New program “Getsukura Stadium” will start at 21:00 on January 23 (Monday) on the YouTube channel “Dozlesha”! IO Data will be appointed as a special supporter up to the 4th time!

Dozle Co., Ltd.
New program “Getsukura Stadium” will start at 21:00 on January 23 (Monday) on the YouTube channel “Dozlesha”! IO Data will be appointed as a special supporter up to the 4th time!
A special program of “Getsukura”, a live distribution project by 5 popular game commentators in the game “Minecraft”, is born!

Dozle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Dozle Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Dozle (YouTuber)) started broadcasting on YouTube in January 2022, a live distribution project by five popular game commentators ” Getskura” special program “Getskura Stadium” will start broadcasting from 21:00 on January 23 (Monday).
From the memorable 1st to 4th, IO DATA DEVICE Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells digital home appliance peripherals (hereafter, IO DATA, headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, President: Naonori Hamada) will make the program even more exciting in the form of a special supporter.

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Program overview
■ Title
“Getsukura Stadium”
■ Date and time
– 1st – January 23, 2023 (Monday) 21: 00 ~
-2nd time- February 6, 2023 (Monday) 21:00-
-3rd- February 20, 2023 (Monday) 21:00-
-4th- March 6, 2023 (Monday) 21:00-
Subsequent implementations will be announced in the broadcast. ■ Cast YouTube channel
・Dozle (Dozle
[Image 2d78713-52-7102c49b97b74e6f843f-1.jpg&s3=78713-52-e145efde2a55ce97ebe2682a35c9a7e2-400x400.jpg
・GzK Gizoku (
[Image 3d78713-52-42b54cfa680f8a2ecfa4-2.jpg&s3=78713-52-81e47b45b9b9bdc3aed1d0217b35eda9-900x900.jpg
・HikacGames Hikac Games ( [Image 4d78713-52-5a59a6ee569e7fe0bee9-3.jpg&s3=78713-52-8627fa1afd4964f1ba47d420defed305-900x900.jpg
・Maro (
[Image 5d78713-52-43dccb3274e52a8ce45e-4.jpg&s3=78713-52-6682314e267e1f69059a2528589d3021-900x900.jpg
・Messu (
[Image 6d78713-52-e0a10744782785b537e6-5.jpg&s3=78713-52-21aad5ec62bfb85fe871bd464fb14cf6-900x900.jpg
+ A special guest will liven up the program every time!
*There is a possibility that it will be changed suddenly due to the circumstances of the performers and guests.
■ Delivery location
YouTube channel “Dozle”
And it will be distributed on each performer’s YouTube channel. *Collaboration projects with I-O Data will be implemented only on the “Dozle” channel.
■ Delivery content
This live broadcast is a mini-game competition set in “Minecraft”, where “Getskura” members and special guests will face off in a harsh punishment game every other week.
Who will be the lowest ranked player who will stay up all night after the tournament to challenge Dozle’s specialty “Tetsusen” and defeat the boss!
In addition, during the period up to the 4th, special announcements, gift plans, original commercials, etc. in collaboration with special supporter IO DATA will be broadcast on Dozle and IO DATA official SNS. We are here.
*What is “Getsukura”?
A live distribution project of “Minecraft” by five popular game commentators (Dozle, Gzk Gizoku, Hikakku, Maro, and Mess), which started in 2022.
Decided to call it “Getskura” because it is a live distribution of “Minecraft” that takes place “every Monday”.
■ Official SNS (Twitter)
・IO Data

[Image 7d78713-52-c35ce4fa65ff203d99c6-6.png&s3=78713-52-24c7a207b08d5658f2327cd6fa45d55c-1182x131.png
An electronic device manufacturer founded in 1976 and headquartered in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
It mainly manufactures and sells computer peripherals, home
appliances, and home game peripherals.
・Capital: 3,588,070,000 yen
About the game commentator group “Dozle”
Five members are active as game commentators, led by the president “Dozle” who became a YouTuber from a medical student and established a company centered on YouTube activities.
Based on the philosophy of “making the game called life more enjoyable”, he gained new fans and the number of channel subscribers has exceeded 980,000. Dozle, Bonjuru, Only, Orafu-kun, and Ohara MEN publish live videos of games such as Minecraft every day, and many popular videos have been played over 1 million times. has been viewed more than 800 million times.
■ YouTube channel “Dozle”
■ Dozle Company Members
[Image 8d78713-52-6a6fb4f9f4138a34fa38-7.jpg&s3=78713-52-6e13f63f2663c8806970ffac5e401b0a-1920x1080.jpg

About Dozle Inc.
Turn what you love into work. Enjoy the “game” of life.
[Image 9d78713-52-0f8b4bf9418f6b09f757-8.png&s3=78713-52-96d0ba176b09f4e0952ab4d58b079792-650x139.png
Dozle Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company that mainly publishes game play videos such as Minecraft on video distribution platforms such as YouTube. In addition to operating our own YouTube channel, we also conduct BtoB businesses such as digital strategy consulting, mainly for web videos.
・ Location: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo
・Representative: Dozle (YouTuber)
・Established: September 2016
・ Business: Creator production business, digital strategy consulting business, influencer marketing business
・ Main YouTube channel: “Dozle”
・Corporate site:
* Company names, product names, service names, etc. listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. *Not an official Minecraft event. Not endorsed by or affiliated with Mojang.

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