NEW SAPPORO ART CAMP2023-YUKIMI❄︎HANAMI- Singer-songwriter Ayaka Segawa will appear! !                      

Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Project “Remo Tabi Hokkaido” Executive Committee NEW [SAPPORO ART CAMP2023-YUKIMI❄︎HANAMI-] Singer-songwriter Ayaka Segawa will appear! !
[SAPPORO ART CAMP2023] MORI’s LIVE 2/12 [sun] Appeared in a special BAND formation on the first day!!

▼Advance tickets are now on sale▼※All areas can be entered on the day
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[Ayaka Segawa]
A unique female singer-songwriter who works as a nurse at a hospital in Tokyo in the morning and as an artist in the afternoon. Many of the songs released so far have tie-ups such as commercials and program theme songs, and have been featured in many media. 4th album “Sprinkler” was released in 2021.
[SAPPORO ART CAMP2023-YUKIMI❄︎HANAMI-] The theme is “YUKIMI*HANAMI”. Enjoy MORI’s ART/ONSEN/Gastronomy/MORI’s LIVE. We will develop a new sensation nightlife event where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the snowy season!
□ Schedule: February 12 (Sun)-19 (Sun), 2023 17:30-21:00
*Closed on February 13 (Monday) as the facility is closed.
□Venue: Sapporo Art Park (2-75 Art Park, Minami-ku, Sapporo)
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