New product release The richest luxury care in the history of Syrene. Introducing a new eye cream that uses high-performance peptides to create a crisp, bright impression around the eyes.

The richest luxury care in Syrene history. Introducing a new eye cream that uses high-performance peptides to create a crisp, bright impression around the eyes.
Aqua Restore Eye Essence will be released from Syrene on Friday, January 20, 2023.

FinT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yui Otsuki), which operates the clean beauty brand Syrene from New Zealand that “protects the sea”, will release the long-awaited new product “Aqua Restore Eye Essence” in 2023. It will be on sale from Friday, January 20, 2019.
“Shin-Ai”, an eye-focused ingredient consisting of peptides and hyaluronic acid, exerts a pinpoint effect and cares for various troubles that appear with age. By stimulating the production of collagen, it cares for dryness and dullness* around the eyes, and gives them firmness.
*due to drying
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Product name: Aqua Restore Eye Essence [Eye Cream] 30mL: 10,780 yen (tax included)
◯ Natural fragrance : 100%
◯ Non-used ingredients: sulfate / petroleum surfactant / mineral oil / paraffin / liquid / antioxidant / UV absorber
◯ Key ingredients: Shin-eye, wakame extract, squalane, aquaxyl, manuka honey ◯ Fragrance: Sea fragrance (100% natural fragrance)
Please enjoy the refreshing scent reminiscent of the nostalgic sea. ◯ Naturally derived rate: 87%
◯ Release date: Friday, January 20, 2023
◯ Official website:
POINT1 High-performance peptide “Shin-Ai” for sharp and firm eyes “Shin-Eye”, an eye-specific ingredient composed of peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, etc., approaches various eye troubles such as worrisome dryness, dullness*, and dark circles*. Helps the action of collagen and gives firmness to the eyes with a youthful impression.
*due to drying
POINT2 W moisturizing ingredients fill the delicate eye area with moisture The moisturizing ingredient “squalane” that originally exists in human skin moisturizes the eyes, and the moisturizing agent patented ingredient “aquaxyl” derived from white birch holds moisture and keeps it on the skin for a long time. Protects the skin from dryness problems such as dryness, and creates a soft and moist texture. POINT3 A dense cream that adheres tightly and gives firmness A cream that spreads well and adheres tightly to the delicate skin around the eyes. Delivers moisture* to every corner of the skin, giving the eyes a firm and bright impression.
*Up to stratum corneum
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About Syrene
Syrene is a clean beauty brand born in New Zealand that protects the sea. Syrene’s products are made from traditional New Zealand ingredients such as Ephemer*, which is extracted from wakame seaweed using the world’s first culture technology, and manuka honey. It leads to glossy skin that emits. Because Syrene is a brand born from the blessings of the sea and nature, we are focusing on efforts to protect the environment. For example, the containers are made from collected plastic such as garbage bags discarded in the sea, beaches and rivers. Currently, Syrene is sold in more than four countries, including New Zealand, and was a huge hit at Mecca Cosmetica, a beauty shop in Australia, where the product was sold out immediately after its release.
* Wakame extract
Syrene overview
Syrene Official Website:
Syrene Official Instagram: ≪Inquiries≫
Phone: 03-5722-8111
Person in charge:
About FinT Inc.
Company name: FinT Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yui Ohtsuki
Head office location: 9th floor, KN Daikanyama, 1-1 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0061
Phone: 03-5722-8111
Company website:
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