New Horizon Collective G.K. New Horizon Collective (NH) advocated by Dentsu Inc. to introduce a new way of working in an era of 100-year lifespans, the Lifeshift Platform (LSP), to early retirees from other companies for the first time. start

New Horizon Collective LLC
The Life Shift Platform (LSP), a new way of working in an era of 100-year lifespan proposed by Dentsu Inc. and provided by New Horizon Collective (NH), will be introduced to early retirees of other companies for the first time.
The first step is a trial introduction decision at Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) One early retiree will challenge to demonstrate new value by relearning and forming a network

Proposed by Dentsu Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Norihiro Kuraya; hereinafter referred to as Dentsu) and provided by New Horizon Collective Inc. (Ningyocho, Tokyo; Representatives: Yuji and Tomohiro Nozawa; hereinafter referred to as NH). We will develop the “Life Shift Platform” (LSP), which realizes new ways of working in the era of 100-year lifespans, so that it can be used by people other than Dentsu retirees.
As the first step, one professional who retired from Japan Tobacco Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masamichi Terabatake, hereinafter JT) participated in a trial, and NH-style accumulated over about two years. We will take on the challenge of re-learning opportunities, opportunities to form new networks, and new value through
collaboration, centered on the reskilling success method
■ Background of introduction of Lifeshift Platform (LSP) to other companies An LSP that aims to enable individuals to demonstrate their value in society for a long time in an era of 100-year lifespans. More than 200 professionals who retired from Dentsu in 2021 signed a business consignment contract with New Horizon Collective LLC, a subsidiary of Dentsu, as sole proprietorships, providing “new learning
opportunities”, “new work opportunities”, and “colleagues and teams”. We are taking on the challenge of creating new ways to demonstrate value while gaining opportunities to create new products. More than 90% of the participants answered that they were “fulfilled,” and among them, 91% answered that they were “practicing what they learned.” In the future, NH will follow up on participation in various other companies so that other companies can introduce this system, which is one of the new life options.
This time, a former JT employee with a different background will participate in the trial. We believe that this will contribute to the realization of further life shifts and the construction of diverse communities, and we can expect to create new value that has never existed before. Going forward, we will continue to contribute more and more to tackling regional issues, issues facing SMEs, and issues faced by start-up companies.
■ Inquiries about LSP participation
We will expand LSP to companies and individuals. If you are interested in our company, please contact us at the following e-mail address.
■ NH re-skilling success method “Co-Skilling”
These days, it is said that reskilling is necessary for companies and individuals to continue to grow steadily and enhance their management foundations. However, in order to truly relearn and start a new job, it cannot be achieved through one-sided training or learning on your own. Based on the accumulation of about two years, NH believes that in order to make a life shift, it is necessary to have high-quality “learning” starting with “why” and the existence of “friends” who stimulate and help each other. Therefore, NH advocates “Co-Skilling”, a successful reskilling method that adds the elements of “learning” and “companions” to all companies and individuals who are promoting the life shift process in the future.
[Image 1d80370-15-53b0bacfae0ee9587d54-2.png&s3=80370-15-425a534737bd9a5640a1bed6b77e6a0e-3812x1725.png
■Representative comment
New Horizon Collective LLC Representative Yuji
[Image 2d80370-15-3a1d4d1eeb5a5f75b415-1.jpg&s3=80370-15-3d3ee1169a0ca8f9f0428aed08ed8f8f-257x389.jpg
This time, people who are not Dentsu alumni can participate. By having people with completely different careers gain “learning” and “friends” in the future,
We believe that new value will be created and diverse contributions will be made to society.
With the participation of many companies and individuals,
We will support the activities of middle-aged and senior employees in various ways.
■ About New Horizon Collective LLC
[Image 3d80370-15-208ffcb39e9bfd66752b-0.png&s3=80370-15-2c1436559a994531aaf3497e60780c2c-505x341.png
・Company name: New Horizon Collective LLC
・Location: Ningyocho Kitahama Building, 1-5-8 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013
・Representatives: Yuji , Tomohiro Nozawa
・Established: November 12, 2020
・ Number of members: 217 (as of May 1, 2021)
・ Homepage:
・Business overview: 100% invested by Dentsu Inc., while operating the “Life Shift Platform (LSP)”
A company that provides new value to society together with
professional partners.
・ LSP overview: In the era of 100-year life, business people with various specialties
Gain value in the medium to long term as an independent professional without being restricted in your activities based on age
A foundation that supports you so that you can continue to demonstrate. ■ About Japan Tobacco Inc.
[Image 4d80370-15-d2de3899724ef55b3397-3.png&s3=80370-15-977f0851f284d79bc753f495d9f53d99-124x101.png
・Company name: Japan Tobacco Inc.
・Head office location: 4-1-1 Ainomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・President and Representative Director: Masamichi Terabatake ・Established: April 1, 1985
・Number of employees: Consolidated 55,381 (as of December 31, 2021, non-consolidated 7,154 (as of December 31, 2021)
・Business overview: Tobacco business, pharmaceutical business, processed food business
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