New on March 2, 2023! New release of half size from “Yumemiru Balm”

Rosette Co., Ltd.
[New on March 2, 2023! ] New release of half size from “Yumemiru Balm” Limited quantities will be on sale from March 2nd.

Rosette Co., Ltd. has released a limited number of “Sea Mud*1 Smooth Moisture Half Size 45g” and “Acne Clear Moisture Half Size 45g” from the multi-functional cleansing balm “Yumemiru Balm” that has 1 item and 5 roles. From March 2, 2023 (Thursday), sales will begin at drug stores, variety shops (*excluding some stores), rosette mail-order sales, and official online shops nationwide. (*1 sea silt [cleaning ingredient])
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Introducing a convenient half size for travel, outings, and trials! Since its first appearance in September 2020, “Yumemiru Balm” has gained popularity mainly on SNS and has been used by a wide range of generations. We have prepared a limited quantity of 45g half size (regular product is 90g) so that you can try it more easily with its charm that melts in your mouth and cares for skin troubles. There are two types in the lineup: “Sea Mud*1 Smooth Moisture”, which is popular for treating pores, and “Acne Clear Moisture [Quasi-drug]”, a new product for adult acne. The half size (45g) is easy to carry around and can be used in a variety of situations, such as as a portable item when traveling or going out, as a trial product when using it for the first time, or as a small gift. You can use it widely.
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■Product Name: Yumemiru Balm Sea Mud *1 Smooth Moisture Half Size 45g [Cleansing Balm]
■Product Name: Yumemiru Balm Acne Clear Moisture Half Size 45g [Quasi-drug] [Cleansing Balm]
Suggested retail price: 900 yen each / 990 yen (tax included) ■Capacity: 45g each
Release date: Thursday, March 2, 2023
* Since 3/2 is the manufacturer’s shipping date, the start date of store development will differ depending on the store situation. *The official online shop will be on sale from March 2nd.
Distribution: Scheduled to be released at drugstores nationwide, variety shops (*excluding some stores), Rosette mail order and official online shops
[Rosette Online Shop]
[Customer Inquiries] Rosette Customer Center
TEL: 0120-00-4618 (Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 on weekdays / excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
*1 Sea silt [cleaning ingredient]
Limited quantity! Half size (45g) has 2 lineups that you can choose according to your skin concerns.
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\For pore troubles/
Yumemiru Balm Sea Mud*1 Smooth Moisture Half Size 45g
Removes makeup well and approaches pore troubles of adults. With a melt-in-the-mouth feel, it leads to pore-less*2 skin that feels moist and moist like porcelain.
●Approach to pore trouble
●Contains sea mud*1
●Herbal citrus scent
*1 Sea silt [cleaning ingredient] *2 Skin impression by removing dirt *3 Due to old keratin
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\For adult acne and rough skin/
Yumemiru Balm Acne Clear Moisture Half Size 45g
A medicated cleansing balm that prevents adult acne.
Active ingredient stearyl glycyrrhetinate prevents rough skin, For clear, smooth skin.
● Non-comedogenic tested * 4 + hypoallergenic prescription * 5 ● W clay * 6 combination
●Floral herb scent
*4 This does not mean that comedones (the source of acne) cannot occur in all people.
*5 Sensitive skin patch tested. It doesn’t mean that stimulation doesn’t happen to everyone.
*6 Sulfur-containing silicate aluminum, kaolin [cleaning ingredient] Rosette cleansing pasta mini and double use are also recommended [Image 5d32125-96-a031648e6a368fc227f1-5.jpg&s3=32125-96-e0fa63a98029f73205e61da639f9b4c5-1100x300.jpg
[Image 6d32125-96-3c4bca5993eeb436871a-6.jpg&s3=32125-96-7fde1261bbb23b89ca16bb6d08c1a332-1100x300.jpg
Yumemiru Balm
A multi-functional cleansing balm with 5 functions in 1, including pore care, moisturizing care, keratin care, massage, and makeup remover.
Approaches adult skin problems that are worrisome while removing make-up. Washes to moist and moist skin. At the end of the day, enjoy a cleansing experience that melts in your heart.
[Image 7d32125-96-108bd1625800145ab70e-8.jpg&s3=32125-96-62190954000adf1fecd72112bb8d84aa-1100x780.jpg
-Brand Features-
●Multifunctional cleansing balm with 5 roles in 1 product
The triple approach of clay*8 x oil*9 x enzyme*10 removes pore dirt and makeup. Reduce friction with a unique “cushion balm formula”
●Contains 3 types of ceramides*9 for a moist finish after washing ●Eyelash extension OK
– Comes with a special spatula
▶Official brand site
*8 Cleansing ingredient *9 Skin protecting ingredient *10 Skin conditioning ingredient
*The annotation number in the image and the annotation number in the text are different.
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