is important content that has not been viewed in “Notice” on the top page
[Image 3d21986-188-4c3bae54b7db79770e19-1.png&s3=21986-188-9604fba5a490bce1bc9203952b19c802-701x180.png
▼ “!” is automatically displayed on the thumbnail of important content for visual confirmation
[Image 4d21986-188-3e9489323f552882a389-6.png&s3=21986-188-7e9203d67b6530ae3efa0117519e14f7-518x334.png
With these design changes, viewers can see at a glance “which video they should watch”. In addition, video posters can save the trouble of letting people know which videos they want to see, which leads to promotion of video viewing.
New feature 2. Check LIVE broadcasts on the calendar
Added a function that allows you to check the schedule of LIVE distribution on the calendar. You can check the date and time of the event and the delivery title on the calendar, and you can also access the delivery page as it is.
Regarding registration of start time and end time, it is possible to display not only Japan time but also other time zones. (As an example, “Eastern Standard Time” and “Pacific Standard Time” are set and displayed in the image.)
Therefore, even if there are viewers overseas, we can respond. [Image 5d21986-188-c3a2a47acd58032a97f8-3.png&s3=21986-188-af3d0a7aa887c3170236421927e52a9e-1022x738.png
By adding a calendar function, viewers can not only grasp the date and time, but also eliminate stress and time lag until they reach the viewing page, making it easier for more viewers to watch the live from the beginning. .
New function 3. Viewing user’s own usage status can be viewed Previously, only admin users could check the video viewing history, test, survey, and report usage by viewer user, but viewer users can now check their own usage.
(*Viewing history and screens that can be checked by viewing users and admin users are different)
On the viewer user screen,
Which videos you have watched or not
What percentage of videos have you watched?
Are you able to answer all the required tests and questionnaires? can be confirmed, and it is possible to prevent omission of viewing and omission of answers.
[Image 6d21986-188-2acf45ebfd2bd2075433-4.png&s3=21986-188-516307b5d61dcc68b092ae1c647fc030-1984x780.png
Viewer users will be able to self-manage their viewing and attendance pace by continuing training and taking lessons with videos while checking in My Menu from the viewer user screen.
In addition, administrative users will no longer need to remind them to watch or announce test/questionnaire answers.
If you are interested in this new feature, please contact us below. ▼ Video distribution platform: “millvi portal” product page
Evilly Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: EVIRY Inc.
Capital: 870 million yen (including capital reserve)
Location: MFPR Shibuya Building 12F, 1-2-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Keisuke Nakagawa, President and Representative Director Number of employees: 74 (regular employees only, as of November 2022) Business: Video solution business, kamui tracker business
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